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  • Maury

    I seem to remember that I actually liked and watched this show at one point. But now they play the same 4 topics over and over:

    1. Make-over/Look at me now/Cut my long hair

    2. Who's my baby's daddy?

    3. Man or Woman?

    4. Caught on Tape

    Now the show is dumb and uninteresting.
  • The King of Chaos

    Given the illusion of re-upholstered chairs that'd been constantly thrashed about from men breakdancing like ignorant jackasses while the women run and begin to convulse like a damn seizure patient after hearing the 5 dreadful words: "You are NOT the father" That is a typical day at the Maury Show.

    Maury portrays himself as a kind, caring man who wants to help out people in need, but in reality, he's a heartless, disgusting piece of shit, to say the least. The only kind of help he gives out is perpetuating stereotypes of blacks, whites, and Hispanics.

    Watching the show on a day to day basis, you're most likely going to hear about an illiterate, ghetto trash named "insert ridiculous name here" who claims that "insert ridiculous male name here" is the father of "insert ridiculous name for innocent child here". The feisty ghetto trash tells the unintelligent imbeciles (AKA the audience) of how he's a deadbeat daddy and she's a 1000% percent sure that he's the father. The man tells his side of the story, but automatically as he steps on stage he's booed relentlessly while occasionally some men retaliate by sticking up his middle finger or cursing back; both tactics firing up the audiences. Maury welcomes the male shaking his hand like a weak old lady and he and his so-called girlfriend argue for about 5 mins before Maury "calms things down". Plot twist: he then makes a remark that starts the fire again, while sitting back with a huge grin drawn on his face. He finally shouts "THE RESULTS ARE IN" riling up the hungry crowd and one of two things happen: if the man is NOT the father, the women will either convulse on the floor, or run backstage crying on the "sob couch", while the man jumps around like a damn fool. Maury goes backstage to comfort the lying whore and promises her that they'll find the father of her baby. If he is the father, the woman will berate the man, and he makes a bullshit comment about how he's going to be a good dad.

    The reality of it is the fact that the kid is going to end up as a stripper or a criminal; there's honestly no future for that innocent baby.

    The second topic usually deals with out-of-control teens who wanna have a baby. Now, maybe I feel for this, because I myself is a teen, but mainly because Maury vilifies the children. Allowing the audience to savagely boo at the kid like an untrained beast. but the little side note most people don't remember is that they're still kids, while the mother is crying like a pathetic bitch. (Side note for the pathetic excuses for parents: " It's called discipline! If you used that, then your teen doesn't have to be hauled off to boot camp!" Watching episodes like this, you will NEVER hear Maury ask them why they act out like the way they do, rather just grin like a smartass and give half-assed remarks about how they're gonna get pregnant or contract an STD. Later in the program, the teens are hauled into a van, and scared back into civility; all in the convenience of an hour.

    The third most common topic deals with cheating spouses. Usually it's the man accused of cheating on the woman and the crowd boos him (yeah it's boring and pathetic). Anywho, Maury usually sends a sexy decoy (AKA a whore Maury paid to seduce men, then turns around and acts as if she has any morals) and everytime the guy always ends up kissing the whore, or perhaps even go further as to touch/kiss her breasts, neck, etc. regardless, 9 times out of ten, the ***ed woman takes him back, only to come back to the show for the second time. (Third plot twist, Maury tries to coach the woman to take back her cheating spouse, because if he actually bothered to solve the actual problem, then he wouldn't have business. Shit like this is what keeps him around. That detestable sludge).

    There's also some less common topics like obese toddlers, am I a man or a woman, and deformed people.

    Ok, apparently some parents think it's a good idea to exploit their obese babies on tv instead of get professional help? Nice parenting, oh and btw of you pay close attention Maury taunts the kids by trying to make them run around the stage and whatnot, or to life their arms. Real low, even for you, Povich.

    Am I a man or woman? I can't imagine how hurt someone would be hurt after the audience continually claims that they are a man when they really are a woman. There's not much to say about that topic, other than the fact that it's unecessesary and downright pathetic.

    Lastly, the deformed people. Now this, destroys any ounce of respect I'd ever have for this bastard. Displaying all these people like as if they're monsters, and asks them what kinda names they're called, like why in the hell would you do that? It's hard enough stepping outside without awkward glances, and now you want to run salt into their wounds?

    So, what have we learned?

    1. There seems to be an anti-male aura in the audience.

    2. The audience with ALWAYS side with the women, no matter how trashy and degrading they are ( the crying always wins their hearts over).

    3. The children involved in the drama won't have a promising future, most likely a stripper, or a criminal and end up on the same show to find out whom the child's father is ( never ending wheel of shame, and hopelessness).

