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Episode Guide

    • Hadley's Hunters
      Hadley's Hunters
      Season 4 - Episode 2

      On the run from a crooked sheriff who has framed him for various bogus crimes, Bart attempts to save his hide by enlisting the help of just about every well known wild west hero available at the time.

    • Shady Deal at Sunny Acres
      Season 2 - Episode 10
      Bret vows to make a crooked banker pay back all the money he swindled from him, and he has just the kind of friends to make good on that promise. When Bret Maverick says "I'm workin' on it", watch out, because he and his buddies mean business - and you won't even see it comin'.moreless
    • The Day They Hanged Bret Maverick
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      Wrongfully convicted of robbery and murder, Bret is scheduled to be hanged. However, with the connivance of a crooked sheriff and coroner, he just might be able to cheat the gallows.
    • Greenbacks, Unlimited
      Greenbacks, Unlimited
      Season 3 - Episode 26

      Bret Maverick is hired to find out the identity of a rumored bank robber who just got to Denver and in the course of his investigation, uncovers not only who it is, but a secret that could cost the bank it's two million dollars in cash.

    • The Rivals
      Season 2 - Episode 18
      Lydia Linley is a young heiress who yearns for a man like Sydney Carton of A Tale of Two Cities - "a man of warmth, imagination, courage, and a sense of adventure." Jack Vandergelt III is in love with Lydia but knows she will have nothing to do with him because he is rich. Vandergelt hires Bret Maverick to switch identities with him in hopes that Lydia will love and accept him for who he is before she realizes he is a Vandergelt. The plan goes smoothly until Jack Vandergelt's father unexpectedly arrives in town.moreless
    • Maverick Springs
      Maverick Springs
      Season 3 - Episode 13
      A wealthy Texas rancher, Ruth Dawson, hires Bret to save her brother Mark from a conniving woman named Melanie. Posing as a Texas Colonel, Bret heads east to find Mark and bring him home, but discovers that Melanie is the accomplice of a master swindler, John Flannery, who cons Mark into signing over his 50% of the ranch. Bret calls in brother Bart and recruits Mark so they can get the property back before sister Ruth finds out that her brother messed up.moreless
    • The Golden Fleecing
      The Golden Fleecing
      Season 5 - Episode 3

      Amateur stockbroker Bart Maverick finds himself in desperate need of a crash-course on how to "play the market" before he gets played and some poor, trusting, "faithful" farmers get fleeced out of everything they own.

    • A Tale of Three Cities
      A Tale of Three Cities
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      Having been held up by a most unusual and intriguing robber, Bart finds himself penniless in a town where gambling is illegal. Help, however, comes from the most unlikely of sources - the local Ladies' Aid Society.
    • The Devil's Necklace (Part 1)
      The Devil's Necklace (Part 1)
      Season 4 - Episode 31

      Stranded at a remote Army post, Bart overpays for the only transportation he can buy: an old wagon and it's load of goods. But after checking out his new wagon and it's contents, Bart finds that he has bought into nothing but trouble and a potential Indian uprising.

    • Pappy
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      Bret and Bart both come hurrying home when they receive word that their conniving Pappy is engaged to marry a much younger woman.
    • The Devil's Necklace (Part 2)
      The Devil's Necklace (Part 2)
      Season 4 - Episode 32

      In order to escape his Apache captors and to line his own pockets, Luther Cannonbaugh convinces the new chief that he possesses a magic necklace made of "sacred bear teeth" which he's willing to trade for his freedom no matter how many others must die.

    • The Ice Man
      The Ice Man
      Season 4 - Episode 20

      After discovering a long-lost body encased in ice and secrecy, Bart Maverick finds himself embroiled in a political feud between an honest reform candidate and a corrupt, powerful political boss.

    • Day Of Reckoning
      Season 1 - Episode 19

      Having no fear, Bret Maverick feels it's about time someone did something concerning the town bully so he asks the townspeople to do something.

