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  • Maury is so unoriginal all he does is shows on drag queens and parternity test now!

    All Maury needs to add is the throwing of chairs and he would be very close to having a Jerry Springer show! His show has become so pointless because of the overdone parternity test and the guess whether i'm a girl or boy crap!! The only time I watch the show anymore is when they have the talented little kids who sing and dance come on.
  • Maury is the man!

    He is very hardworking... deals with all types of people on this show that have troublesome family backgrounds, and he is a tv hero! He puts those detector tests out there and puts his life on line at times too (when fights enrage). He's a problem solver, a compassionate man, and a hardworking tv individual. I learn a lot and so will you.
  • Maury's a decent show...but it overdoes the paternity tests quite a bit

    I like the Maury show, but it seems like every time I see it, they have a paternity test. Sure, paternity tests can make for good television, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. The paternity tests get old after the zillionth time. It has gotten to the point where I have just about stopped watching it. Occasionally, they do have different stories on there, such as people coping with tradegy and disablities, which add some relief to the "endless" paternity tests. In my opinion, these are better stories than the paternity tests. If Maury just had more variety, then it would be great.
  • Overly used topics, same scenarios, THE MOST ANNOYING AUDIENCE EVER!!

    Ok... While I admit the Maury Show isn't the worst show that I have ever seen, it most certainly is far from a decent show.

    For starter, the topics are WAY over played. Its either DNA tests or cheating lover lie detector tests. While I do believe the DNA testing results, I think the Maury producers throw a little bit of extra in there. Just about ever scenario is the same. The majority of the guest look fake or put on. As for the lie detector results, those arent even admissable in court, let alone believing anything that comes from the quacks on the Maury show.

    P.S. The Maury Show has the most rudest, disrespectful, ignorant audience...EVER! I find it hilarious the way some of the audience members act when the camera man briefly rolls the camera in their direction. They literally look like a bunch of caged monkeys. I would be so embarassed if I was sitting in the audience. I get tired of hearing all the "boos" just trying to watch the show on tv.
  • what is wrong with you people

    I just don't get it. Are the producers of this show that hard up for ratings ? Why would you want to mess with the lives of these beautiful babies? Do you not get it that the results of these DNA mama-daddy shows will effect these children forever? The Mothers of these children should be ashamed of themselves to air their "dirty laundry" on national television. It is your job as a Mother to protect and nourish your children. Quit being so selfish. Take a good look at the big picture here. With all the teasing and bullying and teen suicide going on in our country do you actually believe this won't have an impact on these children s lives? How do you think these children will feel at 16 when his/her friends find out they were on Maury as a baby trying to find out who their bio-Daddy is? This is sick. How can the producers of this show sleep at night knowing there is a possibility of these children being hurt or end their lives over you making a buck... Maury, you once had a very good show, informative and interesting. You need to be more picky at what's in your contract. Your choices cheapen your career and frankly, I am disappointed in your antics as a so called professional. Shame on you too.
  • I could tell you next week's lineup for Maury!

    Ok, this is what next week's episodes for Maury: Monday-Tuesday is "You're my Baby's Daddy and I'll Prove It!" Wednesday is "Sex Tapes and Cheaters Exposed!", Thursday is "I'm a Billion Percent Certain You're the Father!" and Friday is going to be "Halloween Drag Queens"! I don't really know the real lineup, but I'm pretty certain that it would look something like this. Maury has become SO predictable and SO annoying that he almost makes Jerry Springer look legit. The guests say the same thing over and over again, "I'm here to prove that Jerome is the father of my three babies and I'm a thousand percent certain that he is the father", and the percentage is slowly increases the more you watch it (if you can tolerate it). The audience act like robots, they cheer for the girl, boo for the guy almost every time and if you pay attention, more often than not the guy is not the father. And don't get me started on the former guests. They just want to be on TV, regardless of how foolish they look. These plots are just so overdone and redundant, someone needs to give Maury new material.
  • Change the channel!!! If I were a cusser, I would be even more specific and say, "Change the damn channel!!!"

    Change the channel!!!

    If I were a cusser, I would be even more specific and say, "Change the damn channel!!!"

    Actually...if I were to compromise my personal values and come up with the kind of language that would fully describe what I think of this show, Maury and Jerry would be trying to outbid each other in their attempts to be the first one to have me as a guest on their sucky shows because whoever got me would be able to produce a 60 minute "beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep" (think test-pattern sound-effect) that would last for the entire show just by asking what I thought of Maury's show.

    But, of course, I don't resort to profanity when it comes to describing things, so let me do the best that I can without it.

    From now on, I'm going to be addressing Maury...