    4. People will still be brainwashed into the idea that Maury cares about the dysfunctional families, while he's making money off of their pain and suffering. Yes, people can argue that it's their fault that they came to the show, but the main focus is that even with the (right) intentions, they're still showing their raunchy lives for all of America to see. It's really a lose-lose situations.

    Bonus: This is actually worse than Jerry Springer. You know what the shows intentions are, and consenting redneck hillbillies have no problem brawling on the show. Maury Provides false hope, and just continues to shape Trash TV.


    Maury Povich used to be a somewhat respectable anchorperson and TV personality. What happened? $$$ corrupted him. I can\\\'t even bear to look at the promos for this atrocious Jerry Springer wannabe. He humiliates people for a living. And they let him; and the people who tune into this pile debase themselves everytime they watch. The worst aspect of this show (and there are several) is his fake empathy for children and people born with birth defects. He\\\'s trying to create a freak show for our general amuesement. It\\\'s sad when he brings children who have serious physical ailments on his show and asks, \\\"You have no friends, right?\\\" \\\"The kids tease you, huh?\\\" As if he cares. Please don\\\'t give in to this drivel. It\\\'s trash TV 101.
  • Your wife is a liar...

    I am so tired of you bad mouthing people who are involved and there is a significant age difference. My husband was 28 years older than me and we spent 30 yrs together before he passed away. We started dated when I was 25 and he was 53. Age will work if your committed
  • This show has gone downhill

    I used to like this show when it first started, because they used to have different subjects everyday. My favorite topics were: Turn my boy back into a girl, Is it a man, or a woman, Please help my obese child, My mom dresses too sexy, please give her a makeover, Please give my ruggy looking spouce a makeover, and DNA drama. But in the last few years, all they show everyday is DNA drama and cheaters exposed episodes and they play the same episodes over and over again all the time. And it looks like they sometimes show the same couples & situations on different episodes. The thing that cracks me up about the DNA drama is the test being revealed "you are not the father!" and then the women runs back stage, screaming. And alot of those guests are really stupid, like all those women, who are married to men who are denying their kids and they want to stay with them, or women who have ex's that are denying their children and they get back together with these men after the results come back. If some man denied my child, I would divorce him before going for a DNA test
  • This show is soooooo stupid and yet I still watch it

    This show is so much like Jerry. I love to watch this show during the paterinity tests. They are always 100% sure and then when they\'re wrong they run of the stage screaming.I also like the lie detector tests they pretty good half the time. But mainliy I like the paternity tests I think thats what keeps this show alive. I ain\'t yo baby\'s daddy, yes u is, look at his nose! look at his nose! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • Better than the Jerry Springer show...

    This show is orginal. One of its kind. Why? Its not like Jerry Springer. You all say that, but its not. Maury helps the people out. People need to actually watch a few episodes before critizing him. The paternity tests are kind of exciting because some people lie and say they're not their father or whatever. Then it turns out, they are! Another is when the boys dress up like girls. Thats hilarious. Also, its really nice of him to give gifts to the needy or people who have lost their homes in fires and such.
  • Alternate Women

    Having seen all varieties of Female impersonators and transsexuals, transvestites and others. I've been wondering why have you never had a nature made hermaphrodite or morphodite on your show. Please forgive my poor spelling as it was hard enough finding the correct words in the dictionary.

    I do enjoy the Maury show it has more than human interest. It brings together people in ways that few shows want to involve themselves in.

    Signed Billinda.
  • Such an addicting show

    I watch this all the time. It gets annoying with the audience, but it's still hilarious.
  • help me

    i have a 14 yr old that lies on me and got cps involved because she got grounded for selling spice so she ran away told all kinds of lies and still continues. i refused to jump through hoops for her lies so she is in a foster home, but she calls everyone telling them lies, the ones who know better she quit talking to, the ones who dont make my life hell . she calls me a ***, says she wishes i was dead and all because she wants to do whatever she wants. sleep with boys over the age of 18, get . i want it to end and her lies to come to
  • Why do you continue to belittle males, for the most part, on your shows? I do not get your shows.

