Maude - Season 5

CBS (ended 1978)




Episode Guide

  • Vivian's First Funeral
    Vivian's phobia of funerals makes her a nervous wreck when she must attend the funeral of a friend with Maude. To complicate matters, Vivian is also nervous when she discovers Maude lost the antique brooch that Arthur had given her, which she had lent to Maude who in turn lent it to someone else, someone Maude cannot remember. However, once at the funeral, Maude and Vivian soon discover just whom it was Maude had lent the brooch too.moreless
  • Maude and Chester
    Maude and Chester
    Episode 2
    Maude meets with her ex-husband, Chester at his lawyer's office in New York city to settle the property of some land that they own together in Maine. While there, they manage to get locked together in a copy room where they reminisce about old times and realize why their marriage went wrong and contemplate the future.moreless
  • Bert Moves In
    Bert Moves In
    Episode 3
    Mrs. Naugatuck is certain her boyfriend Bert Beasley is going to propose and he does and she accepts but their engagement seems like it's going to be a long one when first Bert loses his job and then Maude forces Bert and Mrs. Naugatuck into moving in together in the apartment above the Findlay garage, something that Bert just can't quite get used to.moreless
  • Walter's Crisis (1)
    As Walter and Maude and Arthur and Vivian vacation in Acapulco, Walter is worried about opening another store and getting his bank loan approved, so he is stunned when he learns the bank declined the loan right on the eve of Walter being named Businessman of the Year for the second year in a row. To make matters worse, Walter decides to file for bankruptcy and announces it at the award ceremony.moreless
  • Walter's Crisis (2)
    Three weeks have passed since Walter declared bankruptcy and he finds himself battling a poor job market as well as well as age discrimination on top of that. Walter's depression continues and this leads to impotence, which Maude tries to cure. However, she may have a bigger problem on her hands when Walter goes over the edge and swallows a bottle of sleeping pills.moreless
  • Walter's Crisis (3)
    Walter lands in the hospital where he is revived after swallowing a bottle of sleeping pills. Maude and Arthur try to talk him into voluntarily admitting himself to mental facility which he at first objects to but finally agrees is the best thing but Walter soon uses the place as a way to get away from his financial problems and not face them.moreless
  • The Election
    The Election
    Episode 7
    Mrs. Naugatuck is excited about voting for the first time in an American presidential election and debates voting for Ford or Carter. Meanwhile, the eve of the national election offers more than political worries for Maude as she meets Carol's latest boyfriend, a 21-year old, but not only is Maude worried about the age difference but also the fact that he is a Republican.moreless
  • The Game Show
    The Game Show
    Episode 8
    Maude and Walter and Arthur and Vivian take a trip to New York City to celebrate Vivian's birthday. Vivian is excited about being considered for a contestant in a game show 'Beat the Devil' and Maude will have none of it that is until Maude's greed slowly gets out of hand and soon both Vivian and Maude are making fools of themselves on television.moreless
  • Arthur's Worry
    Arthur's Worry
    Episode 9
    Walter wakes up in the middle of the night after having a strange dream in which he kisses Arthur. Maude is convinced he had the dream because Arthur has been there as a friend for so long, however, Arthur begins worrying about his own masculinity when he learns about Walter's dream and it is compounded when the two go away on a fishing trip together.moreless
  • Mrs. Naugatuck's Wedding
    Maude and Walter throw Mrs. Naugatuck a wedding and pay for everything and Walter is worried about the expenses. However, expenses are the last thing on Maude's mind when Mrs. Naugatuck's last minute demand to keep her maiden name put the wedding in jeopardy and Maude in damage control mode as she tries to get Bert and Mrs. Naugatuck to the altar.moreless
  • Maude's New Friends
    Maude's New Friends
    Episode 11
    Maude is insecure about her looks but soon gets an added boost of confidence when Dr. Channing McGrath and his wife Hortence drop by unexpectedly. It seems they were not impressed with Vivian and Arthur so they stopped by the Findlay's with mate swapping on their minds. A flattered Maude soon finds herself in a difficult position.moreless
  • The Rip-Off
    The Rip-Off
    Episode 12
    Maude, Walter and Arthur and Vivian decide to go out to the movies but when Maude gets out voted on the movie, she decides to stay home. Later, everyone is in for a surprise when Maude is found bound and gagged in her living room, a victim of a robbery. Although scared, she tries to stop her friends and neighbors to resort to guns to protect their homes.moreless
