Season 4 Episode 7

A Bullet For The Teacher

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Oct 30, 1960 on ABC



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    • Beau: Oh, I'm afraid it's a little bit early for me, Rand.
      Rand: Nonsense, Maverick. You're not afraid of drinkin' your own liquor, are you? Or is champagne too rich for your taste?
      Beau: I just don't wanna drink up all the profits, that's all.

    • Beau: Do I get 50% of Luke, too?
      Rand: If you want a share of the liabilities. For 20 years Luke has been jealous of me and this place. (scoffs) Now he can turn 50% of his jealousy on you.

    • Rand: And just for the record, Maverick, our partnership does not include articles like Miss Baker.

    • Flo: Did you ever hear the word knock, Mr. Storm?
      Rand: There's nothin' to get excited about, Flo.
      Flo: That's right. Nothing at all, Mr. Storm, and there isn't going to be. Is that clear?
      Rand: Now look here, I hired you …
      Flo: To sing. You'd better read our contract. There aren't any extra clauses in it.

    • Flo: (pulls out gun) I'm warning you.
      : (laughing) What a cute little popgun. Does it really shoot? I like girls with a lotta fire.
      (Rand drunkenly gropes Flo)
      Flo: Let go of me! (the gun go off)
      Rand: (staggering) Well, what do ya know? It does shoot.

    • Beau: It's an odd place for a school, isn't it?
      Burch: We don't think so. It's what ya learn that counts, not where.
      Beau: You have a point, my friend. A saloon is sometimes more of a school than most folks realize.

    • Burch: If this your business in Garnett, Maverick, you'll soon wear out your welcome.
      Beau: This is just a pastime.
      Burch: Is that right? Then what's your business?
      Beau: Ephrim, a man can't play poker and talk shop at the same time. (deals cards) It's dealer's choice, draw, jacks or better.

    • Burch (about Flo): For the last time, Maverick, you keep away from her. We had a hard time gettin' a teacher like her.
      Beau: I can believe that.

    • Flo: I don't owe you a thing. You never did anything for me.
      Beau: Do you want to be responsible for my death too?
      Flo: Don't be melodramatic, Mr. Maverick. You don't have any evidence against me. I ran off, that's all. And my cousin isn't going to press charges against, uh, my impersonating her here, she detests notoriety.
      Beau: You can't be that cold-blooded.
      Flo: I can choose between my neck and yours.

    • Beau: I can tell Ephrim Burch the facts.
      Flo: My word against yours. Wanna make a bet on who he would believe?
      Beau: Dear teacher, the word is whom.

    • Flo (to Walter): Junior, back to your ABCs. I'm not teachin' you the birds and the bees.

    • Flo: What are you trying to do, Maverick, soften me up?
      Beau: You're doing that to yourself already.
      Flo: I can't do what you want. I'm not that kind of person. I … I don't have the courage.

    • Flo: You're the professional gambler, Mr. Maverick. Anytime I've gambled, I've lost.

    • Burch: I thought I told you fella's not to raise another ruckus. (see's Reardon is shot) Man, you're in bad shape.
      Beau: Needs medical attention. You're everything else, you don't happen to be a doctor, do you?

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