    Let me tell you something. April 2000, I had a girl falsely accuse me of molesting her. I had to hire a lawyer to prove my innocence. I was guilty just at her say so. It was later proven that she was lying, after I went to jail, lost my job and my man hood.The case was dropped/abandoned. No apologies from anyone to me. The girl was a slut.
  • Why did I watch it! I agree with AJ1952chats

    this show sux! it's like the dumbest show (next to jerry springer) ever!!! so maury, you expect abusing children is gonna disapline them!! your the dumba** of earth! I bet you have 9 brain cells in that D@mn head of yours! and women who think that their daughters are men? oh c'mon! surely they must've known when they, Gah! Men who fink they're ladies, psss, gessh! this show is a bunch of crap! watch good stuff like oprah and dr.phil infact, that's probally what the actors eat all the time. Crap from the toilet! if you don't agree with me, than reach into my toilet and eat my crap!!!!
  • change the channel

    is this show even still on? i think that this is one of the worst day time talk shows to ever be produced. and when he and his wife did the show on msnbc it only got worse. why on earth any one would ever watch this junk is beyond me.
  • Maury should be more skeptical.

    In general, I believe that Maury is a sensible person. The vast majority of his topics involve helping people, especially if the problem involves a dispute between two people or parties. This is, in part, because he always has every person involved in the problem on the show; he listens to both sides of the story. (I am essentially talking about paternity cases, but others may apply as well). Bravo! That's a great way to solve a problem. I saw this morning, however, an exception to the show's usual forward moving, positive fashion. It was about hauntings, involving "proof" of ghosts/spirits including pictures and recordings. The first thing I'd like to say is that I'm not trying to influence people's thinking on whether they exist; I am not saying that ghosts don't exist. My problem is that the only evidence given was in favor of the existence of ghosts. There was no discussion, whatsoever, about the possibility that the "proof" may have been unreliable, the product of a coincidence. I am disappointed that Maury naively took his guests' word as fact.
  • Here's another Jerry Sprinnger...I mean dull show

    I don't get it any more. Maury used to be great! I used to watch his show every time I got the chance to but after a while of watching one peternity test after another you get board! Come on and get a new topic please!
    He used to be fun to watch because he had shows about troubled teens, people who were in true need of help and such but no then the day came when it was the same dull thing after another. At first it was entertaining but now...It's so boaring and so much more a waiste of time.
  • Giving this show a '2.5' is considered a generous gift from me.

    There is only two topics I hate with a passion. The first topic is 'You're my baby's father!' I just think this is utterly ridiculous and I cannot understand how the show gets enough ratings to stay on the air with this topic. The second topic I hate is 'Male or Female' where you have to identify who is actually female and which are males. This may be considered a fun game to some, but it is considered disgusting to me.

    The only topic I tend to like is 'Maury Makes Magic Happen,' which is when Maury helps families who have suffered in house fires, etc. This is truly inspiring but I never see this topic on the air because 99.9% of the topics are about the 'Baby's Father,' which does not give a good impression for outsiders looking in at the amount of American woman who cannot positively identify the father and the men who deny their children.
  • Opposite of Dr. Phil

    What a weird show! It is pretty much the complete opposite of such shows as the Dr Phil Show and Oprah Winfrey show. Instead of aiding people, it sends people running of the stage in tears. The paternity tests go way over the top and I am sure most of the stories are fake. Although, some of the stories are funny like how a 13-year-old girl was prostituting, etc. I just dont get it!
  • Bad sluts to paternity questions to lie detecting? Oh, did I forget the 'tranny game' that makes you look super-gay as hell? Aren't these plots a little overdone.......

    It's just like Pokemon except you can stand to watch it
    and it's a reality.

    It's a horrible realization but this show is the exactly the same thing every week. Because each day is a different show until the week repeats over and over and over and over and over..... You get the point.....

    I only watch it as an extreme last resort. It is horrific to see the same thing every week. I like this show but now I just hate the hell out of it.

    I want something different from this show, but if I don't see anything different then I'll simply turn off my TV for good.
  • finding my birth mother

    my name is tawan allen and i ws born in wilson, north carolina on feb 13, 1969. My birth mother dorthy lee allen was 20 years old when she gave birth to me. she remained wit me until i was 5 months olds then she left me with edith bell smith and i never saw her again in my life. My mother edith bell smith passed away 2 years ago and now i would like to reconnect to with my birth mother. Iam 43 years old and my health is failing i would like to meet her bfore i pass. please help me locate her
  • wow hilarious

    yes this show is interesting and funny, but it's all well and good being the viewer but what about the host? Muray Povich the host of his own show, a show about exploiting people of their disabilitys, their apperence, and their problems. Some people dont think long and hard enough for a better T.V. idea but to take the obvious. To answer the my question, I don't know how some one like Muray can live with himself (not being mean) but how can he say some of the the things he says and go to bed not maybe regretting it or thinking about it. The audiance alone is crushing enough for most people...
  • Heh! Heh!That's a good show and all....but one of it's episode's was FAKE!

