Season 3 Episode 15

A Cure For Johnny Rain

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Dec 20, 1959 on ABC
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A Cure For Johnny Rain

After saving Maverick's life, Johnny Rain is arrested for robbing a stagecoach. When Bret comes to his rescue he becomes entangled in a plot that involves a case of split personality, a conniving dance hall wench, and a tin-horn gambler.

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Dolores Donlon

Dolores Donlon

Millie Reid

Guest Star

John Vivyan

John Vivyan

Tinhorn / Sam

Guest Star

Thomas Browne Henry

Thomas Browne Henry

Mayor Pembroke H. Hadley

Guest Star

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    • Pappyism: Gentlemen don't haggle over money.

    • Bret: I wasn't going anywhere in particular at that time, except maybe into bankruptcy. In the last town, I'd put all my faith into two pair, and three tiny little deuces had wrecked my faith - and my bankroll.

    • Johnny: That bandito, mister, he take anything from you?
      Bret: Nope, as a matter of fact, I came out a little bit ahead.
      Johnny: Strange fellow, that robber. Now I hate stealin', but from what they tell me, he never hurts any of his passengers or takes any of their personal belongin's. Now, don't that beat all?
      Bret: Oh, a very common kind: gunman with a heart of gold, the code of the West, honor among thieves, that sort of thing.

    • Bret: You don't care for liquor?
      Johnny: Well … it's got a tendency to give me the cobbly-wobbles, makes me kinda fuzzy. The worst thing is - once I start, I can't stop. But I promised my girl I'd drink, so I gotta.
      Bret: You promised her you would drink?
      Johnny: She says when her old man was on the wagon, he used to beat up on her mother. It's left its mark on her.
      Bret: A few on her mother too, I suspect.

    • Bret (looking at Millie, the bargirl): She's your girl?
      Johnny: Yeah, we got an understandin' that one of these days we're gonna reach an understandin'. But she takes a big interest in me.
      Bret: Like seeing you don't neglect your drinkin'?

    • Johnny: I tried to join the posse that was out lookin' for me.

    • Mayor Hadley: You'll, uh, need the proper authority to perform your job, so you'd better put this on. (hands Bret a badge
      )Bret: Well, you're not making me sheriff?
      Mayor Hadley: You got something against it?
      Bret: Well, naturally, I'm on the side of the law, as a rule. But authority has a tendency to weigh me down.
      Mayor Hadley: How does bein' a deputy affect your weight?
      Bret: It's less of a burden, I might be able to bear up under that.

    • Sam: You wouldn't be trying to cross me up, would ya?
      Nellie: Cross you up? Why, Sam, you know you can trust me.
      Sam: About as much as you trust me. You wouldn't be makin' any plans with that farm boy?
      Nellie: Ridiculous.
      Sam: Hmm. Maybe so, maybe not.
      Nellie: Sam, what do we see in each other?
      Sam: What does one rattlesnake see in another rattlesnake?

    • Johnny: You the sheriff now?
      Bret: Oh, uh, just a deputy sheriff, and that's just temporary. It's the only badge the Mayor had on him.
      Johnny: Well, that's wonderful. All my life I had the ambition to be a lawman and wear a pointy badge over my heart. Maybe 'fore they trim that tree for me, they'll let me put on that shiny little hunk a noble tin just once to get the feel for it.
      Bret: I think you'd make a fine sheriff, Johnny - off and on.

    • Bret: You remember all that now?
      Johnny: Any reason I shouldn't? I got a pretty good memory.
      Bret: Then you must remember all the other hold-ups you did? Of course, you recall where you hid the, the "gross receipts" from those occasions.
      Johnny: You mean the loot.
      Bret: The loot.
      Johnny: Of course.
      Bret: Well, isn't that nice?

    • Bret: What's the matter?
      Johnny: Oh, my stomach. All that scamper juice I drank last night, it's arguin' back at me.
      Bret: Well, I think I got the cure for it. A little hair of the dog that bit you.
      Johnny (turns down bottle): No, no. No, sir. I drink a hair of that dog, I end up with a whole kennel inside me.

    • Sam: Are you acquainted with blackjack?
      Bret: We've met.

    • Johnny: Mr. Maverick, she never loved me at all.
      Bret: Well, I had a dim suspicion that she wasn't exactly head over heels.

    • Johnny: Come on, Mr. Maverick. I know a shortcut. We'll head 'em off at the pass!
      Bret: What'd you say?
      Johnny: I said "We'll head 'em off at the pass."
      Bret: That's what I thought you said.

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