Season 4 Episode 7

A Bullet For The Teacher

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Oct 30, 1960 on ABC
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A Bullet For The Teacher

Framed for murder, Beau Maverick flees St. Joseph, Missouri and heads west to the New Mexico territory hoping to find the pretty saloon singer who actually pulled the trigger. He finds her in Garnet, posing as a very popular schoolteacher.

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      • Beau: Oh, I'm afraid it's a little bit early for me, Rand.
        Rand: Nonsense, Maverick. You're not afraid of drinkin' your own liquor, are you? Or is champagne too rich for your taste?
        Beau: I just don't wanna drink up all the profits, that's all.

      • Beau: Do I get 50% of Luke, too?
        Rand: If you want a share of the liabilities. For 20 years Luke has been jealous of me and this place. (scoffs) Now he can turn 50% of his jealousy on you.

      • Rand: And just for the record, Maverick, our partnership does not include articles like Miss Baker.

      • Flo: Did you ever hear the word knock, Mr. Storm?
        Rand: There's nothin' to get excited about, Flo.
        Flo: That's right. Nothing at all, Mr. Storm, and there isn't going to be. Is that clear?
        Rand: Now look here, I hired you …
        Flo: To sing. You'd better read our contract. There aren't any extra clauses in it.

      • Flo: (pulls out gun) I'm warning you.
        : (laughing) What a cute little popgun. Does it really shoot? I like girls with a lotta fire.
        (Rand drunkenly gropes Flo)
        Flo: Let go of me! (the gun go off)
        Rand: (staggering) Well, what do ya know? It does shoot.

      • Beau: It's an odd place for a school, isn't it?
        Burch: We don't think so. It's what ya learn that counts, not where.
        Beau: You have a point, my friend. A saloon is sometimes more of a school than most folks realize.

      • Burch: If this your business in Garnett, Maverick, you'll soon wear out your welcome.
        Beau: This is just a pastime.
        Burch: Is that right? Then what's your business?
        Beau: Ephrim, a man can't play poker and talk shop at the same time. (deals cards) It's dealer's choice, draw, jacks or better.

      • Burch (about Flo): For the last time, Maverick, you keep away from her. We had a hard time gettin' a teacher like her.
        Beau: I can believe that.

      • Flo: I don't owe you a thing. You never did anything for me.
        Beau: Do you want to be responsible for my death too?
        Flo: Don't be melodramatic, Mr. Maverick. You don't have any evidence against me. I ran off, that's all. And my cousin isn't going to press charges against, uh, my impersonating her here, she detests notoriety.
        Beau: You can't be that cold-blooded.
        Flo: I can choose between my neck and yours.

      • Beau: I can tell Ephrim Burch the facts.
        Flo: My word against yours. Wanna make a bet on who he would believe?
        Beau: Dear teacher, the word is whom.

      • Flo (to Walter): Junior, back to your ABCs. I'm not teachin' you the birds and the bees.

      • Flo: What are you trying to do, Maverick, soften me up?
        Beau: You're doing that to yourself already.
        Flo: I can't do what you want. I'm not that kind of person. I … I don't have the courage.

      • Flo: You're the professional gambler, Mr. Maverick. Anytime I've gambled, I've lost.

      • Burch: I thought I told you fella's not to raise another ruckus. (see's Reardon is shot) Man, you're in bad shape.
        Beau: Needs medical attention. You're everything else, you don't happen to be a doctor, do you?

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