Season 3 Episode 7

Full House

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Oct 25, 1959 on ABC
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Full House

When Bret picks up a stickpin as collateral on a bet, he discovers that the owner was the planner for a a massive gathering of outlaws. Now they think Bret is their man... and won't take no for an answer.

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  • Bret Maverick v. Almost everybody

    Full House is another great Maverick parody episode as hero Bret Maverick takes on just about every notorious outlaw in the history of the West when he is mistaken for the notorious crook, Foxy Smith. As usual, Bret doesn't exactly whip them all but he does manage to emerge with his hide in one piece. That's all he usually asked for most of the time. Watch for a young Joel Gray who appears in this episode as Billy the Kid. Like the Kid, Gray was just getting started.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The end credits spell Gordon Jones' character's name as "Marshall." However, the signs at the Denver jail say "Denver City Marshal" with one l.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Smith: That's strange.
      Bret: What's strange?
      Smith: My wallet. I'm sure I had it when I left the hotel.
      Bret: I'm sure you did. Try your back pocket.
      Smith: It's not there, somebody must've clipped it. I'm sorry, but if you'll give me your address, I …
      Bret: Oh, I keep moving around, my address keeps changing.
      Smith: Look, friend, this is no con. When I lose, I pay off. $2,000 doesn't mean that much to me. I'll see that you get your money.
      Bret: Well, that diamond stick pin you're wearing must be worth something. I'll just hold that for collateral.
      Smith: Sorry, no deal. It's my trademark, kind of a lucky piece.
      Bret: I'm sure it'll be lucky for me too.

    • (Bret's told the hotel is closed, but Belle Starr comes down the stairs)
      Bret: Well, Willie, you should keep the place closed all the time, you get a much better looking clientele.
      Younger: He's the one that we been waitin' for, Belle. I'll take him inside, you round up the others.
      Belle: Hi.
      Bret: Hi.
      Belle: I'm Belle Starr. Have we met before?
      Bret: Well, I don't believe so. I'm sure I'd have remembered. But I've heard of you.

    • Younger: Tell me you're pretty good with a gun.
      Bret: Oh, I do the best I can.
      Younger: The ladies too, huh?
      Bret: Like I say, I do the best I can.

    • (all show $10,000 or more Wanted posters as calling cards)
      Billy The Kid: William Bonney, $1,000 Dead or Alive.
      Bret: One thousand?
      Billy The Kid: I'm just startin'. They call me Billy The Kid.
      Bret: Good luck.

    • Willie: You better rough me up, uh-uh, just a little, or warn me to stay in line or somethin'.
      Bret: I'll take care of that later, Willie. Right now I gotta get outta here until I can figure how to cash in all that reward money.
      Willie: Eh, hey, you'll go out feet first. That Younger shoots first and asks questions afterwards.
      Younger: I told ya we checked him out. What are you tryin' to pull?
      Bret: Well, I'm double checkin'. (to Willie) Now you keep your nose clean or I'll shoot it off, savvy.
      Willie: Uh, yes sir!
      Bret: All right. I never gamble, Younger.

    • Belle: What's the matter - you 'fraid a girls?
      Bret: Girls? No, it's the men they belong to that make me nervous.
      Belle: Well, now don't you worry about Cole. He's just got a fast trigger finger and a suspicious mind.

    • Bret: (pretending to be a vicious killer) Laredo, huh? Kid stuff. You ever hear of the Folsom River?
      Belle: No.
      Bret: Well, ever since that day they call it the Red River.
      Belle: Bloody, huh? Well, you musta had good reason.
      Bret: I don't need a reason to kill.

    • Bret: It's gonna be rough tomorrow. Why don't you wait here and see how they make out, er, we make out?
      Belle: I'm not built that way.
      Bret: Nobody's complainin' about the way you're built.

    • Bret: Just a few days ago, I'd left this town, a bashful, barefoot boy with nothing but a diamond stickpin. Today I was back to collect a fortune. I was beginning to get used to being called Foxy, too. Matter a fact, I was beginnin' to like it.

    • Waitress: Don't you cry, honey. If you two kids really love each other, you got nothin' to be scared of.
      Bret: Lady, do you mind, we'd like to be alone.
      Waitress: I know just what you mean. (slurring words) I run off and got married when I was younger than her.
      Bret: Lady, please.
      Waitress: Don't worry, I'm not gonna try and stop you. I know what you need. I'll get ya a drink.

    • Waitress: Here you are, honey, you just drink it down, make ya feel a lot better.
      Bret: Lady, would ya do me a favor and go away?
      Waitress: You're all a bunch a wise guys when you're young. You just never learn.

    • Smith: You seem surprised to see me.
      Bret: I kinda thought you were in jail.
      Smith: Well, like they say, they can't keep Foxy boxed in very long. The boys tell me you give a very convincing impersonation of me.
      Bret: Well, it wasn't bad while it lasted.
      Smith: Not bad? It was an inspiration. I never could've thought of anything so brilliant or bold. My plan was nothing compared to yours.
      Bret: You're too modest.

    • Smith: Just a minute. (takes back diamond stick pin from Bret) You won't need this anymore. Your luck's run out.

    • Belle: You gotta right to hate me. Do ya?
      Bret: No. No, Belle. You did what ya had to do. If you ever wanna change your line of work, try the stage, you're a good actress.

    • Bret: No blindfold, just a cigar.
      Belle: I got lousy luck, ya know that? Every time I meet a man I could go for, somethin' rotten happens. Why couldn't you have been legit, like the rest of us?
      Bret: I was raised in a rich neighborhood. Too many advantages, I guess.

    • Marshall: Look at all that money.
      Bret: Yes, beautiful, isn't it?
      Marshall: You know, you sure gotta hand it to the fella that figured out this caper - took plenty of brains and real courage.
      Bret: Yeah, he musta been quite a guy.

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