Maui Fever

MTV - Music Television (ended 2007)


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  • Maui Fever is a television show with no originality.

    So, I read somewhere that this intern that worked with MTV Networks got his idea stolen and it turned into Maui Fever. Then I read that locals in Maui hate the show. They say it's not real and gives people the wrong idea about growing up Hawaiian style. Then I read that half the cast weren't even born in Hawaii. I watch five minutes of the episode and was offended. Why did MTV make a duplicate of Laguna Beach and The Hills? It's a shame. MTV used to be about the music. Then it used to be about orinal show ideas and now it's making the same garbage over and over again. The show takes place in Hawaii and yet the main cast is about Caucassians...bleached blonde caucassians. That's very offensive. I don't have to be Hawaiin to have to ask, "Where are all the Hawaiian?" Not cool. Not cool at all. It doesn't get good ratings anyway but, it's sad that MTV put that show on the air because they think people want to see that unoriginal crap.