Season 3 Episode 7

Full House

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Oct 25, 1959 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The end credits spell Gordon Jones' character's name as "Marshall." However, the signs at the Denver jail say "Denver City Marshal" with one l.

  • Quotes

    • Smith: That's strange.
      Bret: What's strange?
      Smith: My wallet. I'm sure I had it when I left the hotel.
      Bret: I'm sure you did. Try your back pocket.
      Smith: It's not there, somebody must've clipped it. I'm sorry, but if you'll give me your address, I …
      Bret: Oh, I keep moving around, my address keeps changing.
      Smith: Look, friend, this is no con. When I lose, I pay off. $2,000 doesn't mean that much to me. I'll see that you get your money.
      Bret: Well, that diamond stick pin you're wearing must be worth something. I'll just hold that for collateral.
      Smith: Sorry, no deal. It's my trademark, kind of a lucky piece.
      Bret: I'm sure it'll be lucky for me too.

    • (Bret's told the hotel is closed, but Belle Starr comes down the stairs)
      Bret: Well, Willie, you should keep the place closed all the time, you get a much better looking clientele.
      Younger: He's the one that we been waitin' for, Belle. I'll take him inside, you round up the others.
      Belle: Hi.
      Bret: Hi.
      Belle: I'm Belle Starr. Have we met before?
      Bret: Well, I don't believe so. I'm sure I'd have remembered. But I've heard of you.

    • Younger: Tell me you're pretty good with a gun.
      Bret: Oh, I do the best I can.
      Younger: The ladies too, huh?
      Bret: Like I say, I do the best I can.

    • (all show $10,000 or more Wanted posters as calling cards)
      Billy The Kid: William Bonney, $1,000 Dead or Alive.
      Bret: One thousand?
      Billy The Kid: I'm just startin'. They call me Billy The Kid.
      Bret: Good luck.

    • Willie: You better rough me up, uh-uh, just a little, or warn me to stay in line or somethin'.
      Bret: I'll take care of that later, Willie. Right now I gotta get outta here until I can figure how to cash in all that reward money.
      Willie: Eh, hey, you'll go out feet first. That Younger shoots first and asks questions afterwards.
      Younger: I told ya we checked him out. What are you tryin' to pull?
      Bret: Well, I'm double checkin'. (to Willie) Now you keep your nose clean or I'll shoot it off, savvy.
      Willie: Uh, yes sir!
      Bret: All right. I never gamble, Younger.

    • Belle: What's the matter - you 'fraid a girls?
      Bret: Girls? No, it's the men they belong to that make me nervous.
      Belle: Well, now don't you worry about Cole. He's just got a fast trigger finger and a suspicious mind.

    • Bret: (pretending to be a vicious killer) Laredo, huh? Kid stuff. You ever hear of the Folsom River?
      Belle: No.
      Bret: Well, ever since that day they call it the Red River.
      Belle: Bloody, huh? Well, you musta had good reason.
      Bret: I don't need a reason to kill.

    • Bret: It's gonna be rough tomorrow. Why don't you wait here and see how they make out, er, we make out?
      Belle: I'm not built that way.
      Bret: Nobody's complainin' about the way you're built.

    • Bret: Just a few days ago, I'd left this town, a bashful, barefoot boy with nothing but a diamond stickpin. Today I was back to collect a fortune. I was beginning to get used to being called Foxy, too. Matter a fact, I was beginnin' to like it.

    • Waitress: Don't you cry, honey. If you two kids really love each other, you got nothin' to be scared of.
      Bret: Lady, do you mind, we'd like to be alone.
      Waitress: I know just what you mean. (slurring words) I run off and got married when I was younger than her.
      Bret: Lady, please.
      Waitress: Don't worry, I'm not gonna try and stop you. I know what you need. I'll get ya a drink.

    • Waitress: Here you are, honey, you just drink it down, make ya feel a lot better.
      Bret: Lady, would ya do me a favor and go away?
      Waitress: You're all a bunch a wise guys when you're young. You just never learn.

    • Smith: You seem surprised to see me.
      Bret: I kinda thought you were in jail.
      Smith: Well, like they say, they can't keep Foxy boxed in very long. The boys tell me you give a very convincing impersonation of me.
      Bret: Well, it wasn't bad while it lasted.
      Smith: Not bad? It was an inspiration. I never could've thought of anything so brilliant or bold. My plan was nothing compared to yours.
      Bret: You're too modest.

    • Smith: Just a minute. (takes back diamond stick pin from Bret) You won't need this anymore. Your luck's run out.

    • Belle: You gotta right to hate me. Do ya?
      Bret: No. No, Belle. You did what ya had to do. If you ever wanna change your line of work, try the stage, you're a good actress.

    • Bret: No blindfold, just a cigar.
      Belle: I got lousy luck, ya know that? Every time I meet a man I could go for, somethin' rotten happens. Why couldn't you have been legit, like the rest of us?
      Bret: I was raised in a rich neighborhood. Too many advantages, I guess.

    • Marshall: Look at all that money.
      Bret: Yes, beautiful, isn't it?
      Marshall: You know, you sure gotta hand it to the fella that figured out this caper - took plenty of brains and real courage.
      Bret: Yeah, he musta been quite a guy.

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