    • The People's Friend
      The People's Friend
      Season 3 - Episode 21
      After an assassin's bullet seriously wounds a candidate for the State Senate, Bart is recruited to take the man's place by his lovely daughter. Guess who becomes the next target of the assassin?
    • A Technical Error
      A Technical Error
      Season 5 - Episode 5

      Bart Maverick thinks he's finally hit the jackpot when he wins a bank in a poker game, and his buddy Doc Holiday is brimming with schemes to "legally" make them both filthy rich. Unfortunately,the bank turns out to have a serious dark side and people are beginning to ask questions.

    • Destination Devil's Flat
      Destination Devil's Flat
      Season 4 - Episode 15

      Bart Maverick substitutes a chest that is filled with just rocks for a fortune in gold to foil "Sheriff" Dan Trevor's robbery plans. But he's not the only one doing some switching.

    • Two Beggars on Horseback
      Season 2 - Episode 17
      Bret and Bart's devotion to one another is tested when they're offered a deal that can mean $10,000 for one of them but just one.
    • The Maverick Line
      The Maverick Line
      Season 4 - Episode 10

      When their Uncle Micah "buys the farm", Bret and Bart inherit his stagecoach line with hopes of riches. Instead they are strapped with a world of trouble.

    • Gun-Shy
      Season 2 - Episode 16
      Looking for hidden money, Bret and a host of others ride into a town that looks a lot like Dodge City and must contend with a marshal who bears a strong resemblance to Matt Dillon.
    • Betrayal
      Season 2 - Episode 25
      Keeping his cool during a stage holdup, ever observant Bart catches a glimmer of recognition between his lovely traveling companion and one of the robbers.
    • Easy Mark
      Easy Mark
      Season 3 - Episode 10
      Bart agrees to pose as a wealthy young man whom others are trying to prevent from attending an important meeting.
    • The Jail At Junction Flats
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      Bret must break Dandy Jim Buckley out of a supposedly escape proof jail in order to recover the $2,000 that Buckley owes him.
    • Last Stop Oblivion
      Last Stop Oblivion
      Season 4 - Episode 22
      Maverick once again takes an ill-fated stagecoach ride. And once again, he and his fellow passengers run into a hornet's nest worth of trouble, this time at an isolated transfer station.
    • The Third Rider
      Season 1 - Episode 15

      After becoming stranded, Bart Maverick manages to hitch a ride with two horsemen. Only these men are being chased by a posse because of a robbery that resulted in a murder. Maverick now becomes the "third" suspect in the crime and must clear himself of the charges before he is killed.

    • Rage For Vengeance
      Season 1 - Episode 16

      Bret is more than happy to escort a lovely young widow with a large sum of cash to the bank. That is until he learns that the money is counterfeit.

    • The Art Lovers
      The Art Lovers
      Season 5 - Episode 2

      When "Colonel" Maverick loses his backer's money, he is cast adrift as an indentured servant and even set upon by Barbary pirates and rich tycoons. However, Bart has two aces up his sleeve: an old con artist friend and the Mona Lisa.

    • The Belcastle Brand
      Season 2 - Episode 4

      Bret and a family of British nobles lose all they have to a ruthless gang leaving them penniless and stranded in the wild. Bret must convince the Brits that their only chance of surviving is to track down the outlaws and take back what was stolen.

    • Game of Chance
      Season 2 - Episode 15
      Bret and Bart are on the trail of a supposed French countess. What's the attraction? It seems as though she finagled a total of $10,000 from them.
    • The Deadly Image
      The Deadly Image
      Season 4 - Episode 26

      Bart Maverick is arrested while in transit to Cheyenne by the army on a hanging offense after he's mistaken for the outlaw Rod Claxton who just happens to be his exact double.

    • Black Fire
      Season 1 - Episode 25
      The heirs of millionaire General Eakins are being killed off one by one, causing Bret to worry because he happens to be posing as one of those heirs and just might be the next intended victim.
    • Alias Bart Maverick
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      Bart meets a gentleman after his own heart who then skips town with his money and leaves him to face a murder rap and the man-hungry female Cindy Lou Brown.
    • Last Wire From Stop Gap
      Last Wire From Stop Gap
      Season 4 - Episode 5

      On their way to Denver, the Maverick cousins win $6,500 in a poker game at Stop Gap. The threat of bandits operating outside the town convinces them to "safely" wire their money ahead by way of the Hulett Telegraph Company. But when the money vanishes, the Mavericks are locked up in jail and must discover where their money disappeared to.