    Do you want me to tell you why I no longer watch your show--or, at best, watch it when the moon is blue and you're back to your old ways again?

    Your show has jumped the shark so high that it jumped all the way over the moon on its way to the other side of the shark!

    I remember a time when you actually used your show to help people and to showcase everyday heroes--as well as those heroes who weren't so "everyday" (the ones who were living full, wonderful, and productive lives in spite of, seemingly, being dealt a bad hand).

    That fraction of a point I gave you (the one that kept your show from registering on my profile as an absolute zero) pays tribute to your earlier days and those rare times when you bring them back.

    Most of the time these days, you keep having these tired paternity shows--bring hurting people into the arena to be put on display to be booed by your audience. Somehow, you seem to have managed to gather up a home-viewing audience that is large enough to keep you on the air--but I'm proud to say that I'm not part of it.

    When I was a freshman in high school, I was in study hall with this guy who had been in a motorcycle accident--one who, unfortunately, was seated to where I had to look at him while trying to do my studies.

    He had scabs forming on his arm, and he would pick at them to make the pus and blood start flowing.

    Even though I found it fun (still do) to squeeze pimples and blackheads to pop and squiggle out their contents, what I was seeing on this guy's arm was way beyond what I wanted to see. It almost made me want to throw up.

    When he heard me go, "Eeeeew!" he looked around, gave me a smirk, and began to REALLY pick away.

    My desire to watch your show these days is right down there on the level of my desire back then (or now, for that matter) to watch this guy mutilate his mutilations.

    Besides the paternity test shows, you have these fat baby shows.

    I love the fat babies, but I hate how you and your RomanEmpirish audience are getting orgasms out of booing and belittling them and their parents (usually, mothers).

    Do you have any idea what you're doing to these kids? Do you really CARE what you're doing to these kids!

    Obviously not!!! It's all about ratings to you, isn't it!?!

    Then, there's boot-camp!!!

    Don't even get me started on THAT one!!!

    Can't you see that these kids are hurting?

    Is it fun for you to make them cry on TV?

    I would go along with their crying on TV, if it were a healing kind of crying that they were doing.

    These children obviously have--in the wise words of a so-called "retarded" mother in the movie "The Yarn Princess"--"tears locked up."

    How did this woman--a woman who had to do all kinds of things to prove that she was a capable mother (and she proved it!)--approach one of her sons when he had "tears locked up?"

    She held him close and gave him a shoulder to cry on.

    I'm well aware that these kids are, for the most part, beyond their troubles being cured and their lives being turned around by a single act of being offered a shoulder to cry on.

    But neither are they going to be turned around by having one or more officers getting in their faces and barking at them--then, making them clean filthy toilets inside and out in an up-close-and-personal way.

    These horrible boot-camps--which your no-count show seems to try to sell to the public--have even proven fatal to kids on several occasions.

    Are ratings so important to you that you would promote stuff like that show after show after show!?!

    How high is your price-tag before you start doing shows praising LSD, crack, heroin, and meth!?!

    Were you aware that there are alternatives to those boot-camps: places where you can send troubled kids where they learn respect by being respected?

    People running these places could do so much more, if they had the funding--and so many more of these places would start being established, if people such as you would devote more of your shows to them and their positive results.

    But that wouldn't bring in the ratings, would it!?!

    Well--NEWSFLASH!--the way you operate currently isn't bringing you any ratings from me!

    In fact, I'm very happy that this website has given me the chance to get on my soapbox to tell you that I've had enough of your pitiful crap!

    Borrowing the words of Donald Trump...

  • Timeless Subject Matter!

    Look ya'll, The entertainment and education we get from these DNA results are sometimes priceless. The ones in particular are when the women SWEAR UP AND DOWN these men are the dads' and have to even come back several times to no avail. The men are always looked at as assholes and when the women wind up looking like the Ho', they run off the stage while the audience just gasps. Mad lessons to be learned about how promiscuous most women are today and how scandalous the relationships have become. Long before Maury was ever on and Much long after, these scenarios will never get old because each new generation will have their own stories of sex games that go wrong to discuss. Same Games, New Faces...
  • the best show

    maury your show is the best i watch your show from the bahamas u need to come down here and do some dna for some of these people down there
  • Maury ROCKS

    Maury I love your show. I think when you tell the guys to put a cap on it I have to laugh because some of those guys{if that is what you call them}are treating women like their underwear, a different one everyday or 2 or 3 a day and then when the ladies get pregnant they don't know them or don't care about those beautiful joys of life.I have 4 babies and 2 baby daddies. And I have 3 with one man but he took care of my son by another man

