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  • I could tell you next week's lineup for Maury!

    Ok, this is what next week's episodes for Maury: Monday-Tuesday is "You're my Baby's Daddy and I'll Prove It!" Wednesday is "Sex Tapes and Cheaters Exposed!", Thursday is "I'm a Billion Percent Certain You're the Father!" and Friday is going to be "Halloween Drag Queens"! I don't really know the real lineup, but I'm pretty certain that it would look something like this. Maury has become SO predictable and SO annoying that he almost makes Jerry Springer look legit. The guests say the same thing over and over again, "I'm here to prove that Jerome is the father of my three babies and I'm a thousand percent certain that he is the father", and the percentage is slowly increases the more you watch it (if you can tolerate it). The audience act like robots, they cheer for the girl, boo for the guy almost every time and if you pay attention, more often than not the guy is not the father. And don't get me started on the former guests. They just want to be on TV, regardless of how foolish they look. These plots are just so overdone and redundant, someone needs to give Maury new material.