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  • The King of Chaos

    Given the illusion of re-upholstered chairs that'd been constantly thrashed about from men breakdancing like ignorant jackasses while the women run and begin to convulse like a damn seizure patient after hearing the 5 dreadful words: "You are NOT the father" That is a typical day at the Maury Show.

    Maury portrays himself as a kind, caring man who wants to help out people in need, but in reality, he's a heartless, disgusting piece of shit, to say the least. The only kind of help he gives out is perpetuating stereotypes of blacks, whites, and Hispanics.

    Watching the show on a day to day basis, you're most likely going to hear about an illiterate, ghetto trash named "insert ridiculous name here" who claims that "insert ridiculous male name here" is the father of "insert ridiculous name for innocent child here". The feisty ghetto trash tells the unintelligent imbeciles (AKA the audience) of how he's a deadbeat daddy and she's a 1000% percent sure that he's the father. The man tells his side of the story, but automatically as he steps on stage he's booed relentlessly while occasionally some men retaliate by sticking up his middle finger or cursing back; both tactics firing up the audiences. Maury welcomes the male shaking his hand like a weak old lady and he and his so-called girlfriend argue for about 5 mins before Maury "calms things down". Plot twist: he then makes a remark that starts the fire again, while sitting back with a huge grin drawn on his face. He finally shouts "THE RESULTS ARE IN" riling up the hungry crowd and one of two things happen: if the man is NOT the father, the women will either convulse on the floor, or run backstage crying on the "sob couch", while the man jumps around like a damn fool. Maury goes backstage to comfort the lying whore and promises her that they'll find the father of her baby. If he is the father, the woman will berate the man, and he makes a bullshit comment about how he's going to be a good dad.

    The reality of it is the fact that the kid is going to end up as a stripper or a criminal; there's honestly no future for that innocent baby.

    The second topic usually deals with out-of-control teens who wanna have a baby. Now, maybe I feel for this, because I myself is a teen, but mainly because Maury vilifies the children. Allowing the audience to savagely boo at the kid like an untrained beast. but the little side note most people don't remember is that they're still kids, while the mother is crying like a pathetic bitch. (Side note for the pathetic excuses for parents: " It's called discipline! If you used that, then your teen doesn't have to be hauled off to boot camp!" Watching episodes like this, you will NEVER hear Maury ask them why they act out like the way they do, rather just grin like a smartass and give half-assed remarks about how they're gonna get pregnant or contract an STD. Later in the program, the teens are hauled into a van, and scared back into civility; all in the convenience of an hour.

    The third most common topic deals with cheating spouses. Usually it's the man accused of cheating on the woman and the crowd boos him (yeah it's boring and pathetic). Anywho, Maury usually sends a sexy decoy (AKA a whore Maury paid to seduce men, then turns around and acts as if she has any morals) and everytime the guy always ends up kissing the whore, or perhaps even go further as to touch/kiss her breasts, neck, etc. regardless, 9 times out of ten, the ***ed woman takes him back, only to come back to the show for the second time. (Third plot twist, Maury tries to coach the woman to take back her cheating spouse, because if he actually bothered to solve the actual problem, then he wouldn't have business. Shit like this is what keeps him around. That detestable sludge).

    There's also some less common topics like obese toddlers, am I a man or a woman, and deformed people.

    Ok, apparently some parents think it's a good idea to exploit their obese babies on tv instead of get professional help? Nice parenting, oh and btw of you pay close attention Maury taunts the kids by trying to make them run around the stage and whatnot, or to life their arms. Real low, even for you, Povich.

    Am I a man or woman? I can't imagine how hurt someone would be hurt after the audience continually claims that they are a man when they really are a woman. There's not much to say about that topic, other than the fact that it's unecessesary and downright pathetic.

    Lastly, the deformed people. Now this, destroys any ounce of respect I'd ever have for this bastard. Displaying all these people like as if they're monsters, and asks them what kinda names they're called, like why in the hell would you do that? It's hard enough stepping outside without awkward glances, and now you want to run salt into their wounds?

    So, what have we learned?

    1. There seems to be an anti-male aura in the audience.

    2. The audience with ALWAYS side with the women, no matter how trashy and degrading they are ( the crying always wins their hearts over).

    3. The children involved in the drama won't have a promising future, most likely a stripper, or a criminal and end up on the same show to find out whom the child's father is ( never ending wheel of shame, and hopelessness).

    4. People will still be brainwashed into the idea that Maury cares about the dysfunctional families, while he's making money off of their pain and suffering. Yes, people can argue that it's their fault that they came to the show, but the main focus is that even with the (right) intentions, they're still showing their raunchy lives for all of America to see. It's really a lose-lose situations.

    Bonus: This is actually worse than Jerry Springer. You know what the shows intentions are, and consenting redneck hillbillies have no problem brawling on the show. Maury Provides false hope, and just continues to shape Trash TV.