Season 2 Episode 19

Duel at Sundown

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Feb 01, 1959 on ABC



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    • Pappyism: As long as you live, stick to poker.

    • Bret: Isn't there a safer way to get to the Molly-O?
      Carrie: You could walk, it's only nine miles.
      Bret: No thanks. You mind if I drive?
      Carrie: What's the matter, you scared?
      Bret: Yeah.

    • Doc: "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink."
      Jed: Yeah, but you can be pretty sure that he will.

    • Bret: Jed, only one man in a hundred plays poker with any regard for the odds. Luck's important only when you sit down with men who play as tight as you do. When I find that out, I quit. It's gambling.

    • Jed: You can lose, even to a bad player, can't you?
      Bret: Well, they play for luck, sometimes they get it.

    • Bret: She's a real nice girl, Jed. But I promised my Pappy that on my 38th birthday, I'd look around for a wife, get married and raise 12 Mavericks. That's a long way off.

    • Jed: Tell ya what : you stay on, you don't owe me a cent - a thousand dollars is yours. What do ya say?
      Bret: Ashamed of you, Jed. That's a mean low-down, dirty trick to play on your daughter. And if you think I'm goin' along with it, if you think I'd have anything to do with that … you're right.

    • Red: I have a weakness, a real bad weakness. I'm a jealous man. There's nothin' I can do about it, it just sorta takes me over, and my stomach starts churnin', and … well, I do things I don't hardly remember when it's over.
      Bret: Well, we all have our problems.

    • Bret: The trouble is … I can't leave.
      Abby: Why not?
      Bret: Well, I'm involved in a big business deal, a lot of money involved.
      Abby: Oh, you put money ahead of everything, don't you?
      Bret: No. No, there's breathing.

    • (Bret meets brother Bart "Hardin" outside of town)
      Bart: Well, howdy brother.
      Bret: Howdy, John Wesley Harden. You're lookin' mighty fit considerin' you were just dug up.
      Bart: Uh, suppose you dig up that five hundred. I believe that's the sum mentioned in the telegram?
      Bret: Now that's not worthy of you, Bart. Your own brother's life is hangin' in the balance and all you're thinkin' about is $500.
      Bart: No, Bret, that's not all I'm thinkin' about.
      Bret: No, you're thinkin' about my five hundred, too.

    • Abby: Men do hate to be told they're resistible, don't they?
      Bret: Only if it's convincing.

    • Jed: If you lose you can owe it to me.
      Bret: Are you serious about this?
      Jed: I was never more serious about anything in my life.
      Bret: Well, I've never owed anybody any money in my life and I don't intend to begin now.

    • Bret (about "Harden"): Mean lookin' cuss, ain't he, Doc?

    • Bret: Where's that other big gunslinger, Red Hardigan? I might as well take care of him while I'm in the mood.

    • Abby (to Bret): The only hand my father wants you to hold is mine.

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