    • The Lonesome Reunion
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      Attempting to help a pretty damsel in distress, Bret gets involved in the search for hidden loot from a bank robbery only to end up in jail for murder.
    • The Misfortune Teller
      The Misfortune Teller
      Season 3 - Episode 25

      Bret is jailed for crimes committed by a man claiming to be him and must rely on con woman Melanie Blake for help.

    • Two Tickets to Ten Strike
      Season 2 - Episode 24
      Maverick's suspicions are aroused when two gunmen strongly suggest that he leave Ten Strike, New Mexico - immediately. Curious and determined to stand his ground, Bret remains in Ten Strike long enough to uncover a bizarre plot involving murder and blackmail.
    • Full House
      Full House
      Season 3 - Episode 7

      When Bret picks up a stickpin as collateral on a bet, he discovers that the owner was the planner for a a massive gathering of outlaws. Now they think Bret is their man... and won't take no for an answer.

    • Maverick at Law
      Maverick at Law
      Season 4 - Episode 24

      Bart Maverick has some explaining to do since the bank has been robbed and his saddlebags are bulging with stolen loot.

    • Triple Indemnity
      Triple Indemnity
      Season 4 - Episode 27

      Cowardly town boss George Parker hammers Maverick for losing his money to the gambler and threatens to kill him. So Bart sends out for some insurance: an old friend by the name of Doc Holliday.

    • Duel at Sundown
      Season 2 - Episode 19
      Arriving in the town of Sundown to visit an old friend, Bret soon gets involved in a triangle with the friend's daughter and a shiftless cowboy named Red Hardigan who's fast with a gun. Hardigan calls Bret out for a gunfight but it seems that notorious gunfighter John Wesley Hardin also has a grudge against our hero so he might have to wait in line.moreless
    • The Quick And The Dead
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      Bret tracks a man who paid him off with blood money from a hold-up, nearly putting his own "neck in a noose." But when Doc Holliday wants the same man dead, Bret has to figure out how to keep the killer alive long enough to clear the Maverick name.
    • The Resurrection of Joe November
      The Resurrection of Joe November
      Season 3 - Episode 24
      A $10,000 temptation puts Bret unwittingly in the middle of a fantastic smuggling scheme.
    • Stage West
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      Fleeing a band of angry Indians, Bret takes shelter in a way station where a family of nasty outlaws are planning their bloodiest deal.
    • Family Pride
      Family Pride
      Season 4 - Episode 17

      In New Mexico, three wily hustlers take Beau Maverick for over $4,500, most of which belongs to family friend Jerry O'Brien. Beau attempts to recover the money and even resorts to taking the con artists to court but they outsmart him at every turn.

    • Diamond In The Rough
      Season 1 - Episode 18

      After being beaten, robbed, and shanghaied, Bart Maverick sets out to expose a respected member of San Francisco society, and the man responsible for his troubles, as a diamond swindler.

    • Red Dog
      Red Dog
      Season 4 - Episode 25

      Beau Maverick stumbles onto the remote meeting place of four outlaws who were summoned to pull a big job by the mysterious "Jess". Beau successfully passes himself off as the notorious Texas outlaw Red Dog. However, the others become suspicious when he declines to join their endeavor and attempts to leave the group.

    • The Cats of Paradise
      The Cats of Paradise
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      Bret Maverick falls for a soft-spoken girl with an angelic face named Modesty Blaine. They enter into a partnership to sell cats to a mining camp overrun by rats. But while Modesty might have the face of an angel, she has the soul of a rattlesnake which causes our hero numerous undue hardships.moreless
    • The White Widow
      The White Widow
      Season 3 - Episode 19
      A beautiful widow asks Bart to protect her from an unknown killer. He accepts — unaware that he is really the intended victim.
    • Comstock Conspiracy
      Season 1 - Episode 14

      Bret thinks he's killed the owner of a mine, only to meet him alive again. The gambler then gets involved with a mining engineer and his struggle for improved working conditions.

