Season 4 Episode 11

Bolt From The Blue

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Nov 27, 1960 on ABC



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    • Beau: Would you like a drink?
      Bolt: Water? Or, uh, whiskey?

    • Bolt: (referring to the whiskey) You saved my life, young man. You and that, eh, what do ya call it?
      Beau: Old Hen. It sets 21 days.

    • Bolt: Well, well, well. Just imagine, me knowin' your uncle Beauregarde. Well, a course now, I can't say we was real good friends, only knowed him for a day. It was a poker game over in Deadwood. He cleaned me out inside a four hours.
      Beau: Well, Uncle Beau's mentioned he's had some lucky days in his time.
      Bolt: Oh, he was a real gentleman though. Had to borrow his horse to go back to camp for more money, and you know when I got back to town he had left, real sudden.
      Beau: Well, that figures. How much did he take you … I mean, uh, how much you lose?
      Bolt: Four dollars. And you know I never did see him to return that horse. Finally sold it for 22, saddle brought 19. Oh, he was a sharpie, but you know, I liked him in spite of it. Yes sir.

    • Beau: I can't help feeling there's a mistake in the process of being made.

    • Beau: Uh, thanks for the warning, we'll keep our eyes open.
      Starky: Not for long you won't, January.

    • (after giving Beau and Eben time for a last prayer)
      Starky: Well, I hope that helps. But I got a feelin' that souls are kinda like horses, once they been stole, they hard to get back. All right, boys, let's stretch 'em.

    • Beau: Hey, Junior. That lawyer, is he any good?
      Junior: Oh, hasn't lost a case yet
      Bolt: That's encouragin'.
      Junior: 'Course he hasn't had a case yet. You'll be the first.

    • Starky: Ah, there's nothin' better than a good drink after sundown, less it's a hangin'.

    • Bolt: You amaze me. The last time I seen ya, this young lady was tryin' to take a shot at ya. Now she's a chasin' ya around like a love-sick puppy.

    • Beau: Benson January? Why, I don't get it. Well, you're not …
      January: Handsome? Well, handsome is as handsome does.

    • Bradley: I don't see any horses.
      Starky: 'Course you don't see any horses. Ain't no horses, that's why
      Bradley: But I hear horses.
      Starky: Where?
      Bradley: Somewhere.
      Starky: Our horses. They done it again! Come on, boys!

    • Beau: I'm a gambler not a horse thief. I don't even like horses.

    • Beau: You're the one they call Sugarfoot!
      Lawyer: Sugarfoot! Never heard of him.

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