  • my mom is special

    hi mury my name is Katana i am 15 years old i live in phoenix with my mom and step dad my mom is 45 years old she has had came a long way she has been abuse in so many was as a child which lead her to trying to committed suicide over and over again she was on drugs and alcohol till she turn 41 but still took care of me and my sisters and brothers she has try stopping so many times till she wind up in the hospital and went into a coma for 3 days we never though we would see her clean she put herself into rehab that's where she met my step dad who is wonderful any ways my mom as long as i can remember all ways say she just want to sing in front of people she watch your show everyday she go's to school trying to get her GED so she has the tv to record your show so she wont miss it i can be a hand full at times with everything she is still going through even now with her sickness she want's to be the first black female country singer but she say it would be great to do her first song on your show if you can please help me make just a little part of her dream come true by letting her do a song on your show so i can show her what she mean to me this will be a big surprise for her if so the song would be (why haven't I heard from you) by reba mcentire she sings that a lot my family and her family loves her singing we tell her not to give up on her dream so this is one part of her dream i can make happen but only with your help please respond to this letter even if you can't help he think you for taking time to read this god bless
  • Thats right.

    This show is the best reality/talk show on air yes that's right it's better than Jerry Springer. Maury Povich is the best host because he really gets to know the guest instead of actually letting them fight. Big deal Jerry Springer may have fights and stuff like that but Maury has more happy endings and I think we would all rather see that than well you know (fights). And some of the best shows are when they have certain topics like cheaters or stuff like that when they ask the host of that certain show to show the audience the clips of certain crimes.
  • i love the maury show. I am yo biggest fan. I would love 2 c u n person and make my dream come true. My dream is 2 come 2 yo show and meet u and send me and my family 2 flordia.

    the maury show is the best. I love the maury show. I am yo biggest fan. I would love 2 come 2 c u n person and make my dreams come true. My dream is 2 yo show and meet u and send me my family 2 flordia. U r the best person n the world
  • i Would like to be on the show as a guest

    i am 34 and would like to know who is really my father i didnt find out until i was 31 and it has been a real toll on my life can u help me? my name is Tracey Whiffen I live in Auburn NY. 13021 i thought all my life that my father was Larry Wilder now i find out that it could be Steve Vanhorn Jr. it would be great for me and my kids to know the truth i realy never had a dad and im not asking for that now i just want to know the truth of who it is please help me
  • Paternity overdone

    Maury is the only talk show I still watch. The rest have gone down hill. Maury is a great host but need to add a little bit of variety to his show. In the past Maury used to deal with a wide variety of issues. Now he mainly focus's on 3 or 4 main issues. I would love to see Maury go back to his former format. I remember when many shows dealt with issues that families and people had to face. Though I feel sorry for many of his guests I find I am feeling more like "why are they sleeping with so many people that they don't know who their baby's father is. Still Maury's demeanor and stage presence is still great.
  • One of the current best talk shows...

    Maury brings variety to his talk show. Aside from the paternity test shows, and relationship secret shows which are the most frequent topics, every now and then Maury will have a different topic. My personal favorites are the makeover shows, Jack Hanna's animal shows, the amazing survivors from different accident shows, and the shows where he has the women who may really be men and the audience guesses throughout the show who they may really be. Of course those particular shows come along not too often, but you can't help getting caught up in one of the "you are not/are the father" shows, and "the lie detector test determined you were not telling the truth." Maury has been on television for more than 20 years and his talk show is still one the best on tv now-a-days.
  • When I don't have school, I always watch Maury.

    I know the paternity test are played out. They do that too much. I don't care if it's real or fake the should do more topics. For example, I use to like the guess if it's a man or woman shows. I use to play my self all time!!! Or those geek to seek makeover and secret crush episodes. Those are always good. I don't like when they have the animals on there with th kids. That's boring to me. I do like those shocking videos episodes. I like when Cheaters comes on there because the always have something ridiculous to show.
  • When it doesn't show baby, cheating cases, it interests me

    Various ep (02-14)
  • Proof of the lies and acting

    I know Monica who was on 12/26/2013 show. She is a lousy actress and the lies she told were hilarious. She is a mother but her children are in jail, juvenile and foster care.
  • A question about the show!

    Can anyone tell me Is Maury still on tv this year?

    If so, can someone please let me know when he is on please? :o)

    I need help, Im a big Aussie fan of Maury's show! :o)
  • Your Great!!

    I love your show Maury!!! I have been watching since you first came on I guess, and love everything you deal with especially the DNA, matters for dead beat dads, and the teens who are out of control... I have teens but i ended up very lucky that mine are so respectful, and wonderful... anyways love your show so much, and thanks Maury!!!! your great!
  • Yup I watch Maury Daily, you just gotta watch Maury it's Funny and off the wall.

