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  • This show has gone downhill

    I used to like this show when it first started, because they used to have different subjects everyday. My favorite topics were: Turn my boy back into a girl, Is it a man, or a woman, Please help my obese child, My mom dresses too sexy, please give her a makeover, Please give my ruggy looking spouce a makeover, and DNA drama. But in the last few years, all they show everyday is DNA drama and cheaters exposed episodes and they play the same episodes over and over again all the time. And it looks like they sometimes show the same couples & situations on different episodes. The thing that cracks me up about the DNA drama is the test being revealed "you are not the father!" and then the women runs back stage, screaming. And alot of those guests are really stupid, like all those women, who are married to men who are denying their kids and they want to stay with them, or women who have ex's that are denying their children and they get back together with these men after the results come back. If some man denied my child, I would divorce him before going for a DNA test