Maurice Sendak's Little Bear

Season 4 Episode 3

Family Bath Time / Winter Wonderland / Mitzi's Mess

Aired Weekdays 9:30 AM Unknown on Nickelodeon

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  • Is this episode...controversial?! :shock: The answer is revealed! :D

    As a children's cartoon, the premises for most episodes are innocent enough. Take an ordinary premise & make it revolve around a bear's family. Sounds simple enough. Yet when it comes to Little Bear's life, almost Nothing is ever simple! For instance, sometimes the best help someone can offer is to Not help at all as Mitzi demonstrates as everytime she tries to help Little Bear fix a little mistake, she keeps making things worse! :? Then there are things I myself have never known or experienced. For instance, I've never had the pleasure to enjoy what it was like to taste the first winter snow or run into a snow man as it never snows where I live. :( Yet even this segment was enjoyable. The controversial part though, comes in from the segment called "Family Bath Time." I'm not sure what signal network execs were trying to give to the people who designed it, but whatever they were trying to say, the signals became really misdirected in some way! I mean, think about the deeper sub-context of the whole thing. You have a Little Bear who for the most part usually never wears clothes which is fine as he is just supposed to be a normal bear. And yet his parents & his grandparents wear clothes, which makes the whole thing inconsistent. Yet it's simply unavoidable that when it comes to the subject of taking a bath, one has to be au naturel in order to enjoy it! Maybe it's just me, but having Father Bear & Little Bear naked in a bath tub together just screamed of shades of R. Kelly to me. I mean honestly, it would have been so easy for Little Bear to be tempted to find out what feeling all of his father all over his body would feel like, but maybe that's just me. And despite this pseudo R. Kelly feeling, that segment was actually my favorite segment of the entire episode which is really weird considering! Anyways, that's all I wanted to say about this episode. Enough said, true believers! ;)