Maurice Sendak's Little Bear - Season 4

Nickelodeon (ended 2000)


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  • 2/12/99
    The Painting: Mr. Skunk is sad - he thinks that no one will ever want to kiss him because he's a skunk. Little Bear remedies this by getting Mr. Skunk to take a picture he painted to Mother Bear for him. She in turn, gives Mr. Skunk a kiss to take back to Little Bear.

    The Kiss: Little Bear watches as the kiss meant for him from Mother Bear gets passed on from Mr. Skunk to Little Bear's friends in a frantic game of kissing tag. Until it reaches Miss Skunk who gives the kiss back to Mr. Skunk. True love is born and the skunks decide to get married.

    The Wedding: Before the Skunks' wedding, a nervous Miss Skunk accidentally sprays Little Bear when he surprises her. Disaster is averted when Little Bear wears her lei of flowers to cover the stench and the wedding goes off beautifully.moreless
  • Little Bear and the Sea Monster / Hat Parade / Finding Fisherman Bear
    Little Bear and the Sea Monster: Little Bear and owl are fishing when a fog rolls in. They accidentally catch a huge sea monster who drags them out to sea. Fortunately, Little Bear's friend Mermaid comes to help them unhook the monster and returns them back to the dock just in time for lunch.

    Hat Parade: Little Bear finds some old hats in a closet and he and his friends decide to have a hat parade. Everyone picks out their favorite hat and the parade is going very well, until the wind starts to blow! Finally they return home to find that Mother Bear has the best hat of all!

    Finding Fisherman Bear: Little bear is missing his doll, fisherman Bear, and Mother Bear suspects that it is somewhere in Little Bear's very messy room. Mother Bear and Little Bear have fun hunting for Fisherman Bear, and end up cleaning Little Bear's room in the process.moreless
  • Rainy Day Friends: Using Grandfather Bear's toy train, Little Bear's imagination takes him on a fanciful railroad adventure when a group of toys come to life. Little Goblin Bear: Emily makes a Goblin costume for Little Bear. When a real Goblin takes Lucy away, it's up to Little Goblin Bear to get Lucy back. Picnic on the Moon: Wearing improvised space helmets, Little Bear and his friends make a trip to the moon, and Mother Bear joins them for a special moon picnic.moreless
  • The Little White Skunk: Little Bear and Owl find Marshmallow, a white baby skunk, who's lost. The pair become her adopted parents for the day until she's returned to her family. Mother's Day: Rabbit is afraid to give his mom a Mother's Day gift because he broke her teapot. So, at the urging of Rabbit, Little Bear disguises himself as a rabbit to deliver a Mother's Day present to Rabbit's mom. Mother Rabbit and Rabbit are reunited and Little Bear goes home to delivery his own Mother's Day present to Mother Bear. Little Footprints: After the first winter snowfall, Little Bear and his friends meet Marshmallow the baby skunk after tracking her footprints through the snow. Marshmallow reminds them of the simple joys of being a baby.moreless
  • Blue Feather
  • Valentine's Day: Bear tries to find the secret admirer who sent him an anonymous valentine. After Little Bear has asked all his friends who sent him his valentine, Mother Bear admits she's Little Bear's admirer and Little Bear admits that he's hers, too.

    Thinking of Mother Bear: With Father Bear in tow, Little Bear sketches items from nature that remind him of Mother Bear, like beautiful flowers, the warm sunshine (and chocolate cake!)

