Season 4 Episode 11

Bolt From The Blue

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Nov 27, 1960 on ABC
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Bolt From The Blue

Beau Maverick befriends a prospector named Ebenezer Bolt but is unaware that Bolt is the partner of notorious horse thief Benson January. An angry posse mistakes Beau for January and is determined to hang him. But a young lawyer manages to halt the proceedings until Maverick can have a trial.


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  • One man's view

    This is a pretty strange Maverick. Written and directed by famed Robert Altman, who's known for his strangeness. Its average rating here makes plenty of sense given its departure from the normal pattern. But for fans of the series it has its pleasures.

    Sugarfoot Will Hutchins is one of them. Although he's appeared in other Maverick episodes here he clings best to his well-known character as a personable fellow. There's even mention of it at the end.

    Then there's Butch Cassidy's Sweetface, Percy Helton, 9 years earlier. He took this TV personality directly into that classic movie.

    The dogmatic judge is hoot. He apparently has the verdict decided early in his opening trial. Well before any evidence. What hope is there for our hero?

    I enjoyed the theme song refrain at sunrise before the cabin confrontation. Added to the mood.

    Ebenezer Bolt didn't do much for me, Benson January was a bore and the script is slight but the realization is interesting.moreless

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    • Beau: Would you like a drink?
      Bolt: Water? Or, uh, whiskey?

    • Bolt: (referring to the whiskey) You saved my life, young man. You and that, eh, what do ya call it?
      Beau: Old Hen. It sets 21 days.

    • Bolt: Well, well, well. Just imagine, me knowin' your uncle Beauregarde. Well, a course now, I can't say we was real good friends, only knowed him for a day. It was a poker game over in Deadwood. He cleaned me out inside a four hours.
      Beau: Well, Uncle Beau's mentioned he's had some lucky days in his time.
      Bolt: Oh, he was a real gentleman though. Had to borrow his horse to go back to camp for more money, and you know when I got back to town he had left, real sudden.
      Beau: Well, that figures. How much did he take you … I mean, uh, how much you lose?
      Bolt: Four dollars. And you know I never did see him to return that horse. Finally sold it for 22, saddle brought 19. Oh, he was a sharpie, but you know, I liked him in spite of it. Yes sir.

    • Beau: I can't help feeling there's a mistake in the process of being made.

    • Beau: Uh, thanks for the warning, we'll keep our eyes open.
      Starky: Not for long you won't, January.

    • (after giving Beau and Eben time for a last prayer)
      Starky: Well, I hope that helps. But I got a feelin' that souls are kinda like horses, once they been stole, they hard to get back. All right, boys, let's stretch 'em.

    • Beau: Hey, Junior. That lawyer, is he any good?
      Junior: Oh, hasn't lost a case yet
      Bolt: That's encouragin'.
      Junior: 'Course he hasn't had a case yet. You'll be the first.

    • Starky: Ah, there's nothin' better than a good drink after sundown, less it's a hangin'.

    • Bolt: You amaze me. The last time I seen ya, this young lady was tryin' to take a shot at ya. Now she's a chasin' ya around like a love-sick puppy.

    • Beau: Benson January? Why, I don't get it. Well, you're not …
      January: Handsome? Well, handsome is as handsome does.

    • Bradley: I don't see any horses.
      Starky: 'Course you don't see any horses. Ain't no horses, that's why
      Bradley: But I hear horses.
      Starky: Where?
      Bradley: Somewhere.
      Starky: Our horses. They done it again! Come on, boys!

    • Beau: I'm a gambler not a horse thief. I don't even like horses.

    • Beau: You're the one they call Sugarfoot!
      Lawyer: Sugarfoot! Never heard of him.

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