Season 4 Episode 19

Dutchman's Gold

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Jan 22, 1961 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The song Dutchman's Gold which is heard sung in this episode, was written by Jerry Capehart, the writer who supplied this episode's story idea. Capehart also co-wrote Summertime Blues and C'mon Everybody with Eddie Cochran.

  • Quotes

    • Charlotte: Howdy, stranger, welcome to the Blue Bell.
      Beau: Well, thank you. It's always a pleasure to patronize a … high class saloon.
      Charlotte: Are you being sarcastic?
      Beau: A little. Uh, where is the, uh, spacious gambling palace?
      Charlotte: Right over there.
      Beau: One poker table?
      Charlotte: One poker table.
      Beau: Very, very spacious.

    • Beau: How would you like to buy out my interest in the Blue Bell?
      Charlotte: Well, uh … ya see, what I had in mind was that you would buy me out.
      Beau: Oh. Oh, I - I wouldn't deprive you of the income from this high-class saloon and … spacious gambling palace.
      Charlotte: In other words, you haven't believed one word I've said.
      Beau: Not a syllable.
      Charlotte: Then why did you let me go on like that?
      Beau: Because you're so pretty when you're lying.

    • Beau: In a high-class saloon like this, friend, we always treat ladies with respect. Now take you hand off Miss Simmons!
      Sandy: I was havin' a little fun is all.
      Beau: So, you've had it. Now pick up your marbles and run along, sonny.

    • Beau: I must say, you cater to a choice clientele. I'd swear I'd seen at least half these faces on wanted posters.
      Charlotte: Well, if business gets any worse, you can always take up bounty hunting.
      Beau: No thanks, I'm more the easy-going, penniless type.

    • Charlotte: The Señor? What's wrong with him? Beau: You don't know who he is? Charlotte: (scoffs) Well, around here, we don't ask names. We just call him The Señor and let it go at that. He's very polite, he's one of the few cash customers we got. Besides, I like his music. Beau: Well, that polite gentleman happens to be Ricardo Padilla, probably the most dangerous bandit ever to cross the border. Charlotte: Him? Beau: Hmmm. (Charlotte smiles and blows Padilla a kiss) Beau: It doesn't bother you he's a killer? Charlotte: Not as long as his cash holds out.

    • Beau: Tell me, are you by any chance, the famous Dutchman?
      Dutchman: Famous? What is this famous?
      Beau: Oh, I've heard stories about you, that you have a secret goldmine somewhere.
      Dutchman: So?
      Beau: Well, people say that every so often you pop up in town, go on a spree until you're broke again.
      Dutchman: People say lots of things.

    • Dutchman: I don't like you.
      Beau: Can't help it if I'm lucky.

    • Dutchman: Death to touch the gold, there is a curse on it.
      Charlotte: Do you think you're gonna talk us out of our legal winnings with a Halloween story like that?
      Dutchman: The gold is yours. But you would do well to wear gloves - until the curse is burnt out with fire.

    • Padilla: Now you will proceed to draw me a map. eh?
      Beau: Don't do it, Dutchman.
      Padilla: Your advice is ill-timed, amigo.
      Beau: Is it? You give him a map and you're as good as dead. He'll have to kill you to make sure you never go back to the mine again.
      Padilla: On the other hand, if he doesn't do as I say, I will shoot him without any conversation.
      Beau: But on the third hand, the Dutchman is the only one who knows where that mine is. Kill him, and you'll never find it.
      Dutchman: You talk good sense. I don't like you, but you talk good sense.

    • Beau: So you see, you have nothing to worry about, partner.
      Charlotte: Well, I have one thing to worry about, partner. How do I know you'll come back with my share?
      Beau (grins): You'll, uh, just have to trust me
      Charlotte: I don't trust anybody - especially winning poker players.

    • Padilla: My friend wishes to know why you tried to kill him.
      Vern: 'Cause he's the one that shot down my brother.
      Padilla: Yeah, it's true, he did - but only in the course of business.
      Vern (bitterly): Business.
      Padilla: Si, business. We are bandits. But we work hard for a profit just as any tradesman. When Ramon shop your brother, it was not out of hatred, but only because it was his professional duty.
      Vern: Ya make it sound like a storekeeper countin' out change.
      Padilla: There is a similarity. In both cases, very little emotion is involved.

    • Vern: You know somethin', Dutchman? You and that mule been together so long you're beginnin' to look like each other.

    • (trying to hold off the Apaches)
      Charlotte: How many are still out there?
      Beau: I don't know - 10, 12 maybe.
      Charlotte: Maverick?
      Beau: Hmm?
      Charlotte: Save three bullets.

    • End Voiceover: Now I like to dream and wonder if someday you'll give again - a bounty of your treasure to some lonely, strugglin' man. And you, in all your splendor, may choose me to be the one to find your precious treasure, shinin' yella in the sun. Aw, the Dutchman was a gambler, and a party was his fun, but he kept his precious secret, never trustin' anyone. And in death, he still is laughin', for the grave his secret holds, and the mighty Superstitions keep the Dutchman's yella gold.

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