Maurice Sendak's Little Bear

Nickelodeon (ended 2000)


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  • Season 5
    • The Little Bear Movie
      Father Bear takes Little Bear on a camping trip into the wilderness. There, Little Bear meets Cub and after an initial misunderstanding, they become friends. Little Bear invites Cub over to his house, where Cub learns how Little Bear lives and also meets Little Bear's friends. Then, when Little Bear wonders if Cub's parents aren't starting to miss him, Cub reveals that a while back, he got separated from his parents in a storm and hasn't seen them since. So Little Bear and his friends team up to help find Cub's parents.moreless
    • How to Love a Porcupine / A Houseboat for Duck / How Little Bear Met Owl
      How to Love a Porcupine: Little Bear and Duck find a lonely porcupine who just wants to play. The only problem is, her prickly quills are too prickly to play games like tag and leap frog! When the porcupine meets another porcupine, Little Bear and Duck are relieved. They decide it's OK to love porcupines at a distance. A Houseboat for Duck: Little Bear helps Duck build a houseboat when some noisy frogs won't let her sleep. When Duck still misses her old nest, she's afraid she will never sleep. But the frogs take a liking to the houseboat, so the frogs and Duck's problems float away! How Little Bear Met Owl: Little Bear tells Mother Bear an enchanting bedtime story of how Little Bear met Owl one windy night.moreless
    • On a windy autumn day, Little Bear makes a mask of leaves and scares everyone he comes across. Duck, Owl, Hen and No Feet want to play the scary game, too, but the wind scares them first! Little Bear and Father Bear are fishing when Father Bear decides to take a nap. While Father Bear's asleep, Little Bear catches a "cloud" fish, a lost pirate ship and a mermaid! He tells Father Bear all about it, and about how the fish he catches later isn't as big as "the one that got away". There's a beautiful sunset outside and Little Bear wants to draw it! But there are no crayons in his crayon box - where could they all be? Little Bear goes on a search and finds his crayons in the strangest places!moreless
    • Little Bear and Duck are very hot, so it's off to the North Pole to cool down! They come across some penguins, an igloo, and a playful polar bear, but are lost and soon miss their home. They decide to leave the snow behind and head back to their pond and their home sweet home. Little Bear befriends a small raccoon who imitates Little Bear's every move. Little Bear calls his friend Little Little Bear but his friend is also lots and lots of trouble! Captain Little Bear is on the ocean with his mates, Sailor Duck and Sailor Owl. Sailor Duck soon catches the biggest fish of the day - but it's not a fish, it's a whale! The whale swallows all the friends whole, but they escape safely and just in time for fish stew.moreless
    • Little Bear and Emily play "Wedding Day" and decide to marry Lucy and Fisherman Bear. But first they must find Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue! Little Bear and Emily ask Duck, Owl and the Ducklings for help with their wedding search. A little while is a long time if you're a Little Bear! Little Bear must learn to be patient as he waits for Father Bear, and then for nice weather. But Little Bear's learning and patience pays off when he is able to help Father Bear solve his crossword puzzle! Little Bear has a favorite tree, a special friend on whom he sits. When the tree is knocked down during a fierce storm, Little Bear is very upset. But Mother Bear explains it is nature's way and Little Bear learns he can plant seeds from the tree.moreless
    • Opposites Day / Wish Upon a Star / Sleepy Head Monster
      After waking up upside down, Little Bear declares Opposites Day! Little Bear has fun doing the opposite of what he normally does, at home and outside with his friends. It's not long before Duck, Owl and Hen join him, even though at first they're a bit confused. Father Bear and Little Bear are far apart, but make a pact to say goodnight to the moon. When the moon doesn't appear, Mother Bear and Little Bear wish on a star instead. Then Little Bear's secret wish comes true. Little Bear has fun with Mother and Father Bear when he is too tired to wake up. He hides under his blanket and talks in a funny voice - he's the Sleepy Head Monster! But Sleepy Head Monsters like singing, dancing and flapjacks just as much as Little Bear!moreless
    • Little Bear is very lucky - he has found a four leaf clover! When he loses it, he's afraid he's lost his luck, so Little Bear, with Duck, chase the clover. The two come across Owl and Cat, but they've lost luck as well. Little Bear later realizes he has always been lucky to have such wonderful friends. It's The Greatest Show In The World - and Little Bear's the perfect ringmaster! Little Bear and his friends perform some amazing tricks and entertain everyone in the forest. Little Bear, Father Bear, duck, Owl and Hen are telling tall tales - the best kind of tales for a campfire! Everyone takes turns telling the story of scary Monster Bear.moreless