    • War Of The Silver Kings
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Maverick refuses to be run out of town by Phineas King, the rapacious robber baron who rules Echo Springs and fears Maverick will reveal him as the card cheat that he is.
    • Maverick and Juliet
      Maverick and Juliet
      Season 3 - Episode 18
      Bret and Bart wind up on opposite sides of a poker game whose outcome will decide the fate of a family feud. Bret's life is at stake if he loses but Bart has been promised a huge bonus if he wins.
    • The Long Hunt
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Bret tries to prove the innocence of a man serving a life sentence. But there's someone else who wants the prisoner to stay where he is.
    • Escape To Tampico
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      After losing all of his money in a poker game, Bret is offered the sum of $5,000 to travel to Tampico, Mexico and bring back for trial a gambling den owner who's wanted for murder in New Orleans.
    • The Savage Hills
      Season 1 - Episode 20

      Against his better judgment, Bart Maverick teams up with Samantha Crawford to recover stolen Treasury plates.

    • The Burning Sky
      Season 1 - Episode 22
      In the desert, an Indian ambush leaves Bart and several other stagecoach passengers on their own to battle their attackers, each other, and the sun.
    • Trooper Maverick
      Trooper Maverick
      Season 3 - Episode 12

      After he's arrested for gambling on an Army base, Bart has to choose between serving time or working undercover as a trooper to root out a traitor helping the local Indian raiders. Bart agrees but faces a hangman's noose when things blow up in his face.

    • Royal Four Flush
      Royal Four Flush
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      In order to retrieve $4,000 that a con man owes him, Bart finds himself playing along with the man's scam against a Virginia City mining tycoon.
    • The Naked Gallows
      Season 1 - Episode 13

      After a long, hard winter of trapping, a friend of Bart's is murdered. Maverick pokes his nose into the case and quickly ends up facing the business end of the killer's .45.

    • According To Hoyle
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      A coquettish "Southern Belle" targets Bret and cleans him out...twice. She's got a compelling story and Bret's a soft touch but he may be buying into more trouble than he can handle.
    • Poker Face
      Poker Face
      Season 5 - Episode 6

      Led by a pompous businessman and a holier-than-thou preacher, Bart's fellow stagecoach passengers shun him when they discover that he's a gambler but he might be their only hope for salvation once bandits attack.

    • The Maverick Report
      The Maverick Report
      Season 5 - Episode 9
      Bart "wins" the Porterville Clarion, a crusading newspaper, from a friend - who then turns up dead. When the corrupt political machine the Clarion has been attacking turns its legal guns on Bart, he hoodwinks his good friend, Doc Holiday, into becoming a not-so-silent partner.
    • Rope Of Cards
      Season 1 - Episode 17

      Maverick finds himself on the jury of a murder trial and happens to be the only member who thinks the accused didn't do it.

    • The Sheriff Of Duck 'n' Shoot
      The Sheriff Of Duck 'n' Shoot
      Season 3 - Episode 3

      Bret is coerced into becoming sheriff of the wild and wooly town of Duck 'n' Shoot where his unorthodox methods of enforcing the law meet with great success. Unfortunately, a conniving young woman gets Bret locked up in his own jail and he's forced to summon brother Bart in order to make things turn out okay.

    • The Wrecker
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      Bart Maverick takes to the sea after buying a derelict cargo ship. The wreck suddenly seems to become extremely valuable to some and he sets out to find out why.
    • Three Queens Full
      Three Queens Full
      Season 5 - Episode 4

      Wealthy rancher Joe Wheelwright, putting the "cart" before the horse, forces Maverick to chaperon three women arriving from San Francisco to marry his "three fine sons"...Henry, Small Paul and Moose. However, the three "ladies" in question seem to have larceny on their minds, not romance.

