Season 1 Episode 14

Comstock Conspiracy

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Dec 29, 1957 on ABC



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    • Pappyism: Stick your nose in other people's business and you'll get it bent.

    • Bret: Do I get to shuffle?
      Bordeen: As much as you want. Well, do we have a bet?
      Bret: Double or nothing?
      Bordeen: Double or nothing.
      Bret: Those are pretty attractive odds, Mr. Bordeen.

    • Kennedy: You've seen that trick before, Mr. Maverick?

      Bret: No, just that kind of trickster. This is my profession, gentlemen.

      Kennedy: Hard to understand. Losing $10,000 to Bordeen is no more than losing $10 is to most people, he's that rich.

      Bret: Some men can't stand to lose ten cents, Mr. Kennedy, no matter how rich they are.

    • Bret: A long time ago, Mr. Bordeen, I decided that a gambling debt wasn't ever important enough to kill a man over. I decided that welshers are people to feel sorry for. That the pressure that made them crawl so low must've been worse than anything I could do to them. So I let it go at that, marked it off to profit and loss, but you don't get off that easy.

    • Sheriff: Either you've had too much to drink or not enough, one or the other, now clear outta here.

    • Bret: Half my problem was solved now, I had my $10,000. Solving the other half suddenly didn't seem too important. Suppose I did prove I killed Bordeen, I'd still have to prove that I'd done it in self defense, Uh-uh, no percentage. A trip to San Francisco suddenly seemed like a better idea.

    • Ellen: Will you help me?
      Bret: No, ma'am.
      Ellen: Not very noble, are you?
      Bret: No, ma'am.
      Ellen: Because you have your $10,000?
      Bret: Yes, ma'am.

    • Bordeen: I'm, uh, sorry I was so rude last night, Mr. Maverick.
      Bret: Well, I'm sorry I killed you.

    • Bordeen: I … I don't like this.
      Horne: You will, be patient. Nobody likes being a millionaire at first.

    • Ellen: Well, why not? Why shouldn't we have a little luxury, and a little comfort, and a few riches?
      Bret: Well, there's always the gout.

    • Bordeen: Your manners are bad, Maverick.
      Bret: How can you tell? You had your back to me.

    • Ellen: Well, you're not the most grateful of men. I just saved your life.
      Bret: You also got rid of a bad conscience. Goodbye Ellen. Happy money.

    • Bret: Mixing in other people's business isn't my profession, Mr. Jennings.

    • Ellen: I gave up.
      Bret: After you slugged me?
      Ellen: Oh, I didn't like slugging you.
      Bret: You poor girl.

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