Season 3 Episode 6

A Tale of Three Cities

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Oct 18, 1959 on ABC

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  • Bart is robbed at gunpoint by a beautiful damsel in distress, teams up with a straight-laced sheriff, and saves the day while getting the girl, as usual.

    This top-notch episode has it all. Bart find himself in hot water with the sheriff of Gold Flats after he first wins $800 from the town mayor, then is immediately robbed at gunpoint by a "shapely young lady" who is clearly not used to a life of crime. After being expelled from Gold Flats as a vagrant, he naturally runs into the young lady in question soon enough. She is a resident of the straight-laced town of Brotherly, and Bart soon finds himself offering to help her with a certain gambling debt incurred by her father. (She is very shapely, after all, and not a career criminal.) This is among the more humorous episodes, and is loaded with witty tidbits of dialog. E.g.:
    Stephanie: Bart! I don't want you to get hurt!
    Bart: That must be why I'm so fond of you. We have so much in common.
    The writers draw a nice contrast between the two sheriffs of Gold Flats and Brotherly, and the "by-the-book" Sheriff Hardy of Brotherly is skillfully drawn by the writers as a fully three-dimensional character. Viewers will be pleased with this fine entry.
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