Season 1 Episode 26

Burial Ground Of The Gods

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Mar 30, 1958 on ABC
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Bart Maverick is in Wyoming, searching for a thief who stole his money. To accomplish that goal, he joins a young woman and her fiancé who were told her missing and presumed dead husband was seen in forbidden Sioux territory.

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    Nancy Gates

    Nancy Gates

    Laura Stanton

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    Robert Lowery

    Robert Lowery

    Paul Asher

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    Charles Cooper

    Charles Cooper

    Phillip Stanton

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      • (Briggs bushwhacks Bart in an alleyway)
        Briggs: I'm sorry, I've never done a thing like this before.
        Bart: There's still time to change your mind.

      • Bart (to Lettie): And between you and me, I'd like to establish a bond that has some real value. Money for instance.

      • Briggs: I sure am sorry I flew off the handle like that.
        Bart: Oh, forget it. I'm kinda glad you did. Now we're even - in lumps on the head anyway.

      • Briggs: You see, I left home more'un twenty years ago, lookin' to take the world by the tail. And I left a sweet little thing named Ellie May. And I told her I'd come back to her with a pot of gold, and she promised she'd wait for me.
        Bart: But she didn't?
        Briggs: Not ten years later, she up and married another man.
        Bart: Can't ever depend on women.

      • Briggs: I need somebody to keep an eye on me, to stop me from goin' off and doin' some fool thing I'm sorry for later. That's why I'm glad you're along.
        Bart: Save ya from yourself, huh?
        Briggs: That's right. Oh, if them Sioux get any closer, there ain't gonna be much left for you to save.

      • Briggs: You know, you ain't gonna believe this, but you just saved me the trouble of lookin' you up. Yes sir, I felt so bad about what happened, and I just couldn't wait to look you up and pay you back.
        Bart: That's pretty much the way I felt about it too.
        Briggs: Yeah. Runnin' me down this way. Hey, that took a lot of doin'. You know, I got to hand it to you.
        Bart: All right, hand it to me. $1,200, Mr. Briggs.
        Briggs: Eight hundred and fifty, wasn't it?
        Bart: Plus three-fifty for my expenses. And don't argue, I still owe you a lump on the head.

      • Briggs: If it hadn't been for me and my big lyin' mouth, you wouldn't be in this fix. I just can't put you out on a limb and then saw it off. No ma'am, if you cross that river, I'm goin' with you. It's my Christian duty.
        Bart: Paisley, just when I think I got you figured out, you have to go and do something decent.
        Briggs: I could kick myself.

      • Pappyism: Flattery is like perfume. Smell it but don't swallow it.

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