Season 4 Episode 17

Family Pride

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Jan 08, 1961 on ABC

Episode Recap

This episode opens with Beau riding through New Mexico in a stagecoach. A Mr. Crippen outwits him on a $500 bet involving time zones as if he were a greenhorn. When the stage arrives in Desert Springs everyone laughs at him when Crippen points to the local clock. Beau checks into the hotel, troubled at how could have been taken. He is greeted by an old friend, Jerry O'Brian, who gets a telegram with troubling news. He has to be in Santa Fe where someone has a judgment against him and can legally take his $3,000. With no bank in Desert Springs, Beau offers to hold the money for his friend. Jerry tells him to stay with the solid citizens - people "like General Warren there." Beau says not to worry. When his friend leaves, Beau reads the newspaper article about General Warren and the railroad which O'Brian had mentioned.

General Warren walks up and introduces himself, saying that he knows Maverick's family "by reputation." Rosanne, his granddaughter, wants Maverick to accompany the two on a ride in the country. Beau agrees. Once there, while Rosanne holds Maverick spellbound, Warren sets the hook by mentioning Houston's Wells, a place where Crippen had spoken of owning some property earlier. Beau tries to buy the property from Crippen who tells him that he just sold an option on it to Warren. The General claims to be interested in putting one over on Crippen because he took advantage of some of his friends earlier. Then Crippen shows up, feigning anger, and tells Warren that he wants his option back or $3,000 cash within 24 hours - the very amount the General and Rosanne saw Beau get from Jerry. Maverick points out that there is no bank in town and that tomorrow is Sunday so the General can't wire for the money. Beau offers to raise the cash, providing he gets the land, or at least half the land after Rosanne bats her eyes.

Beau does some checking via telegraph and decides to 'invest' Jerry's $3,000. Warren, Rosanne and Crippen, who have been secretly working together all along, split town immediately. Beau is fit to be tied when he learns of this the next morning: "They left together?," he asks. After he telegraphs again, this time checking on the General's appearance, Beau decides to go after the three. In Silver City, Warren and Rosanne have just finished fleecing two more poor souls when Maverick pops up. He surprises the two by being charming and asks to buy more land. He even invites Mr. Crippen over to join them. 'General' Warren wants to figure out why Beau wants the land before he'll sell. Maverick gets his attention with a mystery bottle which turns out to contain oil. In this way, with Warren and company convinced that Houston's Wells contains crude oil, Beau plans to get them to buy back the worthless property they sold him. Rosanne is sold: "We can all be millionaires," she argues.

However, things begin to go awry when Jerry O'Brian, convinced Maverick has sold him out, sneaks up behind Beau and slugs him. Beau convinces Jerry to give him time for his plan to work, and even to loan him another $2,000, which Beau swears he won't let out of his hands. The plan goes completely off the tracks when Rosanne overhears the general store owner offer to sell Maverick more oil. Thus, when Beau flashes the $2,000, Rosanne grabs it before he can pull it away. He is devastated and begs Jerry to put him out of his misery. Jerry makes him go to the law instead which bothers Beau even more. 'General' Warren is taken off to jail, where he soon has the marshal eating out of his hand. The marshal tells Maverick that he needs a corroborating witness to support his claims. But when Beau goes to see the two people he watched get swindled earlier, each is strangely disinclined to support his complaint. Beau can't believe it.

In order to find out how Warren is doing it, he has Jerry pose as another witness. Like clockwork, Rosanne comes calling and offers him restitution, with interest, if only he won't testify. There's not enough money for everyone, she explains, but 'Grandpa' likes him. Once Maverick learns how the General has convinced the witnesses not to testify, he tells Jerry to bring them to his room so he can speak to them again. But when Crippen, who is spying on O'Brian, sees what's going on, he sneaks up on Beau and knocks him out. Once Jerry returns, Crippen pulls a gun on him and then offers to buy him off for $4,000 plus interest. He pays him a thousand dollars down and Jerry sends the two witnesses away when they arrive. Crippen gives him another $1,000 and convinces him to slip Maverick a Mickey Finn.

When Beau wakes up, Jerry pretends to have been knocked out as well, but he can't go through with drugging his friend (who overheard everything anyway). After Jerry passes out (because the entire bottle was drugged), Maverick goes off to see the witnesses. However, the sheriff won't let him go in with them, saying the judge wants to see them alone first. Of course, 'General' Warren soon has everyone eating out of his hand. He refunds the money, but now his victims don't want it. Only Maverick accepts the cash and returns the land deed. Even the judge is in on it for $5,000. Other than Beau, everyone is laughing and happy. Outside, a man runs up shouting that gold has been discovered in Houston's Wells. Rosanne approaches Beau and tells him not to feel too bad, that Grandpa Warren is a Maverick on his mother's side of the family. "That explains everything," says a relieved Beau. "We're cousins…kissing cousins."