    • The Seventh Hand
      Season 1 - Episode 23
      Against his better judgment, Bret agrees to front a high-stakes poker game for Samantha Crawford but then the house of cards collapses and Bret suspects a double-cross.
    • Hostage
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      Bret Maverick meets up with brother Bart in New Orleans where they plan to obtain passage on the maiden cruise of a riverboat which plans to hold big-money poker games. Instead, they end up getting involved in the rescue of the kidnapped daughter of the riverboat owner.
    • The Witch Of Hound Dog
      The Witch Of Hound Dog
      Season 4 - Episode 8

      Bart Maverick travels to the Smoky Mountain town of Hound Dog, Tennessee hoping to collect on a debt. Once there he encounters a beautiful country girl who claims to be a witch. Not only does most of the town agree with her but her two ornery brothers have Bart's money.

    • Flood's Folly
      Flood's Folly
      Season 4 - Episode 23

      Outside Denver, Colorado, Maverick and his friend, Judge Scott, find shelter during a blizzard at the home of Martha Flood and her niece Sally. But soon, Martha and the judge plott to institutionalize Sally in order to take over her inheritance. Unknown to them, Martha's lover, a professional killer named Chet Whitehead plans to kill Sally, the judge, and Bret.

    • Ghost Rider
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      A woman who'd been traveling with Bret suddenly disappears. Looking into things he discovers that she'd been reported dead more than a week before.
    • Stampede
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      Maverick and Dandy Jim Buckley both get conned by the same crook, Tony Cadiz. They decide to team up together to return the favor, that is, if Bret doesn't get conned by Buckley first.
    • A Cure For Johnny Rain
      A Cure For Johnny Rain
      Season 3 - Episode 15

      After saving Maverick's life, Johnny Rain is arrested for robbing a stagecoach. When Bret comes to his rescue he becomes entangled in a plot that involves a case of split personality, a conniving dance hall wench, and a tin-horn gambler.

    • One Of Our Trains Is Missing
      One Of Our Trains Is Missing
      Season 5 - Episode 13

      Bart Maverick once again gets pulled into one of Modesty Blaine's schemes. But this time, other schemers have other plans and they all unfold on a missing train which could well be Bart's last ride.

    • Cruise Of The Cynthia B
      Cruise Of The Cynthia B
      Season 3 - Episode 17

      Bret has become one of the seven owners of a riverboat named the Cynthia B who start down the Mississippi River for Memphis to sell the broken-down craft. But soon, in a deadly game of Ten Little Indians, one owner after another is found mysteriously killed. It soon becomes apparent that if the boat does reach Memphis, it's almost a certainty that it will have but one owner left.

    • Trail West To Fury
      Season 1 - Episode 21
      During a hellacious rainstorm, the brothers Maverick relate to pal Dandy Jim Buckley about the time in Texas shortly after the Civil War when they searched far and wide for a tall man who could clear them of a murder charge.
    • Seed of Deception
      Season 1 - Episode 27
      After they arrive in an Arizona town, brothers Bret and Bart are mistaken for "lawmen" Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday and end up preventing a bank robbery.
    • Kiz
      Season 4 - Episode 12

      Beau Maverick crashes a party in Virginia City thrown by eccentric socialite Kiz Bouchet. Kiz has a penchant for smoking cigars, playing poker, and fighting fires. Recognizing Beau as a fellow free spirit, she hires him to protect her because she believes her life is in danger. Beau discovers that Kiz's cousin Melissa, along with family doctor Pittman and attorney Hanford, are plotting to have Kiz judged incompetent so they can split her $2 million inheritance.

    • The Strange Journey of Jenny Hill
      Season 2 - Episode 26
      In order to save pal Big Mike McComb from a murder charge, Bret accompanies a beautiful singer on a search for her missing outlaw husband and finds himself falling helplessly in love with the woman.
    • The Thirty-Ninth Star
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      A case of mistaken suitcases unfolds into political warfare, leaving Bart the unhappy target of ruthless killers.
    • The Cactus Switch
      The Cactus Switch
      Season 4 - Episode 18

      Thinking all's well with the world after he cleans up in a card game, Bart Maverick offers to help a troubled young woman. But all is not what it seems and he gets himself into a full blown mess.

