Season 4 Episode 30

Benefit Of The Doubt

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Apr 09, 1961 on ABC



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    • McGavin: Now, so long as Holly made me acting Deputy Sheriff, Zindler, we're gonna do things my way. Now, I'll get him to talk. If I can't make him talk, I'll give him to you.
      Zindler: It'll be a pleasure.

    • Brent: Forty dollars a month buys a lot of patience, doesn't it, Sheriff?

    • Roscoe: Hey, pilgrim, wake up. This is where I leave you.
      Brent: Aren't you just a little premature?
      Roscoe: Well, maybe I am, but this is as far as they paid for your ride. Hop down.
      Brent: Why, those no-good, cheap tinhorn gamblers
      Roscoe: Seems like a smart-lookin' feller like you would know when a practical joke's bein' pulled on him.

    • Brent: You know, you'd have been better off if you'd taken up undertaking.
      Bert: I did. Gave it up when a fella once sat up in his coffin.

    • Bert (kneeling next to his dead friend): Well, as I always say, one bullet's as good as another.

    • Bert: You think fast, don't you?
      Brent: Well, I like to land on my feet with a coin stuck between my toes.

    • McGavin: Now, uh, Mavis, honey, what's wrong with me now that there ain't no more competition?
      Mavis: Nothin', I guess. You're just the kind of doormat a woman would love to wipe her feet on.

    • Mavis: You got another offer?
      Brent: McGavin.
      Emily: You do business with him and you'll end up horizontal.

    • Brent: At this point I'm so tired I'm breathin' from memory.

    • Mavis: You better trust me, mister.
      Brent: Right now, I wouldn't trust my grandmother.

    • Brent: Honey, I quit believin' in Mother Goose when I kicked the slats out of my cradle.

    • Pappyism: Patience is the best remedy for every trouble but money is better.

  • Notes

    • This was Robert Colbert's second and last appearance as Brent Maverick. His character is never mentioned again, and James Garner's wardrobe returned forever to Warner Brothers costume department.

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