Season 5 Episode 5

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Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Nov 26, 1961 on ABC

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  • Bart reunites with his old friend, Doc Holliday, in a delightfully funny episode about the various ways to get money from a bank.

    Bart wins a bank in this deliciously humorous episode which sees him reunited with his old friend, Doc Holliday. Everyone thinks bank owner Major Sims is crazy to "bet the bank", but as usual, there's an unexpected twist. One of the funniest scenes is entirely outside the story line, featuring Doc Holliday waxing (pompously) philosophical about "growing up". His audience is a charmingly clueless dance hall girl named Holly, who simply interjects "Sure, honey" or something similar at appropriate intervals. Bart is delighted to find his friend in town - until he learns that Doc plans to marry a sweet young thing who happens to be an employee of his bank! This situation inspires a typically witty exchange between the two anti-heroes:

    Doc: Would you care to be my best man?
    Bart: Stand around and watch you sell yourself? Uh-uh.
    Doc: Think of it as I do. Think of it as a … dowry instead of an outright sale. You know, marrying into a bank is like acquiring an annuity.
    Bart: Doctor, how do you expect to get your fingers on the money?
    Doc: Well, I'll juggle the books, or the young lady, whichever is easiest.
    Bart: So, Doc Holliday is going to marry for money.
    Doc: Now, why do you make it sound so crass, Bart? I asked you to be my best man, not my conscience.

    The episode is also filled with sly humor about the many "legal" ways there are to cheat people out of their money if you happen to be in control of a bank. This is a top-notch episode which will appeal especially to fans who love the witty banter that suffuses the funniest episodes.