    • The Goose-Drownder
      The Goose-Drownder
      Season 3 - Episode 14

      Bart and Gentleman Jack Darby hole up in a ghost town saloon during a hellacious rainstorm (i.e. a goose-drownder). However, a stagecoach pulls into town with a driver and four passengers, and the two gamblers soon realize that the newcomers aren't who they claim.

    • High Card Hangs
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      Shortly after arriving in town, Bart Maverick and two others are charged with murder. The town's citizens demand a confession from one of the three men or else all three men will face the hangman's noose. After a draw of the cards, Bart falsely confesses to the murder but help from his friend Dandy Jim Buckley exonerates him from the crime.moreless
    • Holiday at Hollow Rock
      Season 2 - Episode 13
      Bret travels to Hollow Rock, Wyoming to take in a Fourth of July horse race and is immediately set upon by a nest of vipers who are led by the local Sheriff. After he is beaten and robbed, Bret begins, ever so slowly, to turn the tables on the crooks - while surreptitiously helping his friend, the Colonel, and a pair of young lovers in the process.moreless
    • A Fellow's Brother
      A Fellow's Brother
      Season 3 - Episode 11
      Bret gets framed for murder in a scheme that was designed to frame someone else.
    • A Bullet For The Teacher
      A Bullet For The Teacher
      Season 4 - Episode 7

      Framed for murder, Beau Maverick flees St. Joseph, Missouri and heads west to the New Mexico territory hoping to find the pretty saloon singer who actually pulled the trigger. He finds her in Garnet, posing as a very popular schoolteacher.

    • A Flock of Trouble
      A Flock of Trouble
      Season 3 - Episode 22
      Bret wins a sheep ranch located in the midst of cattle ranchers whose sole aim is to wipe out both the sheep and their new owner.
    • The Ghost Soldiers
      The Ghost Soldiers
      Season 3 - Episode 9

      Bret uses trickery to defend a fort against a marauding group of Native Americans but it seems as though one of the hostiles isn't so easily fooled.

    • The Jeweled Gun
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      All tapped out, Bart Maverick is forced to take a job posing as the husband of a beautiful and wealthy widow traveling through the dangerous badlands. Trouble mounts on all sides as he seeks to mix business with pleasure, ignoring all the warning signs.
    • The Town That Wasn't There
      The Town That Wasn't There
      Season 4 - Episode 3

      Beau Maverick wins ownership of the Silver Hill, a worthless ore mine. A crooked railroad agent named Shanks tries to cheat the townspeople out of their land by offering them a price that is well below market value. Beau comes up with a plan to relocate Silver Hill to a sheep ranch twenty miles away but the plan backfires when a new vein of silver is discovered in the supposedly worthless Silver Hill mine.

    • Guatemala City
      Guatemala City
      Season 3 - Episode 20
      Maverick travels to Guatemala City in Central America to straighten out his romance with Ellen Johnson and at the same time solve a million dollar jewel theft. When Bret finds out that her ardor has cooled, he also finds that he has become the prime target of a ruthless murderer and a man who refuses to stay dead.moreless
    • Burial Ground Of The Gods
      Season 1 - Episode 26
      Bart Maverick is in Wyoming, searching for a thief who stole his money. To accomplish that goal, he joins a young woman and her fiancé who were told her missing and presumed dead husband was seen in forbidden Sioux territory.
    • Substitute Gun
      Substitute Gun
      Season 4 - Episode 29

      A sheriff who saves Maverick's life turns around and pressures Bart into helping him uncover the identity of a hired killer.

    • Point Blank
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Riding into Bent Forks broke and hungry, Bret quickly winds up in jail. But his fortunes seem to take a turn for the better when a vision of loveliness named Molly begins to favor him. Bret, however, finds out that there's more to Molly than meets the eye and it's mostly bad news.moreless
    • Mano Nera
      Mano Nera
      Season 4 - Episode 6

      Looking for a peaceful and profitable poker game in New Orleans while visiting friends, Bart is plunged into a mysterious murder involving and Italian mob called the Black Hand.

