Season 3 Episode 11

A Fellow's Brother

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Nov 22, 1959 on ABC
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A Fellow's Brother
Bret gets framed for murder in a scheme that was designed to frame someone else.

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      • Pappyism: It's not how fast you draw that counts, it's what you draw and when you draw.

      • Bret: Miss Vaughn, any time you want to find out how fast a man can run, lend him money.

      • Bret: Well, I'm only worth $500 and the cash is worth five thousand.
        Smoky: Huh?
        Bret: The Sheriff thought I'd lead him to the money, so I let him think so.
        Smoky: Oh, I see.
        Bret: It pays sometimes to sit and wait, Smoky. You oughta try it.

      • Bret: Why tell me? I got no business with Jed Haynes.
        Cowboy: Not much you ain't. After gunnin' down his brother Elsworth in Red Rock.
        Bret: I'll check to the pat hand.
        Gambler: Cost you ten to see this hand
        Bret: Oh, your ten, raise you twenty.
        Gambler: You drew three cards?
        Bret: That's right.
        Cowboy: Mister, maybe you didn't hear me. Jed Haynes is mighty riled. A man's brother gets gunned down he's got to do somethin' about it.
        Bret: Yeah. Would you excuse us, friend, we're playin' cards.

      • Holly: A man is coming here to kill you!
        Bret (counting his poker winnings): So I hear.
        Holly: You men. You and your code. Like a lot of silly schoolboys trying to prove how brave you are. Well, it isn't bravery, it's stupidity, viciousness and selfishness! No thought for the women who are left behind while you're out slaughtering each other. And for what? Pride. Stupid, silly pride. A man is coming here to kill you! Why, why must you stay here and face him?
        Bret: Who's staying?

      • Smoky: You didn't mean those evil things you were sayin'.
        Bret: What evil things?
        Smoky: Well, about your brother.
        Bret: Didn't I?
        Smoky: No, you was just jokin'.
        Bret: What makes you so sure?
        Smoky: Well, because you're a pal; and well, a pal wouldn't talk like that.
        Bret: That seems logical. You know, Smoky, I have an idea that no matter what I say or do, you'd never lose faith in me.
        Smoky: Well, of course not, 'cause …
        Bret: I'm your pal.

      • Sheriff: Just what is your game, Maverick?
        Bret: I just thought we oughta have an understanding, Sheriff. Now you show your good faith by releasing me and I'll show you mine by bringing in the money - if I locate it.
        Sheriff: Hmm, I don't know.
        Bret: All right then, lock me up, see what good that does you.
        Sheriff: Alright, Maverick, it's a deal. We do it your way.
        Bret: You gotta give me your word, though. When I bring the money in - no questions, just give me the reward and-and none of this accessory nonsense.

      • Smoky: Well, who did Jed Haynes kill?
        Bret: I don't have any idea.
        Smoky: I'm sure glad it wasn't your brother. Oh, I just couldn't believe that you'd take his murder so casual. 'Cause you know when a fellow's brother's killed it's up to the fellow's brother to get the fellow that killed the fellow's brother.
        Bret: I've heard that.

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