    • There are some uninvited guests at Grandfather Bear's house - lots of pesky mice! Grandfather Bear and Little Bear decide to re-enact the tale of Pied Piper Bear, and using Little Bear's flute, dance the mice right out of the house. Little Bear and Emily play on the tree swing and swing to a kingdom far, far away. It's a land where Sir Little Bear must help Princess Emily find her special her special furry friend...someone Sir Little Bear knows very well. Little Bear and No Feet learn their differences can be fun when they try to imitate each other's moves. They have fun growling, slithering and later, hugging Mother Bear, who declares she can do that too!moreless
    • Mister Nobody / Who Do I Look Like? / Little Premiere Bear Talks to Himself
      When things go missing at Little Bear's house, Little Bear suspects "Mister Nobody". But was it Mister nobody who took Father Bear's book, Mother Bear's hat and buttons, and the cookies, or was it a certain Little Bear? Little Bear looks a little like everyone - he has Father Bear's paws, Mother Bear's eyes, Grandmother Bear's feet and Grandfather Bear's nose! When Little Bear worries that no one looks like him, Mother and Father point out that he looks like someone...Little Bear! Little Bear can't find his friends, so he makes a game of talking to himself. Duck, Owl, Cat and Hen hear him, and decide to find out what is going on. The friends secretly follow Little Bear until he catches them in the act!moreless
    • Father Bear tells Little Bear winter is on it's way and that Old Frost is coming to visit. Little Bear looks in the garden with Mother Bear for Frost, but only finds No Feet! Then Little Bear helps Father Bear with the firewood, but Old Frost isn't there. It's only when Little Bear isn't expecting it that Old Frost shows himself. Little Bear has decided it will snow today so Little Bear, Duck, Owl and Cat wait for snow on Pudding Hill. They sing songs about snow to encourage it to come and play fun winter games. Then it turns out that snow might have been listening all along! The winter moon is just to bright and he's keeping Little Bear and Duck awake. The two try telling stories about warm places to lull themselves to sleep. But when that doesn't work, they decide to fly to the moon to help their bright friend fall asleep.moreless
    • Little Bear has made lemonade for a hot summer's day. When Duck discovers that it is sour, Little Bear explains it's because his lemonade has amazing powers! Duck,Owl and Hen find they can do lots of things after drinking Little Bear's "magic" lemonade. Little Bear doesn't want to sleep-he wants to stay awake. He tries to avoid bedtime by making scary faces, hiding Father Bear's glasses and saying goodnight to the moon! But yawns never stay away for long and little bears need their sleep. Little Bear and Father Bear have fun being silly together while Little Bear paints Father Bear's portrait.moreless
    • Little Bear is chasing a dandelion fluff so he can catch it and make a wish. Duck soon sees it too, and she wants to make a wish. When Cat sees the fluff he wants to make a wish as well, and the race to make a wish is on! The three chase the fluff to a dandelion field where they can make all the wishes they want. Little Bear is playing with the gravy boat and accidentally breaks it. He is afraid to tell Mother Bear and turns to his loyal friends for help. Duck is in charge of organizing Hen's tea party while Hen picks strawberries for her shortcake. Everything is fine -- until Duck starts giving instructions to her friends! Dough goes rolling, eggs are separating and pictures of milk are drawn! Hen is in for a big surprise, including a shorter shortcake!moreless
    • The sun is sleeping…the clouds are creeping...the wind is calling...the sky is falling! Little Bear has a new poem to describe a very windy day in the yard. With a flowerpot for a hat and Mother Bear's apron for a cape, Little Bear flies the windy sky and helps Mother Bear with her garden, too. Little Bear and Father Bear are going fishing on Father's Day - just the two of them. But then Hen joins them, and then Owl joins them, followed by Duck ... and Cat! Two fishermen quickly turn into six, and everyone has a great time fishing and singing in the boat. Little Bear and Fisherman Bear go fishing and they meet an Octopus who takes Fisherman Bear to tea! Little Bear and Mermaid rescue Fisherman Bear and find a playmate for Octopus.moreless
    • Duck needs to teach the ducklings how to "quack" but she's lost her quack! So Little Bear, with the help of the ducklings, decides to help Duck find her quack. Little Bear discovers Owl is grumpy. With the help of Duck and a little mud, Little Bear tries to cheer up Owl. Grandfather Bear's pocket watch is missing - but Detective Little Bear is on the case! Grandfather Bear and Little Bear both suspect a goblin, but find the watch in a most unusual place!moreless
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