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  • Overly used topics, same scenarios, THE MOST ANNOYING AUDIENCE EVER!!

    Ok... While I admit the Maury Show isn't the worst show that I have ever seen, it most certainly is far from a decent show.

    For starter, the topics are WAY over played. Its either DNA tests or cheating lover lie detector tests. While I do believe the DNA testing results, I think the Maury producers throw a little bit of extra in there. Just about ever scenario is the same. The majority of the guest look fake or put on. As for the lie detector results, those arent even admissable in court, let alone believing anything that comes from the quacks on the Maury show.

    P.S. The Maury Show has the most rudest, disrespectful, ignorant audience...EVER! I find it hilarious the way some of the audience members act when the camera man briefly rolls the camera in their direction. They literally look like a bunch of caged monkeys. I would be so embarassed if I was sitting in the audience. I get tired of hearing all the "boos" just trying to watch the show on tv.