Season 2 Episode 22

Brasada Spur

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Feb 22, 1959 on ABC
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Episode Summary

In a high-stakes poker game, Bart wins stock in a railroad — and finds himself on the track to a colossal headache.

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Patrick McVey

Patrick McVey

Roy Stafford

Guest Star

Ken Lynch

Ken Lynch

Rufus Elgree

Guest Star

Ralph Neff

Ralph Neff

Horace Hogan

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    • Pappyism: The two greatest evils are hard liquor and hard work.

    • Elgree: Well, you force me to keep you honest, Col. Maverick.
      Bart: Got the three fives.
      Elgree: You could've been bluffing, Colonel. I held the ace, I had to call you.
      Bart: I rarely bluff.

    • Belle: You're not proposing to me, are you?
      Bart: Oh, no. I promised pappy I wouldn't wed till I was 38.
      Belle: That's good. Because I promised myself I wouldn't marry again at all.

    • Belle: I just had your cash impounded by the Sheriff.
      Bart: Why, to keep me here? Or to punish me for turning down your offer?
      Belle: You used me, that's why.
      Bart: All right, I did. But you can't impound my money, it's illegal.
      Belle: Probably, but it'll take you a year in court to prove it.
      Bart: You play a real mean game, Belle.

    • Stafford (referring to Bart's stock): Where'd you get it?
      Bart: I won it in a poker game.
      Stafford: Son, somebody has taken rank advantage of your ignorance.
      Bart: And it hurts, Mr. Stafford, real bad.

    • Elgree: Belle, I didn't get where I am reading law books. I've played it rough all my life. But for those two, I'm going to enjoy learning some new tricks.

    • Bart: If anyone's been bilked, I'm afraid it's me.
      Belle: I said your money would be returned to you.
      Bart: It's too late, Belle. You dealt the hand, I'm gonna play it out - and I think I'm gonna win.

    • Belle: It's always wise to know when you've been beaten, and we have been. And I don't want it proved in the papers or in the courts. Sign it.
      Elgree: Belle, his confession is worthless.
      Belle: Sign it.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Although Julie Adams, who takes a much darker turn in The White Widow, has had a magnificent career spanning over half a century, she is resigned to the fact that she will always be remembered for playing bathing beauty Kay Lawrence. Universal publicists claimed that her legs were "the most perfectly symmetrical in the world" and were therefore insured for $125,000. "No matter what you do, you can act your heart out, but people will always say, 'Oh, Julie Adams - Creature from the Black Lagoon.'"