    Yes FAKE! A staged actress pretened that she was pretending to be pregnant for three months on Maury. But she was also on JERRY SPRINGER! That's right JERRY SPRINGER! She's the exact same woman! I know it's true and someone needs to expose her for the FAKE she really is! She just wants her 15 minutes of fame and if that's so...what other episodes have we been kidding ourseleves? Are the paterinity test fake? Are the sex changing people fake? Are those really the same people from high school? It might all be fake and we don't know it! Hmmm....
  • It's okay, but it's always DNA tests now.

    Is it just me, or is this show just the same thing over and over again? It used to be all different things, but now it's always the same. "You are not the father! You are the father! You are not the father!" It's always DNA tests all the time! It gets really repetitive and boring after a while. I'll usually watch this show when there's nothing else on. It's not the worst talk show I've ever seen, but I really think it could use some more interesting stories and guests. It used to be great, though. I remember they had more interesting stuff like fears of peaches, cotton balls, pickles, etc. I wish they'd put all that stuff back on. I'm not saying they have to stop the DNA tests completely, but they could atleast be a bit more interesting.
  • Not really

    This show is so much like Jerry. I love to watch this show during the paterinity tests. They are always 100% sure and then when they're wrong they run of the stage screaming.I also like the lie detector tests they pretty good half the time. But mainliy I like the paternity tests I think thats what keeps this show alive. I ain't yo baby's daddy, yes u is, look at his nose! look at his nose! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • Watchable... most of the time. Those drag queen shows, gotta go.

    Say what you want about the Maury show, but for me, when I'm home with nothing to do I find myself turning to it. Albeit parts of it is obviously scripted and sometimes I question the validity of the reactions of the guests; but it's still watchable. The paternity test shows used to get on my knerves but then I found a hilarity in the accusations of the men and women about who's the father that keeps me tuned. The shows that I can't really watch too much of are the "I have to tell you a secret" shows. Why is EVERYONE a liar. Very rarely people are found to be telling the truth. Can everyone really be lieing? Sometimes I feel like they maybe twist or exaggerate the results to make the shows more interesting, but what about the lives they are messing up in the process?

    I didn't think many people watched it, but I guess since it keeps getting renewed, someone besides me is watching. It still plays to our need to see people who are worse off than us, so that we can say, "damn that's messed up, but at least it's not me". Wild teen girls, paternity tests, and cheating mates are always tolerable entertainment.
  • Im tired of the paternity tests....but....

    I love the "whos a man and whos a woman" episodes! They really overplay the paternity test things, and it gets boring. I admit, the first time I watched it in 2000, I liked the paternity test ones. But damn I got tired ot it. I even prefer the "whos cheating on me, we got it on tape" episodes over the paternity test ones, but really....nothing tops the "whos a man and whos a woman ones", especially when the crowd gets into it and even starts betting on it! Hahah.
    This show is a bit of a guilty pleasure :)
  • Yet I don't watch it anymore.

    I loved this show for a couple of years and although everybody is stating that this show is a clone of Opera , it's still a classic with its personal camera footage that I may or may not see and most of the episodes have the tall tales of a woman in a rush against her man with a still competition if they're lying or telling the truth. Many other ideas are aviliable but like Opera , he helps other people too but Maury hasn't got any still trouble for what I've heard and we shall perhaps see it again on the new channel featuring the WB & UPN together forever unless anything goes wrong.

    And remember... it's still classic even though it's a rip-off.
  • Shows like these are what's giving girls the ideas that all guys are bad, but it still has its moments.

    Despite how most of the episodes make the male characters look bad, (example: guys denying the children they don't think are their's, requesting their wives receive makeovers even though many guys are not like this) Maury still is enjoyable to watch and Maury Povich is a TV legend. I have to admit the paternity test episodes are entertaining but my favorites are when outrageous drinking, smoking, and criminalized teenagers are brought to the show. Maury has made an impact on so many people and his show will always be fun to watch.

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  • An entertaining show.

    I love the Maury show! I really love the paternity test shows the most. I like the shows that have cheaters and lie detector tests too. All the drama, but without the attachment. Who wouldn't love that. I don't really like the shows that show people that are all messed up though. Its kind of creepy and gross. I feel bad for the kids though. I think that every episode should be about cheaters, paternity tests, and secret crushes. A lot of people don't like it and compare it to Jerry Springer, but he is way above Jerry. Jerry is someone to watch if you want to see fat hoochies taking off their shirts. Groossss!!!!!
  • Now this is a talk show I really enjoy.

    It's enough to watch Jerry Springer but this talk show brings it all home. I love the Maury show...keeps me entertained. One of the reasons I like coming home besides the girlz and my boyz of course lol. But this is a real cool show I'd recommend it to just about anybody who just feels like watching a show with some real life.
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