Maurice Sendak's Little Bear

Nickelodeon (ended 2000)


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  • One of Nick jr's Finest shows on the 1990's made by Nelvana. Much better then Franklin and Rupert.

    My 59th review after: Rupert

    This is one of Nelvana's most finest shows I have ever seen in my life. It's very cute and Charming and it's a Classic. Originally Based on the books eariler, and This cartoon sets place around in the Late 1800's Early 1900's, I think. It's about a Brown bear named Little Bear. But what kind of name is THAT?! If he grown, They would STILL call him Little bear?!?! crazy!!! There are also common Animal chracther names bascilly there are his friends all but 2 of his friends of his which one is a Girl and she has a Common Human name like Pam, Jill, Nancy, Her name is Emily, she ,ives with her Grandmother and her dog, Tutu. He has animal friends like: Cat, (does he have an owner and lives with someone? Is he like an Orphan Cat?) Duck, Hen, Owl, and the second one is animal which is a Monkey named Mitzi. *Buzzer sound* That sound means it's time for me to give this here show a Grade. I'll give this show, *Drumroll* An B! That's right. I'm gonna give it a B. Here the results:

    Voice-acting: B+ 8.5/10.0 Terrfic Voice-acting. It should win an Emmy Award.

    Animation: B 7.0/10.0 Cute, Colorful, but a little dirty and Charming.

    Graphics: C 6.0/10.0 Average. Sound: D+ 4.9/10.0 The music's good but the Sound effects are very Annoying.

    Dialouge: A 9.0/10.0 "Umm... Interesting." That cracks me the *beep* Up.

    Eductional Value: A++ 10.0/10.0 PERFECT!!!!!!

    Lasting Appeal: A+ 9.5/10.0 Superb.

    Overall: B 8.0/10.0 One of Nelvana's Finest. They have to bring it back and make new epiosdes on Noggin. One of Nick jr's Cancelled Gems.
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