Season 3 Episode 17

Cruise Of The Cynthia B

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Jan 10, 1960 on ABC
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Cruise Of The Cynthia B

Bret has become one of the seven owners of a riverboat named the Cynthia B who start down the Mississippi River for Memphis to sell the broken-down craft. But soon, in a deadly game of Ten Little Indians, one owner after another is found mysteriously killed. It soon becomes apparent that if the boat does reach Memphis, it's almost a certainty that it will have but one owner left.


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    Karl Weber

    Karl Weber

    Quincy Smith

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    Gage Clarke

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      • Pappyism: A man does what he has to do … if he can't get out of it.

      • Bret: Toward the end of the summer, I had pretty well exhausted the possibilities at the poker tables at Kansas City - and they had exhausted me. They'd exhausted me to the point where I was traveling to St. Louis with all my worldly possessions - in the shape of a thousand dollar bill pinned inside my coat.

      • Bret: You keep your boat, sport, and I'll keep my thousand dollars. That way, everything will be kept pure and simple.
        Mackenzie: You're probably right, but it takes a gambling man to appreciate my proposition. I must be daffy to think of straddling you with all that responsibility, all the money rolling in every night and, uh, those lovely lassies to be keeping an eye on.
        Bret: Uh, what lassies?
        Mackenzie: Oh, the pretty lassies that help out at the gambling salon, of course.
        Bret: The, uh, gambling salon?
        Mackenzie: Oh, did I not mention it? Why the "Cynthia B." is a regular floating poker palace.
        Bret: Uh, Mr. Mackenzie, tell me more.
        Mackenzie: You'd no be interested, lad. You're not a gambling man.
        Bret: Now, wait a minute … just wait a minute …

      • (seeing the wreck that is the "Cynthia B.", Bret is stunned)
        Boy (leaving with full fishing bucket): Doggone, sure is easy to pull in suckers around here.
        Bret: Sure is.

      • Modesty: Why, Bret Maverick.
        Bret: Modesty Blaine!? You out on parole?
        Modesty: Now, don't be stuffy, darlin'. I may have taken advantage of you once or twice, that doesn't mean I don't like ya.

      • Modesty: $20,000, hmm? That's not very much money split seven ways.
        Bret: Well, just be thankful there are only seven days in a week. Anyway, it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.
        Modesty: Well, I'd like to poke Mr. Mackenzie in the eye - with a very sharp stick.

      • Tutwiller (referring to Modesty): Ah, this is Mrs. Maverick, I presume?
        Bret: I should say not! I couldn't afford to keep her in bail money …

      • (the ship's whistle startles Modesty and she clings tightly to Bret)
        Bret: Hey, let's have another one.
        Modesty: Well, you never needed a whistle before.

      • Tutwiller (takes Modesty by the arm): Come, my dear, I'll show you where your cabin is, and then we can go to the galley and unpack the baskets of food and plan the cooking.
        Bret: Modesty … cook? (Modesty sticks her tongue out at Bret) We may never reach Memphis.

      • Smith: Keep your eyes open, Maverick.
        Bret: Oh, I've got a good eye for that sort of thing.
        Smith: Spotting trouble?
        Bret: Avoiding it.

      • Modesty: I'll just bet nobody expected dessert, did'ya?
        Tutwiller: She made it all by herself. She calls it apple surprise.
        Bret: No wonder they call this a death ship.

      • Modesty (slaps Bret): Well, that was for your remark about my cookin' … and this is for your remark about my bein' beautiful. (kisses Bret)

      • (Modesty sneaks into Bret's room and he grabs her)
        Modesty: Oh, Bret, please don't be angry with me. I heard a noise in my room and it worried me. So, I came here lookin' for ya.
        Bret: Where did you expect to find me? In my coat pocket?
        Modesty: You don't believe me?
        Bret: Not a word. And you shouldn't be roamin' around this boat alone at night anyway. You forgotten what happened with the barrel on the dock? And Mrs. Tutwiller? Now, go on. And if anyone reports a theft in the morning, I'm gonna search you personally. (smacks Modesty on her rear as she goes out the door)

      • Smith: Put it bluntly, you strike me as a shifty character.
        Modesty: Shiftless, maybe, but not shifty.
        Bret: Oh, please, Modesty. I didn't know you cared.

      • Smith: A coward dies a thousand deaths, the hero dies but one.
        Bret: I prefer the coward's way. The odds are much better.

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    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Smith: A coward dies a thousand deaths, the hero dies but one.

        Smith is referring to Caesar's often misquoted line from William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar (II, ii, 32-33) :
        "Cowards die many times before their deaths,
        The valiant never taste of death but once."

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