    Everyone at least had to see Maury a couple of times because what else is on at that time that you would watch instead of Maury?? just Tune into Maury and you will be entertained and especially when it comes to the parternity Test result shows, they are very funny and really terriable that people don't know who their baby daddy is but since they are on TV I will enjoy the show and laugh along with each and every joke that happens.The only thing we all much watch out for when watching Maury at this time is that it can be interrupted by a News Brief or News update and you will miss the rest of Maury so just a warning for ya'll in my Review.
  • This is a fun show to watch.. My mom tells my to turn the channel when she see\\\'s me watching it.. but hey i know some people that can be on there! hahah my mom makes fun of them with me..AMAZING

    I think this show is very interesting and funny. Muray Povich is the host of his own show and he\\\'s really good at it..I have alot of respect for what he dose and him. His show exploits people of their disabilitys, their apperence, and their problems.(SOUNDS KOOL) haha.. It\\\'s good to turn on the tv and be able to say \\\"thank god that\\\'s not me\\\", thank god i have respect for my self!! What people do on this show is stupid.. I can\\\'t believe little girls are willing to be little whores... sorry about the langauge but i just had to say that.. They have no respect for themselves nor do they have respect for their parents..

  • maury show is the best talk show ever......

    maury has a great show. He helps everyone with there problems. He don\'t have to do what he is doing but he if a carfull man.i wake up every weekday morning and watch his shows at 10:00 am and 12:00pm. I even watch playbacks because maury show never gets boring.
  • maury helps just like oprah!! lol

    ive always had a soft spot for talk shows and maury is def one of my favs when it comes to this type of tv ... its always interesting ot see what maury is gonna talk about coz it always is diff every day ( unless its some type of re run which i hate ) but quite frankly this show isnt as good as jerry springer! i love the fighting but its always funny to hear all the stupid jokes people make at the end to the people up on the stage !!! lol its great def a 10 for funnyness......
  • I wanna send a letter to the maury show but i can't find the address can someone help me and send to email at tasha_chefains420@yahoo i wanna get me and my mother some help we are both over weight she is 35 and i am 15 and we need help.

    Hey everyone reading this,
    IF you know how to get us help please help and send us advice at here is a little about us my mom is 35 about 230lbs blonde hair green eyes and always depressed me i am about 225lbs blonde hair blue eyes and we need help to look hot and beautiful and not only to be that but to feel that way too. please help us send us advice on my email thank you all..........
  • A show about not just pregs like talent shows and real life story.

    I like Maury because he is real and origanl. He's doesn't counsle people (Dr. Phil) he just tries to help people. He is a man of the people. There should be more men out there like him. He's not perfect but he's close to it. I hope that it goes on forever!!
  • maury i want to give my loving and beautiful mother a suprise make over to show her how much i love her and possibly get a make over for my self so my family wont be as ashamed of me and just maybe my mother can be\"QUEEN\" for a day .

    this show rocks and helps people help others to feel good for themselves just wish i could do the same for my mother and my self. she works all the time and never takes time for herself and i think the best deserves the best. i need to get this done for her as a suprise and a gift to let her know i do care.even though i dont show it much now or even in the past and i want this to open up a new and wonderful life as a mother and daughter relationship should be.this would be a great oppurtunity for my mother and i to start over on looks in fasion and maybe start a great relationship to a healthier life to start on a weight loss program together.i feel it would be great if you could do this makeover for my mother and myself .
  • This show is great.

    How can you not like this show? I LOVE those paternity, update, and wild teen episodes. I love it when the women bring the wrong dude to the show and get so embarrased. The updates never let me down. Also, the wild teen episodes... I just wonder why the parents don't put the beatdown on their kids or kick them out of the house for a day or two. Maury isn't as bad as know-it-all Dr. Phil and I'd take him over any news channel any day. Maybe the show isn't as great as the previews let on, but the newer episodes are a lot better than the old ones.
  • Maury Povich uses knocked up teenage sluts and sob stories on a daily basis, yet somehow makes it original everytime.

    I don't know why or how, but there is something addictive to seeing teenage sex-addicts and women who are on their 14th paternity test to finally find out who is "her baby's daddy." While the show sports a 0 in the originality department, it is the ultimate in the guilty pleasure deptartment. To Povich's credit, once in awhile there is a curveball, like the episode in which twins had two different fathers... and get this... they were brothers! But aside fomr these rarities, the show is simply predictable fun poked at white-trash and black stereotypes. Honestly though, could you really expect more from a daytime TV veteran?
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