Season 4 Episode 13

Dodge City Or Bust

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Dec 11, 1960 on ABC
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Dodge City Or Bust

Chivalrous Bart Maverick saves the life of a beautiful woman. But his reward is soon a top spot on the wanted list for robbery and murder.

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  • A bunch of twists

    Thank the stars for the oddball poker in this episode! It's one of the saving graces. Perhaps the early DeNiro movie "Bang the Drum Slowly" drew from this source for its TEGWAR (The Exciting Game Without Any Rules). In that one it was used for hustling and amusement. Here there seems to be some honor in the apparently arbitrary application. Bart actually wins a hand early and both Beau and Bart do well late.

    One of the characteristics of the series is how easily the Mavericks are taken in by fetching ladies. Try as they might they often find themselves at a disadvantage. Men with such self-serving goals are usually thwarted. But the fillies often ride away with the money. This is one of the aspects that date the series. And endear it to many viewers. Chivalry in the Wild West. It is who they are but not for all tastes in its expression. However here she ultimately saves Bart's life and turns into an honest entrepreneur. Nice twist.

    The Maverick guys sometimes appear in cameos of episodes featuring another. This works for me. It adds to the cohesiveness of the family whole. Bringing in Beau for the endgame is funny. And it gives them a chance for a great Pappy reflection.moreless
Diana Millay

Diana Millay

Diana Dangerfield

Guest Star

Med Flory

Med Flory

Deputy Nevers

Guest Star

Howard McNear

Howard McNear

Dangerfield Sheriff

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    • Bart: I've never played wild games like these before … Now, gentlemen, let me get this straight. Uh, fives and one-eyed jacks are wild and the low hand splits the pot with whoever gets the…
      Gambler: No, no, no, no…Oh no, that's Jack and the Beanstalk. Milton dealt that. This is Pass the Buck - aces, black threes, eight of hearts and your lowest card are wild, and you pass your worst three cards on to the man on your left.
      McKee: Don't let it throw you, son, you're doing just fine. You can't expect to learn poker overnight.

    • Beau: Uh, an Apache Nightmare beats a Texas Tornado, right?
      Bart: Right…as long as the queen is black. You're catching on very fast, cousin.
      Beau: You know, if Uncle Beau knew you were playing a game called Eight Toed Sloth he would turn your picture to the wall.

    • Diana: Who'd wanna shoot me?
      Bart: Maybe somebody else who wants to make your acquaintance.

    • Diana: What do you think I'm good for?
      Bart: Oh, I guess you'll make a good wife for that what's his name.

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