    Thinking of Mother Bear: Little Bear and his friends Duck, Cat, Mitzi and No Feet play I Spy in the garden on evening. They discover that in the dark, mushrooms look like small umbrellas, stones look a lot like monstrous spider legs.moreless
  • Little Bear and the Ice Boat Little Bear helps Grandfather Bear celebrate his birthday by building an ice boat. They ride the boat across a frozen lake and Grandfather Bear thanks Little Bear for his best birthday ever. Baby Deer Little Bear takes home a wounded baby deer who breaks and eats things in the house because he is used to living wild in the woods. Soon Little Bear comes to accept that his new friend will be happier back in the woods with his own family. The Invisible Little Bear When Little Bear ruins a game hid and seek by pretending he's invisible, his friends give him a taste of his own medicine by becoming invisible too. Little Bear gets lonely, and wishing his friends could see him again, he goes home. Owl, Duck, Hen and Cat, feeling he's learned his lesson, give him another chance at being friends.moreless
  • The April Fool Little Bear finds out it's not so easy to play an April Fool's trick on Mother and Father Bear! Balloon Heads Little Bear's friends are envious when they see him blowing big, pink, bubble gum bubbles. Little Bear shares his extra gum and with great patience, teaches them all how to blow their own bubbles. Mother Bear's Button Little Bear and Duck use a magnifying glass to find a button that fell off of Mother Bear's coat. They soon follow different insects around, who try to carry the button away. When they discover Beetle using it as an umbrella, they give him a mushroom in exchange and take the button back to Mother Bear.moreless
  • Sleep Over Little Bear has his first sleep over and his friends want to play more and more games. Father Bear becomes part of the sleepover and coaxes them in to bed with an active rendition of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

    Sand Castle Little Bear has built a marvelous sand castle. He is the King and Duck insists on being Queen. The threat of invaders brings the Otters to the rescue and the game isn't over until a wizard is found, a spell is cast, a sleeping beauty is awake again, and - the most fun part of all - the castle is knocked down!

    Happy Anniversary Father Bear is away so Little Bear surprises Mother Bear by dressing up and dancing with her to celebrate her wedding anniversary. But the real surprise is when Father Bear returns home early so the whole family can celebrate together.moreless
  • Moonlight Serenade Little Bear dances under a Harvest Moon with a scarecrow, a family of pumpkins and a set of garden tools. When Little Bear and scarecrow get launched to the moon, he wakes up and discovers that it was only a dream...or was it? Moonlight Serenade When Mother Bear's garden is infested with caterpillars, Little Bear, Duck and No Feet devise a way to lure them out of the garden. The next day they are surprised to find that the caterpillars have all turned into butterflies! Moonlight Serenade It's Goblin Night and Little Bear and his friends are dressed up in their scariest costumes. On their way to the big bonfire they practice scaring each other...and do a very good job!moreless
  • Family Bath Time Father Bear's bath time is interrupted when Little Bar jumps in with all of his toys. When Father Bear pulls Mother Bear in to the tub, the fun just gets better. Winter Wonderland Little Bear has seen all the signs that it's about to snow, and he can hardly wait. As the first snow falls, he has a wonderful dream about snow angels coming to life, snowball-flinging squirrels, and a big snow bear! Mitzi's Mess On a rainy day Little Bear, Owl and Mitzi play indoors. Things get out of control and soon the house is a big mess! Can they clean it all up before Mother Bear comes home?moreless
  • I'll Be You, You'll Be Me Little Bear and Duck decide to trade places for a day - Little Bear paddles around the pond while Duck goes to Little Bear's house. In the end Little Bear decides to be himself again so that he can have his Mother Bear back! Frog In My Throat Little Bear and his friends get frogs in their throats while out playing at Pudding Hill. They run to Mother Bear who cures them in no time with cups of warm lemonade and honey. Little Bear the Puddle Jumper Little Bear and Duck jump through puddles after a rain storm, but they discover that they can't jump the same distance. They happily reach an agreement that Little Bear is the greatest puddle jumper and Duck is the greatest puddle splasher.moreless
  • Pillow Hill Little Bear is disappointed when he catches a cold and has to stay in bed. Father Bear cheers him up with a poem which leads them on an imaginary journey through magnificent mountains and valleys, all the while on Little Bear's bed. Diva Hen Little Bear and his friends discover that Hen wants to be an opera singer-- but her singing technique needs some work. Little Bear wants to encourage his friend and sets up a practice concert to help boost her confidence. Father Bear's Little Helper Little Bear gladly helps Father Bear finish chores around the house. They happily water the lawn and garden before Father Bear takes Little Bear out for a great afternoon of fishing.moreless