Season 4 Episode 17

Family Pride

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Jan 08, 1961 on ABC



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    • Pappyism: A Maverick outwitted is still worth two ordinary men.

    • Beau: The whole town can't be in on this!
      Crippen: (laughing) You ever hear of time zones?
      Beau: Well, of course I've heard of time zones, but this isn't…it is?
      Crippen: Thirty miles back we gained an hour, so we're here before noon. Pay me, boy. Five hundred of the best.

    • Jerry: I have to be in Santa Fe tomorrow at nine, and I just got word a fellow there's got a judgment against me which means he can take every cent I've got - and legally.
      Beau: That's the worst way.

    • Rosanne: Don't you want to be rich?
      Warren: Oh, of course, child. But there's something about making money like this that just rubs me the wrong way. It's so - so …
      Rosanne: So what?
      Warren: Legitimate.
      Crippen: It's just no way to make a living.
      Warren: What becomes of the joy of preparation, the excitement of selecting the sucker, the tension as he smells the trap, the gratification as you play him and reel him in, and that supreme moment when ya close the trap and you hold the money in your hand? What becomes of all that?
      Rosanne: Ask your friends in jail.

    • Jerry: Get on your feet, ya cowardly crook, ya.
      Beau: Cowardly, yes, but not a crook.
      Jerry: Are you gonna get on your feet, or do I have to stomp ya where ya lie?
      Beau: If you have to kill me, kill me. But I repeat, I am not a crook.
      Jerry: Well, what do they call it where you come from, then?

    • Beau: So they buy me out and we get our money back. It's as easy as that, they're 90% convinced right now.
      Jerry: Are you finished?
      Beau: I tell you they're ripe for the slaughter. The money's as good as in your pocket. Oh, there's only one thing I need.
      Jerry: And what's that?
      Beau: Could you spare another couple of thousand?
      Jerry: Why …
      Beau: If I can flash the money in front of their faces, they'll know I mean business. You can always kill me later. I swear, I won't let the money out of my hands.

    • Jerry: You sold me out, didn't you?
      Beau: Go on, get it over with.
      Jerry: No, answer me. You sold me out.
      Beau: No, they just outsmarted me.
      Jerry: Oh, Beau.
      Beau: Please, put me out of my misery. I'm all washed up. I couldn't outwit a kitten anymore. Uncle Beau will disown me.
      Jerry: Nope, you're a Maverick to the bone. There's no end to your tricks.

    • Jerry: Go to the law.
      Beau: Me? Go to the law?
      Jerry: The old man defrauded ya, didn't he?

    • (after Beau has Warren arrested for fraud)
      Rosanne: What kinda principles do you have, anyhow?
      Beau: I want my money.
      Rosanne: And there's nothin' you wouldn't stoop to, is there?

    • Wallace: I'm not going to appear against the General. He's a fine old man.
      Beau: He's a fine old swindler. Who have you been talking to?
      Wallace: Nobody.
      Beau: Don't you want your $3,000 back?
      Wallace: No.
      Beau: Justice? (Wallace shakes his head "No") Don't you even want to get even?

    • (Rosanne comforts a disheartened Beau)
      Rosanne: I have a message for you. Grandpa doesn't want ya to feel too bad about what happened. He always told me, "ya can't take credit for what comes naturally". It's a gift, bred in the bone. Grandpa got it from your mother's side of the family. Her maiden name was, um … Maverick.
      Beau: That explains everything. We're cousins … kissing cousins.

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