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  • my mom is special

    hi mury my name is Katana i am 15 years old i live in phoenix with my mom and step dad my mom is 45 years old she has had came a long way she has been abuse in so many was as a child which lead her to trying to committed suicide over and over again she was on drugs and alcohol till she turn 41 but still took care of me and my sisters and brothers she has try stopping so many times till she wind up in the hospital and went into a coma for 3 days we never though we would see her clean she put herself into rehab that's where she met my step dad who is wonderful any ways my mom as long as i can remember all ways say she just want to sing in front of people she watch your show everyday she go's to school trying to get her GED so she has the tv to record your show so she wont miss it i can be a hand full at times with everything she is still going through even now with her sickness she want's to be the first black female country singer but she say it would be great to do her first song on your show if you can please help me make just a little part of her dream come true by letting her do a song on your show so i can show her what she mean to me this will be a big surprise for her if so the song would be (why haven't I heard from you) by reba mcentire she sings that a lot my family and her family loves her singing we tell her not to give up on her dream so this is one part of her dream i can make happen but only with your help please respond to this letter even if you can't help he think you for taking time to read this god bless