Season 2 Episode 6

Escape To Tampico

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Oct 26, 1958 on ABC
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After losing all of his money in a poker game, Bret is offered the sum of $5,000 to travel to Tampico, Mexico and bring back for trial a gambling den owner who's wanted for murder in New Orleans.

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    Barbara Lang

    Barbara Lang

    Amy Lawrence

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    Louis Mercier

    Louis Mercier

    Raoul Gireaux

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    John Hubbard

    John Hubbard

    Paul Brooks

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      • Bret: The trip from Memphis to New Orleans costs $47- if you didn't play poker. For me the price was $2,358. Ah, but I wasn't discouraged when we docked at New Orleans. I still had the thousand dollar bill I keep for emergencies fastened to the lining of my coat with a safety pin … One week later, I still had the safety pin.

      • Rene Gireaux: You're punctual, Mr. Maverick.
        Bret: For a date with money, always.

      • Raoul Gireaux: Well, Monsieur Maverick, we are pleased that our small attempt at intrigue has aroused your curiosity.
        Bret: It has, especially since you seem to be amateurs at the sort of thing.
        Raoul Gireaux: Amateurs? But why?
        Bret: Well, you sent me the larger half of the thousand dollar bill. (Raoul expresses his uncertainty in French) …the negotiable half.

      • Raoul Gireaux: We have a mutual friend, Major Carpentier. He advised us on your qualifications.
        Bret: My qualifications?
        Raoul Gireaux: A man of imagination, but realistic. A man of personal freedom, but responsible. And most important - a man of expensive tastes, but bankrupt. That is why we want you.

      • (Amy gives Brooks an icy brush-off)
        Chicuelo: I think your charms are wasted on that one, eh?
        Brooks: I don't know … ice melts mighty fast in this climate.

      • Bret: Had a feeling I'd heard you before. St. Louis?
        Corbett: I would imagine a man like you would know better than to ask careless questions in a place like Tampico.
        Bret: Why not? I was expecting a careless answer.
        Amy: Well, you know they have a saying down here I like : Manana. I think tomorrow is a much nicer word than yesterday, even in English.

      • (Bret and Corbett are wounded fending off three thugs in an alleyway)
        Corbett: Let's back to the cantina before we paint the whole town red.

      • Bret: Let's talk about this art collection of yours.
        Corbett: Oh, that. It's a front, it's for tourists.
        Bret: No, the cantina, that's for tourists. This is for you. You've got America plastered all over these walls like a kid with a crush.
        Corbett: All right, what about it?
        Bret: Well, if you miss it so much, why don't you go back?

      • Corbett: Tourists don't seem to mind, though. They like the idea. Saloon keeper with a past, can't go home again because he killed a man … gives the place a nice touch of color.
        Bret: The extradition, has that been stopped?
        Corbett: Yeah, I've made some friends. I can live down here. But if I ever crossed that border, I'd be hanged. Sometimes I think it would be worth it.

      • Corbett: Bret, there's only one way out, and that's down these stairs. I haven't got much time, they've already sent for the police.
        Bret: You're stayin' here, Steve.
        Corbett: I saved your life once. I'm not gonna have to kill ya, am I?

      • Corbett: (after being shot by Bret) I didn't want to die in Mexico anyway.

      • Amy: (holding Corbett at gunpoint) When you didn't get off of any of the boats, we thought you hadn't taken the bait. Father!
        Corbett: I don't understand.
        Amy: Well, I'll make it easy for ya. The man you killed, Victor Gireaux, he was my husband.

      • Maverick: I left the States on an impulse. I didn't pack any money. But I can play cards. I can deal any game you want, any way you want.
        Corbett: I wouldn't know, I'm not a gambling man myself. I merely run a business here and my staff is full.
        Maverick: No room for one more American?
        Corbett: Don't wave the flag, I'm no patriot.

      • Bret: I make it a habit to stay as far away from justice as I can.

      • Bret: When I'm playin' cards with somebody else's money, I treat it just like my own. And believe me, nothing is treated more tenderly than that.

      • Bret: When it comes to accepting money, I need very little persuasion.

      • Bret: (referring to the $1,000 bill) You said I could keep this even if I refuse?
        Raoul Gireaux: Yes.
        Bret: In that case, how can I refuse? Besides, I could never say no to anything more than $100.

      • Bret: (to Corbett) Most dealers'll cheat if you let 'em. You let 'em.

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