Maurice Sendak's Little Bear

Nickelodeon (ended 2000)


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  • One of my childhood favorites.

    This was probably one of my top five favorite shows on Noggin to watch when I was a little kid, behind some like Franklin and Gullah Gullah Island. But three things. One, like Franklin, all the other characters are named for their animal type: Hen, Cat, Owl... well you do have Mitzi... and Tutu... and No Feet... but still, they should have all the characters with a unique name. Second, Little Bear's imagination went too wild. While taking a bath in a tub, he's imagining he's swimming underwater, and meets a mermaid who gets caught in a fishing net, etc. etc. etc. Kinda wild, don't YOU think? Thirdly, the show takes place in the middle of no where!! I mean, come on. I'd like it if there was at least one episode thats setting was in a town. There are no towns ever mentioned! How do they get their food? I guess they grow it, like pioneers or something. Cut down trees for wood... grow crops for food... fish for food, also. Hmm... then again, I may be wrong in my third mentioning.

    Other than that, the show is great. A very good show for the younger ones and I recomend it to every kid between the ages of 2-7 or so.