Season 2 Episode 3

Alias Bart Maverick

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Oct 05, 1958 on ABC
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Bart meets a gentleman after his own heart who then skips town with his money and leaves him to face a murder rap and the man-hungry female Cindy Lou Brown.

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  • Two anti-heroes are better than one!

    Bart meets a "soul-brother" in the person of Gentleman Jack Darby, with the predictable outcome of a series of elaborate but more-or-less friendly double-crosses. Darby's lovely erstwhile girlfriend, Cindy, provides the fulcrum for the story, in which the two anti-heroes end up competing to do what Maverick always seems to do; make it all come out right in the end. (In this case the end is literally based in fairy tale.) The cowardly and ethically challenged town sheriff makes both Darby and Maverick look good by comparison, while the evil gang of Plummer brothers, and the murderous Indians, make them look positively saintly, especially in Cindy's adoring eyes. The usual clever repartee prevails, and fans will not be disappointed.moreless
Richard Reeves

Richard Reeves

Rafe Plummer

Guest Star

Charlie Briggs

Charlie Briggs

Little Jeb Plummer

Guest Star

Jack Lomas

Jack Lomas


Guest Star

Arlene Howell

Arlene Howell

Cindy Lou Brown

Recurring Role

Richard Long

Richard Long

Gentleman Jack Darby

Recurring Role

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    • Mayor: Well then, don't make much sense for me to risk my 700 against your 20, does it?
      Darby: Correction, Mayor, my 700.
      Mayor: Not no more. Anyway, case I was tempted, we got another rule. No professional gamblers allowed in town on Sunday.
      Darby: Tell me, how long has that rule been in effect?
      Mayor: Just thought of it. But, most of the town council's right here. How about it gents? All those in favor, raise your hands. (Mayor bangs on the table with his gun and all but Darby raise their hands ) Rule ratified. Well, five minutes more, it'll be Sunday. That's just about how long you've got to get out of town.

    • Darby: What seems to be the trouble?
      Sheriff: Them, that's what - the Plummers... Alvie, Rafe, Clem, Luke and Little Jeb - all in town at the same time.
      Darby: Plummers?
      Sheriff: Yeah. One's bad enough, two's terrible, three's disastrous, four is a calamity, but five!
      Darby: Well, if they're such troublemakers, why don't you just go over there and arrest them - put 'em in jail.
      Sheriff: : Jail? That's about the only place in town where it's safe!

    • Sheriff: Well, glory be - they're leavin'! Uh-oh - all but Little Jeb. Well, he's the best of the lot. What I mean is, if we were talkin' about people, he'd be the worst, but talkin' about Plummers, well, he ain't so bad.

    • Darby: Where's the money?
      Sheriff: The money? You mean to tell me that you accept money for turnin' in a friend?
      Darby: Yes.

    • Sheriff: How do you spell your last name, Darby?
      Bart: M-a-v-e-r-i-c-k.
      Sheriff: That don't even make sense.

    • Little Jeb: Hey, you ain't quittin' while you winnin'!
      Darby: 'Course I am.
      Little Jeb: Sit down and deal.
      Darby: Now, see here, my friend. If a man couldn't quit till he's losing, very few men would play poker.
      Little Jeb: There ain't no slick-haired, cold footed, quick fingered card sharp steppin' out of no game with more than 26 hundred dollars of mostly my money.
      Darby: Nonsense, you must learn to gamble for pleasure, never for profit. Enjoy a game of cards for its relaxation, its pleasant associations. Never play to win.
      Little Jeb: I don't play to lose, mister. Now suppose you just sit down and deal 'fore I nail your yellow hide to the wall.

    • Rafe Plummer: Happen you'd been on the job, he wouldn't be dead no how. So we just dropped by to tell ya, if that pink-eyed, sheep headed, trick wasted killer gets away from us, we're comin' back for you, Sheriff.

    • Bart: I always keep a little mad money tucked in the linin' of my coat, Sheriff. And I'm mad.

    • Horace: Take my word, Mister, you'd be better off goin' just the opposite way from what he took. Ain't nothin' between here and Deadwood but three days ride, four Plummer boys and three thousand unfriendly Ingins.

    • Bart: You're gonna tie me up?
      Darby: Well, I'll be leaving you a rifle. I wouldn't want you to use it on me.
      Bart: Well, that's very good of you. I always feel a lot safer standing off Indians while I'm tied to a tree.

    • Cindy: Now what are they up to?
      Bart: I don't know, but I think they're talkin' about girls.
      Cindy: Indians? I thought all they ever did was fight and hunt.
      Bart: Some of 'em hunt for girls.

    • Bart: Darby's here.
      Cindy: Where?
      Bart: That's my horse.
      Cindy: Bart, you gonna kill him?
      Bart: Why should I? I like that horse.

    • Darby: It's all a tragic mistake, but I don't intend to let it go uncorrected. If it takes the rest of my life I'm going to clear my good name.
      Bart: Which one?

    • Bart: Tell me your secret, Darby. How do you go through all this and stay so neat?

    • Bart: That's one thing I learned about Jack - he will cheat ya out of anything he can owe ya.
      Cindy: Well, I reckon there's just one Gentleman Jack Darby.
      Bart: No, not exactly. There are two - the other one's Dandy Jim Buckley.
      Cindy: Who's he?
      Bart: Never mind, we got enough trouble with just one of 'em.
      Cindy: Yeah, reckon the two of us wouldn't be out here if it wasn't for him.
      Bart: Now that's the only nice thing he ever did for me.

    • Cindy: Oh, what do you take me for? A fibber?
      Bart: Oh, no ma'am. Your trouble is trippin' over the truth.

  • NOTES (1)


    • The baddies in this episode are named Plummer which was the same last name of the baddies in the classic 1939 western Stagecoach.