Season 1 Episode 3

According To Hoyle

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Oct 06, 1957 on ABC



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    • Pappyism: Faint heart never filled a flush.

    • Pappyism: Man's the only animal you can skin more than once.

    • Samantha: I think there's an expression in poker, "I'll tap you", Mr. Maverick.

    • Samantha: Mr. Maverick? You had quite a run of bad luck.
      Bret: Maybe I played badly.
      Samantha: Well, that isn't sayin' much for my ability.
      Bret: You're a bad poker player, Miss Crawford.
      Samantha: Why I expected you to be a good loser.
      Bret: Is anyone? No one likes to lose.
      Samantha: Especially to a woman, huh?
      Bret: Your sex has nothing to do with your poker. Two times you bet into my possible straight - and raised me.
      Samantha: Perhaps I guessed you were bluffin' - and you were.

    • Bret: (voiceover) New Orleans, a real fine place to be - when you've got some money in your pocket. I hadn't.

    • Bret: We don't want you in the game, Mr. Riggs.
      Riggs: You and me meet before?
      Bret: Indirectly. You're Joe Riggs. I watched you in a game in Wagon Wheel, Wyoming.
      Riggs: So?
      Bret: It was in your place, The Golden Bucket. It was a crooked game.
      Riggs: You're not a very careful talker.
      Bret: But careful who sits in a game with me.

    • Samantha: Uh, gentlemen before we begin, I'd like one thing clearly understood. Now, as we did before, we play according to Hoyle?
      Bret: You make quite a point of it.
      Samantha: Well, (laughs softly) it's a man's world, men make the rules. I haven't any objection to that as long as they all abide by them equally.

    • Bret: I'm sorry … but you played poker with me - do you think I cheat?
      Samantha: No.
      Bret: I remember George Cross. He played good cards badly and bad cards worse.
      Samantha: Well, you took his money.
      Bret: Yes, but believe me, I never played in a game with anyone I didn't think could afford to lose.

    • Bret: There's a man on the boat named Joe Riggs - you know him?
      Samantha: No.
      Bret: Owns a brace joint in Wagon Wheel, Wyoming - never played a straight deck in his life.
      Samantha: So?
      Bret: A man like that doesn't deserve to live as well as he does.
      Samantha: You don't like him, is that it?
      Bret: I believe I would've put it stronger. I was once tempted to give the people in Wagon Wheel an honest game, but … it meant staying too long in one place so I moved on. I propose a partnership, Miss Crawford - you and I … only I haven't got a nickel.
      Samantha: Oh, well, uh, that makes it a little one-sided.

    • Samantha: Only a woman could've pulled that Hoyle trick and gotten away with it - (affects southern accent she's been faking with Bret) a lady with my Southern charm. I want my share!
      Cross: You got it - and you gave it and more to Maverick.
      Samantha: All right, I'll go to Mr. Maverick - tell him the whole thing.
      Cross: That it was a scheme to make a sucker out of him? Oh, he'll love you for that, Samantha. He'll tie that money up in a red ribbon, put it right in your hands - and then thank you for making him look like an idiot. (laughs) Oh, you aced yourself right down the river, honey.

    • McComb: (about Samantha) She's got to be Irish with a face like that. She's an angel, but an angel.
      Bret: Play poker with her sometime.

    • Riggs: Boys tellin' me a lotta gaming equipment came in this morning - yours?
      Bret: Didn't your boys tell you that?
      Riggs: They didn't have to. Now that I see you, I can add two and two together.
      Bret: It'll never come out four - not the way you deal.
      Riggs: You kept me outta that game on the boat, but here in Wagon Wheel, I run the table.

    • Ma Braus: You're just wastin' your time, son. You can talk till you're blue in the face. I don't hold with gamblin', drinkin' or them that does.
      Bret: I never drink, Ma.
      Ma Braus: But you gamble.
      Bret: Only honestly.
      Ma Braus: Gamblin's gamblin'.
      Bret: Don't you wanna see Joe Riggs closed up?
      Ma Braus: Oh, the devil'll get him someday.
      Bret: I'd like to help.
      Ma Braus: The devil does plenty of business in this town and don't need you!

    • Cross: I waited a long time to get even with you - and I did it. Nobody ever cheated me and got away with it.
      Bret: And nobody ever called me a cheat and got away with it.

    • Bret: Now don't feel too bad, gentlemen. Mr. Riggs uses only the newest and best marked cards. You could study 'em for a week and not find anything if you didn't know what to look for. Now let's take a look at the Pharaoh set-up - or do we have to? And that roulette! How much did you pay for that rigged roulette wheel?

  • Notes

    • Pappyisms : In this episode, we see the show taking its first turn towards comedy and also get to hear Bret spout the first "Pappyism" of the series. Pappyisms were often witty and always insightful words of advice on life, love and the human condition given to the Maverick boys by their father.

    • This episode marked the first of four appearances for Diane Brewster as conwoman Samantha Crawford. She had earlier played the same character in an episode of Cheyenne entitled The Dark Rider.

    • Tol Avery makes his first of seven Maverick appearances, joining Gerald Mohr and Gage Clarke as the series' most frequent male guest stars. As here, playing George Cross, Avery was invariably cast as a wealthy, powerful, corrupt, but ultimately inept, "heavy".

    • When Samantha says "I'll tap you, Mr. Maverick.", she is forcing him to go "all in" or fold. To "tap" someone in a "no limit" poker game is to bet every penny your opponent has. It's a "gentleman's rule" - as opposed to "buying the pot" by betting more than your opponent has.

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