Season 2 Episode 15

Game of Chance

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Jan 04, 1959 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Bret and Bart are on the trail of a supposed French countess. What's the attraction? It seems as though she finagled a total of $10,000 from them.

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    Marcel Dalio

    Marcel Dalio

    Baron Dulot

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    Lou Krugman


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    Olan Soule

    Olan Soule

    Denver Desk Clerk

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    • QUOTES (12)

      • Pappyism: Never cry over spilt milk. It coulda been whiskey.

      • Bart: The odds against filling an inside straight are 12-1, so a poker player isn't very wise to make the draw. Unless, of course, he's feeling lightheaded and the pot is at least 12 times the size of his bet.

      • Bret: Brother Bart, didn't your long association with Dandy Jim Buckley or Samantha Crawford teach you anything?
        Bart: The first pearls were real. Anyhow, let's not talk about what's over and done with. It's what we're going to do to get back my money that interests me.
        Bret: We?

      • Bret: Well, I'll do everything I can to help - for 25% of what we recover. (Bart stares at his brother in disbelief) After all, I'm taking up valuable poker time. That's worth something.
        Bart: Fifteen per cent.
        Bret: Twenty.
        Bart: Seventeen and a half.
        Bret: It's a deal. (Bart laughs) You sure talked me down fast.

      • Bret: They got off here, huh?
        Rail Clerk: That's what I said, son, I don't like to chew my cabbage twice.

      • (the Countess and the Baron profess their innocence)
        Bart: You believe 'em?
        Bret: I don't dare. They're such good liars.

      • Countess: We will look for him together, no?
        Bret: No.
        Countess: Why not?
        Bret: Because you're a crook, Countess. A pretty one, an exciting one, and even a dignified one. But a crook just the same.

      • Bret: Why Michelle, imagine finding you here. I thought you were out looking for school marm work?
        Countess: Well … I can explain this.
        Bret: 'Course you can, bless your heart. (looks at Murdock, knocked out on the floor) He fainted when he broke that vase?

      • Bart: I was doing the only thing that should ever be done with money--spending it.

      • (Bart smirks at the Countess, before he takes the wrong pearls)
        Bret: Women are so illogical.

      • Jeweler: I'm no fool, mister. These are imitation.
        Bret: Oh, they can't be. I just took 'em out of Murdock's … pocket … She switched 'em. She saw me comin'!

      • Bart: Oh, but Bret, what happened? How did she get 'em?
        Bret: Bart, did I ask you how she got $10,000 outta you?
        Bart: Yes, you did.
        Bret: Oh. Well, the problem is to find her again.

    • NOTES (1)

      • Bart: The odds against filling an inside straight are 12-1, so a poker player isn't very wise to make the draw.

        Actually, the odds against filling an inside straight break down as follows : if four hands are dealt, and the card you need has not been dealt, the odds are only 8 to 1. But, if one of your four cards has been dealt to another player, the odds climb to 11 to 1; two, and the odds soar to 16 to one. If three of your four chances sit in someone else's hand, the odds become 32 to 1. And this assumes you are the first to draw. It's a sucker's bet and Pappy would smack you upside your head.
        Drawing for a regular "outside" straight doubles your chances and the odds against you lower to 4-1, 6-1 and 8-1 - still a gamble, but that's why you play poker.

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