Season 4 Episode 15

Destination Devil's Flat

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Dec 25, 1960 on ABC
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Destination Devil's Flat

Bart Maverick substitutes a chest that is filled with just rocks for a fortune in gold to foil "Sheriff" Dan Trevor's robbery plans. But he's not the only one doing some switching.

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    Merry Anders

    Merry Anders

    Marybelle McCall

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    Frank Ferguson

    Frank Ferguson

    Deacon Curt Eaker

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    Richard Reeves

    Richard Reeves

    Bull Crumpett

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      • Pappyism: (on the game of life) Most of us, by the time we're up on the rules, are generally too old to play it.

      • Pappyism: It's fine to turn over a new leaf - but there's always somebody tryin' to snoop through the old pages.

      • Conductor: I don't know how you snuck aboard my train in Kansas City, but you're gettin' off here.
        Bart: But, Conductor, sir, if you'll just let me stay aboard until Denver, my cousin will meet me - he'll pay my full fare.
        Conductor: Oh, travel now, pay later? (Bart smiles and begins to climb back aboard) That'll be the day. Don't be a simpleton, mister!

      • Bart (reading wanted poster for "Incredible Clay Corey"): I've got a hunch they'll catch that hombre before long
        Trevor: Do you have a crystal ball, or do you read fortunes with cards?
        Bart: Well, no, but I have lost a few fortunes with 'em.

      • Bull (Bart is staring at Bull's steak): You a meat inspector or somethin'?
        Bart: Well, friend, I - I got carried away. You see, I had a … very light breakfast.
        Bull: Ha! Now ain't that a shame? When I'm finished, you can have the bone.
        Bart: I may be back.

      • (Bart is loading his plate with food)
        Mrs. Amber: Why, you're a stranger.
        Bart: I was hoping you wouldn't notice.

      • Deacon: You know, it disturbs me in this land of plenty to find a man financially embarrassed.
        Bart: It bothers me too, Deacon.
        Deacon: Well, the bitter with the tweet, I suppose. It's all part of the game of life

      • Bart: You own racehorses?
        Deacon: Just a hobby, I assure you. All my winnings go to my favorite charity.
        Bart: Well then, Deacon, we're not so far apart after all. You see, all of my winnings go to my favorite charity

      • Trevor: Well, my deadbeat friend. Didn't take you too long to track down the free grub, did it? Be lots more free grub in jail if I see you around here tomorrow night.
        Bart: Your worries are over, Sheriff. I'll be leaving town in the morning - with the Deacon and Marybelle.
        Trevor: You're takin' this …
        Marybelle: Oh … now really, Sheriff. I know Bar … Mr. Maverick quite well. He's really a dear and very nice - just a schoolboy at heart.
        Trevor: Yeah, reform school.

      • Trevor: Snake sometimes has a very fine appearance, but he's still a snake.
        Bart: You dress very well, Sheriff.

      • Marybelle: He really has some fine qualities.
        Bart: Yeah, everything from plain ornery to downright mean.
        Marybelle: Oh, your wild ways have made you cynical, Bart, like I used to be. But the Deacon taught me to love my neighbor.
        Bart: Then start with me because I'm the nearest. (tries to kiss Marybelle and is rebuffed) Do you know, that Sheriff of yours is a pretty fancy dresser. I wonder how he manages on a Sheriff's salary?
        Marybelle: How he spends his money is no concern of ours.
        Bart: Yeah, but how he gets it might be.

      • Bart: You know, sending that gold in a buckboard is a harebrained scheme - and Deacon Eaker doesn't even carry a gun.
        Marybelle: Well, you do. Don't you know how to use it?
        Bart: Well, yes, but generally, when I start shooting at something, it has a nasty habit of shooting back.

      • Bart: Marybelle, I don't want any part of it. All I want to do is get to Denver.
        Marybelle: And in order to get to Denver you've got to go with us.
        Bart (sighs): Do I sense a small threat?
        Marybelle: You do. Either you help protect the gold - or no ride.
        Bart: The gold means more to you than I do?
        Marybelle: About $50,000 more.

      • Bart: The dog drinks?
        Oscar: Why shouldn't he? He's old enough.

      • (outside the Sheriff's office)
        Trevor: Did you do the job?
        Snake: Boss, we turned this town upside down.
        Bull: Nary a sign of Maverick.
        Trevor: You two apes couldn't find a grizzly bear in a silo.
        Snake: I swear, boss, Maverick ain't nowhere in town. Maybe he figured you was on to him and took off.
        Bart (coming out of the Sheriff's office): Well, good morning, Sheriff. Well, I want to thank you for the use of your jail cell, but that, uh, that bed is a little hard.
        Trevor: You spent the night in my jail? (throws cigar down in disgust)

      • Trevor: As for you, freeloader, I better not ever find you in this town again.
        Bart: Sheriff, I've met men that I've respected and liked and men that I've liked but didn't respect - and men that I didn't like but had respect for. There's one other combination that just about sums up my feelings for you.

      • Trevor: I want some answers!
        Bart: Coax me. (the "sheriff" pulls a gun on him) I'm coaxed.

      • Marybelle: What difference does it make whether they kill us tonight or tomorrow?
        Bart: Now don't listen to her, Deacon. I happen to prefer tomorrow.

      • Bart: There's one thing all my poker playing's taught me, Marybelle.
        Marybelle: What's that?
        Bart (whispering): Strategy. (loudly) Look at those two, Marybelle … a more perfect example of a couple of fools you'll never see.
        Bull: We're fools, huh? Who's got the guns on who?
        Bart: Well, you boys have the guns, alright - but, you see, Corey has the gold. He's not going to come all the way back here just to split it with you two fellas.
        Bull: Don't pull that stuff on me, dude. Clay Corey ain't that kinda guy.
        Bart: Oh? What kinda guy is he?
        Bull: Well, he's kinda like … well, I … You tell him, Snake.
        Snake: Well, I reckon Corey's pretty much like us - smarter, maybe, but like us.
        Bull: Us? Do you think!?
        Snake: I think.
        Bull: We better take out after Corey - so he don't hog all the loot for himself.
        Bart (whispers to Marybelle): Strategy.
        Snake: Let's take care of these two right now and get movin'.
        Marybelle: You and your big mouth.

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