Season 3 Episode 22

A Flock of Trouble

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Feb 14, 1960 on ABC
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A Flock of Trouble
Bret wins a sheep ranch located in the midst of cattle ranchers whose sole aim is to wipe out both the sheep and their new owner.

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      • Coley: Then we've got a deal?
        Bret: All right.
        Coley: Good. I'll sign it. And you'll keep quiet about this?
        Bret: Quiet? Like a fly walkin' on a fresh peach.

      • Jensen: Maverick. Heh. Sounds like cow people.
        Bret: That's right. Well, I am now.
        Jensen: But them was cow people up there that was shootin' at ya. Think I'll just call you Jesse till I find out a little more.
        Bret: Well, didn't I notice lead flyin' at me from here too?
        Jensen: Well, likely they thought you was one of us. We thought you was one of them.
        Bret: Just who is everybody? And what is that smell?
        Jensen: Smell? (sniffs) Must be this deal ya made with Big Coley.

      • Jensen: We licked 'em today, we can lick 'em tomorrow.
        Bret: Without gunpowder?
        Jensen: Well, there's plenty a rocks up there, and we got our hands.
        Bret: And weak stomachs. I never could stand the sight of blood, especially mine.

      • Cain (sniffs): Stranger in town?
        Bret: So far.
        Cain : Ain't much, uh, room around here for rollin' stones.
        Bret: Not even if they don't gather any moss?

      • Dee: We can't turn our backs on a range inspector just because he dresses like a dude and his, uh, clothes smell a sheep.
        Bret: Uh, no more than I could turn my back on a pretty girl just because she dresses like a boy and her clothes smell of cattle.
        Scott: Drinks are on ya there, Dee. Set 'em up. You, uh, you agree then, Howitzer, that this new sheep owner, Maverick, should be wiped out?
        Bret: Well, I can't speak officially, of course, but, uh, if I were in your shoes I wouldn't like to be in his.

      • Scott: To Mr. Maverick, who will find that lightening can strike twice in the same place.
        Bret: That's just what my Pappy said as he looked down my brother Bart's cradle.

      • Scott: All right, dude, you gonna hide behind a woman's skirts?
        Bret: Anytime, if she was wearin' skirts.

      • Scott: I don't pay no taxes for him to buy flowers for my girl.
        Dee: That's the way they do things in Washington. He makes a lady feel at least there's more to her face than a sombrero and a sunburn. He's a gentleman.
        Scott: No, he ain't. He's a wolf … with sheep in his clothing.

      • Bret: How much ammunition we got?
        Jensen: Well, one box a shells for three guns … and them knives. (picks up metal skillet)
        Bret: What's that for?
        Jensen: Infightin'. Ain't you never been married?
        Bret: No. (gunfire begins) And it looks like a pleasure I'm gonna miss.

      • Jensen: Traffic around here is busier 'an a rabbit in love.
        Bret: That's the kinda traffic we like, pop. That's the money comin'.

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