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  • what is wrong with you people

    I just don't get it. Are the producers of this show that hard up for ratings ? Why would you want to mess with the lives of these beautiful babies? Do you not get it that the results of these DNA mama-daddy shows will effect these children forever? The Mothers of these children should be ashamed of themselves to air their "dirty laundry" on national television. It is your job as a Mother to protect and nourish your children. Quit being so selfish. Take a good look at the big picture here. With all the teasing and bullying and teen suicide going on in our country do you actually believe this won't have an impact on these children s lives? How do you think these children will feel at 16 when his/her friends find out they were on Maury as a baby trying to find out who their bio-Daddy is? This is sick. How can the producers of this show sleep at night knowing there is a possibility of these children being hurt or end their lives over you making a buck... Maury, you once had a very good show, informative and interesting. You need to be more picky at what's in your contract. Your choices cheapen your career and frankly, I am disappointed in your antics as a so called professional. Shame on you too.