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  • Maury should be more skeptical.

    In general, I believe that Maury is a sensible person. The vast majority of his topics involve helping people, especially if the problem involves a dispute between two people or parties. This is, in part, because he always has every person involved in the problem on the show; he listens to both sides of the story. (I am essentially talking about paternity cases, but others may apply as well). Bravo! That's a great way to solve a problem. I saw this morning, however, an exception to the show's usual forward moving, positive fashion. It was about hauntings, involving "proof" of ghosts/spirits including pictures and recordings. The first thing I'd like to say is that I'm not trying to influence people's thinking on whether they exist; I am not saying that ghosts don't exist. My problem is that the only evidence given was in favor of the existence of ghosts. There was no discussion, whatsoever, about the possibility that the "proof" may have been unreliable, the product of a coincidence. I am disappointed that Maury naively took his guests' word as fact.