  • Walter's Christmas Gift
    With money tight since Walter's bankruptcy, the family decides to make homemade Christmas gifts for one another. Meanwhile, Walter gets a generous business offer from Arthur and a fellow doctor, Hubie Binder. It seems Arthur and Hubie want to start a appliance business and they want Walter to run it. Walter reluctantly agrees but soon becomes fed up with the novice Arthur.moreless
  • Captain Hero
    Captain Hero
    Episode 14
    Maude has been working on opening a mental health facility and has gotten to the point where she tries to get a donation from a prominent businessman. However, Maude's delusional cousin arrives in town and seems to have a split personality one of which believes he is a superhero, Captain Hero and he may threaten Maude's attempts to impress the businessman.moreless
  • Maude's Adult Relationship
    Maude working at the real estate office has put her into close working quarters with a handsome newly divorced friend, Jeremy Hubbard. When Maude announces that she is having lunch with him, Walter becomes jealous and forbids her to go, but she goes anyway. Soon Maude finds herself in a difficult situation when both her and Jeremy admit they are sexually attracted to one another.moreless
  • Arthur's Crisis
    Arthur's Crisis
    Episode 16
    Arthur's old college buddy, Albie Doyle comes to town because he wants Arthur to perform his hernia operation. Arthur is willing to oblige but when Albie dies of a heart attack following the operation, Arthur falls into a deep depression and decides to quit his practice, leaving Vivian up in arms over what to do.moreless
  • Maude's Desperate Hours
    Maude fears for her life when the oversexed painter she had hired to repaint the den and the bedroom threatens her with bodily harm after she rejected his sexual advances. With Walter away on a business trip in New York City, Maude feels the end is near leaving her and Vivian all alone to combat their fears.moreless
  • Maude's Reunion
    Maude's Reunion
    Episode 18
    Maude is depressed with her birthday and has a hard time dealing with turning 51. To make matters worse, Maude and Vivian are set to attend their 30th high school reunion and the only reason Maude decides to go is to see an old buddy of hers, Katie Malloy. However, Maude quickly heads for the bottle when she sees Katie who is paralyzed and wheelchair bound following a stroke.moreless
  • Feminine Fulfillment
    Maude learns more than she would like to know about Vivian, when she tries to figure out why Vivian has been behaving so strangely. Vivian has taken some relationship advice called "Feminine Fulfillment" in which she tries to spice up her marriage by pampering and obeying every whim of Arthur's. Maude scoffs at the idea but Walter soon gets the urge to try a little "Feminine Fulfillment".moreless
  • Maude's Aunt
    Maude's Aunt
    Episode 20
    Maude is thrilled to have her favorite aunt, Aunt Lola stay with the Findlay's while she visits Tuckahoe. Maude marvels at how free-spirited she is but soon realizes a not so nice side of her aunt. It seems there is bad blood between Lola and Mrs. Naugatuck and with Mrs. Naugatuck out of town, Lola takes one look at Bert and throws herself at him.moreless
  • Arthur's New Best Friend
    Walter is surprised when Arthur suddenly stops spending time with him and it seems Arthur has replaced Walter with Wendell Glendale as his new best friend. Walter is jealous of Arthur's new friendship, and his sense of loneliness and betrayal makes Maude in turn feel bad and Walter sets out to make Arthur jealous by making Hubie Binder, Arthur's co-worker his new best friend.moreless
  • Vivian's Surprise
    Vivian's Surprise
    Episode 22
    Vivian is delighted with Arthur when he returns from a trip to New England and they spend a romantic evening together. However, the next day Vivian is in for a shock, it seems Arthur has a twin brother, Arnold who has escaped from a mental institution heading to Tuckahoe to impersonate Arthur. Vivian and Maude soon realize Arnold was the one Vivian spent the night with.moreless
  • The Household Feud
    The Household Feud
    Episode 23
    Mrs. Naugatuck is throwing a party in her apartment and makes it clear that Maude is not invited. Later, Maude accidentally drops the urn of Mrs. Naugatuck's late husband's ashes, which leads to a huge fight ending with Maude firing her. Little does she know, she may never see Mrs. Naugatuck again since her and Bert are planning to move to Ireland.moreless
  • The New Maid
    The New Maid
    Episode 24
    Maude begins advertising for a new maid and insists that the new one be African American. Meanwhile, Maude and Vivian take a trip to New York City to go shopping and while on the subway, Maude's wallet is stolen and she assumes the West Indian woman she befriended stole it. Maude is stunned when the "thief" shows up at her house but Maude soon finds herself offering her a job.moreless