    • The Bold Fenian Men
      The Bold Fenian Men
      Season 4 - Episode 14

      The Fenians, an Irish brotherhood sworn to free Ireland from British rule, have gathered in Dakota City to drink and sing sad songs about their homeland. They are also planning to march into Canada and take control of enough British property that they can effect an exchange for Ireland's freedom. Beau Maverick is blackmailed into infiltrating the Irishmen by a dense but gung-ho Army colonel.

    • Dodge City Or Bust
      Dodge City Or Bust
      Season 4 - Episode 13

      Chivalrous Bart Maverick saves the life of a beautiful woman. But his reward is soon a top spot on the wanted list for robbery and murder.

    • Dade City Dodge
      Dade City Dodge
      Season 5 - Episode 1

      Maverick tracks down his "friend" Pearly Gates, a smooth con man who cheated him out of $5000. Things get complicated when he's joined along the way by sly and beautiful Marla, who Gates left "at the altar", absconding with the diamond engagement ring she bought.

    • Plunder of Paradise
      Season 1 - Episode 24
      "Dar's gold en dem thar hills," and Bart Maverick and Big Mike McComb are out to get it. But so are four nasty Mexican banditos.
    • Brasada Spur
      Season 2 - Episode 22
      In a high-stakes poker game, Bart wins stock in a railroad — and finds himself on the track to a colossal headache.
    • Passage to Fort Doom
      Season 2 - Episode 23
      Bart, old galpal Cindy Lou Brown, and various other assorted travelers survive a treacherous wagon train ride through the Badlands and reach an Army outpost. Then their troubles really begin.
    • The Spanish Dancer
      Season 2 - Episode 14
      After an argument with pal Gentleman Jack Darby over a dancer, Bart finds himself accused of murder when Darby goes missing. But is it really murder or part of an elaborate ruse?
    • Island in the Swamp
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      Set adrift in a rowboat on the Mississippi River, Bret winds up on an island inhabited by fugitive smugglers and gets involved in their lives.
    • The Troubled Heir
      The Troubled Heir
      Season 5 - Episode 11

      Pearly Gates strikes again when he and his female accomplice Marla rob Bart's poker game. A fellow player in the game threatens to kill them and Bart too unless he gets his money back.

    • The Bundle From Britain
      The Bundle From Britain
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      Cousin Beauregard Maverick returns to America after spending years in exile to England and immediately is enlisted to impersonate Freddie Bognor, the son of the Marquis of Bognor, and earn an easy $4,000.
    • You Can't Beat the Percentage
      You Can't Beat the Percentage
      Season 3 - Episode 4

      Bart Maverick stumbles onto a bizarre murder plot in which he is high on the list of planned victims.

    • Epitaph For A Gambler
      Epitaph For A Gambler
      Season 5 - Episode 8

      Maverick rides into Sunrise and plays a game he never plays. Then, while sticking around to collect his winnings, he begins to play a far more dangerous game with Linda Storey even more dangerous than the one he's forced to play with the local blackmailer and his brother's gang.

    • A State Of Siege
      A State Of Siege
      Season 4 - Episode 16

      While stuck in Mexico, Bart Maverick uncovers a plot to overthrow the Mexican government and winds up in the middle of a siege on a hacienda.

    • Diamond Flush
      Diamond Flush
      Season 4 - Episode 21

      Maverick steps into the manure pile once again when he's conned into replacing a real diamond with a fake one.

    • Iron Hand
      Iron Hand
      Season 3 - Episode 23
      Bart steps in when a damsel needs someone to help her bring her cattle to market. Then he steps in again when she gets paid in counterfeit money.
    • Marshal Maverick
      Marshal Maverick
      Season 5 - Episode 10

      When circumstances force Bart to kill the killer of Abilene's marshal, not only is he not thanked, but he's threatened with jail unless he becomes the town's new marshal, albeit, only temporarily, he's told, just until the famed Wyatt Earp can arrive to take over. But, of course, it doesn't turn out to be quite that cut and dried.

