Season 2 Episode 3

Alias Bart Maverick

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Oct 05, 1958 on ABC

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  • Two anti-heroes are better than one!

    Bart meets a "soul-brother" in the person of Gentleman Jack Darby, with the predictable outcome of a series of elaborate but more-or-less friendly double-crosses. Darby's lovely erstwhile girlfriend, Cindy, provides the fulcrum for the story, in which the two anti-heroes end up competing to do what Maverick always seems to do; make it all come out right in the end. (In this case the end is literally based in fairy tale.) The cowardly and ethically challenged town sheriff makes both Darby and Maverick look good by comparison, while the evil gang of Plummer brothers, and the murderous Indians, make them look positively saintly, especially in Cindy's adoring eyes. The usual clever repartee prevails, and fans will not be disappointed.