Maurice Sendak's Little Bear

Season 5 Episode 9

Opposites Day / Wish Upon a Star / Sleepy Head Monster

Aired Weekdays 9:30 AM Unknown on Nickelodeon



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    • Father Bear: Have you seen Little Bear?
      Little Bear: Little Bear inside sleepy head monster!
      Father Bear: You ate Little Bear!

    • Father Bear: Does sleepy head monster like Father Bear's famous flying flapjacks?
      Little Bear: Yes. Sleepy head monster likes... more!

    • Little Bear: Mother Bear?
      Mother Bear: Mmm-hmm?
      Little Bear: Do wishes really come true?
      Mother Bear: A long time ago, I wished for a little bear just like you. And here you are.
      Little Bear: I was a wish?
      Mother Bear: A wish come true.

    • Hen: What are you doing?
      Owl: It's Opposites Day.
      Little Bear: Would you like to play?
      Hen: How do you play?
      Little Bear: Up is down and down is up.
      Duck: Yes is no and no is yes.
      Owl: Happy is sad and sad is happy. Hoo hoo hoo.
      Hen: Bawk! Couldn't we just play hide-and-seek?

    • Little Bear: Good night, Father Bear.
      Father Bear: Well, good morning.

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