    • Benefit Of The Doubt
      Benefit Of The Doubt
      Season 4 - Episode 30

      In typical Maverick tradition, younger brother Brent Maverick gets involved with two beautiful sisters, one of whom is planning to do him in.

    • Prey of the Cat
      Season 2 - Episode 12
      After suffering a broken leg, Bart is taken in by a ranch owner only to have the man's wife fall for him. When the rancher turns up murdered guess who is the number one suspect?
    • The Saga of Waco Williams
      Season 2 - Episode 21

      Bret and his new friend Waco Williams ride straight into trouble in Bent City, where they are suspected of being cattle rustlers because of a range war that's taking place.

    • The Money Machine
      The Money Machine
      Season 5 - Episode 12

      Developments quickly get out of hand when Bart Maverick's "grown-up" cousin brings him money from Pappy with instructions to pay off a debt, and then promptly gets conned out of the cash leaving Bart to dodge Pappy's creditors while attempting to swindle the swindlers.

    • Bolt From The Blue
      Bolt From The Blue
      Season 4 - Episode 11

      Beau Maverick befriends a prospector named Ebenezer Bolt but is unaware that Bolt is the partner of notorious horse thief Benson January. An angry posse mistakes Beau for January and is determined to hang him. But a young lawyer manages to halt the proceedings until Maverick can have a trial.

    • Yellow River
      Season 2 - Episode 20
      After losing his money in a bank robbery, Bart agrees to boss a cattle drive northward for a female employer. Then, two people turn up murdered on the drive.
    • The Marquesa
      The Marquesa
      Season 3 - Episode 16
      Bart Maverick wins big, when he wins the "Lucky Lady" saloon in a card game. When Bart goes to Santa Leora to stake his claim, a beautiful Marquesa refuses to relinquish the property to him. Maverick encounters hurling knives, flurry of bullets and pounding fists when he tries to hold onto his newly acquired saloon.moreless
    • The Lass with the Poisonous Air
      The Lass with the Poisonous Air
      Season 3 - Episode 8
      Bart just never seems to learn. He ends up framed for murder after rescuing a damsel from a runaway horse.
    • Relic Of Fort Tejon
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Maverick wins in a poker game what he is told is a "full-blooded Arabian mount" only when he goes to pick up this steed, it turns out to be a very affectionate camel. He ends up making use of the animal to bring a crooked gambling den owner to justice.
    • The Forbidden City
      The Forbidden City
      Season 4 - Episode 28

      Brothers Bart and Brent wind up in a self-righteous "paradise" where nearly everything is illegal...including the truth.

    • The Judas Mask
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      Bart tails a pretty can can dancer who stole his money — only to find himself being followed by two very sinister characters.
    • Thunder From The North
      Thunder From The North
      Season 4 - Episode 9

      Two Army shopkeepers, Marsh and Lawson, have been cheating the local Indian tribes by supplying them with faulty or inferior goods. When one of the tribeswomen named Pale Moon threatens to report them to the Army Commission, the shopkeepers decide to start a war with the Indians. After killing Pale Moon's brother, they pin the crime on the stranger who won $2,500 from them the night before: Beau Maverick.

    • Dutchman's Gold
      Dutchman's Gold
      Season 4 - Episode 19

      Beau Maverick wins half-ownership in the "high class" Blue Bell Saloon. In order to raise funds for the floundering Arizonan business, Beau and his partner Charlotte Simmons form an uneasy alliance with a mysterious prospector known only as the Dutchman. Along the trail to Superstition Mountain, which is in Apache territory where the cursed gold mine is supposedly located, the travelers encounter treachery and deceit.

    • Mr. Muldoon's Partner
      Mr. Muldoon's Partner
      Season 5 - Episode 7

      Is Bart dreaming or is a leprechaun really offering to grant him five wishes? When the first wish goes awry, Bart's suspicions redouble and, as usual, things run downhill from there.

    • Arizona Black Maria
      Arizona Black Maria
      Season 4 - Episode 4

      Deserted in hostile Apache territory, Bart Maverick is rescued by a prison-train captain and put into service to help escort a group of prisoners to the penitentiary.

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