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  • where are the real Hawaiians??

    So I am not really sure what MTV was thinking. Yes the girls and guys on Sweet 16 are spoiled rotten and the Real World has lots of backstabbing, but there are other funny things that bring people to those shows. Maui Fever had none of that. It really was a bad portrayal of Hawaiian life featuring non-natives who had nothing better to then to drink have sex and hit on the tourists. I noticed that this show disappeared after about 7 episodes with nothing ever posted on the website. Wonder what the future holds...hopefully not more of this show...
  • Maui Fever is a television show with no originality.

    So, I read somewhere that this intern that worked with MTV Networks got his idea stolen and it turned into Maui Fever. Then I read that locals in Maui hate the show. They say it's not real and gives people the wrong idea about growing up Hawaiian style. Then I read that half the cast weren't even born in Hawaii. I watch five minutes of the episode and was offended. Why did MTV make a duplicate of Laguna Beach and The Hills? It's a shame. MTV used to be about the music. Then it used to be about orinal show ideas and now it's making the same garbage over and over again. The show takes place in Hawaii and yet the main cast is about Caucassians...bleached blonde caucassians. That's very offensive. I don't have to be Hawaiin to have to ask, "Where are all the Hawaiian?" Not cool. Not cool at all. It doesn't get good ratings anyway but, it's sad that MTV put that show on the air because they think people want to see that unoriginal crap.
  • A complete disrespect to the local population

    I was very disgusted with this show. All this show has is underage drinking and sex. This is NOT how the real Maui is nor does the true locals (including the white people who were born and raised on Maui) like a damn thing about this show. It is destroying the already tarnished image of what Maui and the rest of Maui really is. Shame on you MTV, you might as well play The Passion over and over because you're putting Hawaii on that cross every time that show airs.
  • This show is a poor representation of the youth in Maui. Not to mention that they do not show any real local people on this show.

    The main character, Chayne is a Maui Raised kid. The rest of the kids just moved to Maui within the past three years. This is a misrepresentation of what real Maui life is about. There are several talented, fun loving, attractive local kids of all nationalities that would have better represented Mauians and true island life.