Season 2 Episode 13

Holiday at Hollow Rock

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Dec 14, 1958 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Hired by Warner Brothers after her March, 1957 "Playmate of the Month" spread, this was to have been Saundra Edwards' first "extended" speaking part. Although she apparently had a pleasant enough voice, WB decided to use another Maverick alum, Adele Mara, to dub in her dialogue.

  • Quotes

    • Pappyism: Never play in a rigged game unless you rig it yourself.

    • Pappyism: If you haven't got somethin' nice to say about a man, it's time you change the subject.

    • Bret: Excuse me. Is there a best hotel in town or just a hotel?
      Ted: Stranger in Hollow Rock, huh?
      Bret: Just another city slicker.

    • Bret: Would you mind putting the deck on the table?
      Clyde: Well now, just a minute, mister, I been dealin' this way all the time. What's botherin' you?
      Bret: Let's say I'm superstitious.

    • Snyder: Start lookin' for someone. I don't want the house seat empty this week.
      Clyde: I'll do that. Oh, that stranger, Maverick, said he'd be back.
      Sheriff: Something about that kinda smart sezabell that I just don't like.

    • Ted: Now hold on a minute, Jesse here owns a share of this place. Any time he tries to keep a man with money outta the game I'd sure like to know why.
      Sheriff: Well, I might tell you … if it was anyone but you, Blake.
      Ted: Well, that's too bad, cause I'd sure like to know why he isn't welcome. Never thought to ask before, but, uh, this is an honest game, isn't it?
      Sheriff: Well, all I know is that … this man gave the impression earlier that he thought Clyde was cheating. Anyone who thinks that, we don't want playing. Long as you're satisfied it's a square game, you're welcome to sit in.
      Bret: Thanks, Sheriff, I'll admit I was suspicious but … you made me see how wrong I was.
      Sheriff: Glad to hear it.

    • Bret: I didn't get a chance to say it before, but … thanks for helpin' me get past the Sheriff.
      Ted: Oh, always glad to put a burr under Carson's saddle - besides, watchin you play poker's a real education.

    • Bret: Well, the way Colonel Taylor tells it … his horses never lose.
      Ted: You know the Colonel?
      Bret: Oh, met him in Denver. He told me if I wasn't afraid of firecrackers, drop by some 4th, bet on a sure thing. I never pass up a sure thing.
      Ted: Well, I hate to disappoint you, Mr. Maverick, but you picked the wrong 4th.

    • Bret: I dropped by here about 2 o'clock this morning and nobody around.
      Sheriff: Guess you're used to these big city jails, we close up around midnight. What happened to your face?
      Bret: It got hit, Sheriff, that's why I'm here.
      Sheriff: 'Fraid some of you big city boys just naturally rub people the wrong way. You go gettin' into fights, there's not much I can do about it.
      Bret: Well, let's say two men jump me in my own room and work me over pretty good with their fists and their boots - and take 42 hundred and seventy dollars of my money. You think you can do somethin' about that!?

    • (Bret comes to in jail)
      Sheriff: That's a hard head you've got there, Mr. Maverick.
      Bret (gets up and tries the door): It seems to be locked.
      Sheriff: It's locked. You're in jail.
      Bret: Aren't you a little mixed-up, Sheriff? I'm the one who was robbed.
      Sheriff: Assaulting a peace officer in this town gets you put behind bars.
      Bret: Well, what do you get for robbin' somebody, a deputy star?

    • (Bret searches his jacket pocket)
      Sheriff: If you're lookin' for your possessions, they're in my desk - for safe keeping.
      Bret: Including my thousand dollar bill that your boys did … pardon me, those thieves didn't find?
      Sheriff: That's in there too.
      Bret: Fine, you can take my bail outta that.
      Sheriff: Oh, no bail, Mr. Maverick - no judge, no jury, no bail. Assaulting a peace officer : one week in jail. Unless, of course, you don't behave yourself. That could run it up to 30 days.
      Bret: I know this town is a part of the United States, you celebrate Independence Day.
      Sheriff: Everybody gets along fine in Hollow Rock. It's just the troublemakers who … get into trouble.

    • Sheriff: I'm real relieved to find out you're a sensible man, Mr. Maverick. For a while there, I, uh …
      Bret: Well, I dunno, usually if I can't win at one game, I … manage to come up with another one.
      Sheriff: Do I hear a threat in that?
      Bret: Well, I'm surprised at you, Sheriff. After all, you did call me a sensible man.

    • (Colonel Taylor stops by the jail to fetch one of his men)
      Col. Taylor: This the best hotel you could find, Billy?
      Billy: Oh, I got a little sick last night, Colonel. Somethin' I 'et.
      Col. Taylor: Just goes to prove one thing : man shouldn't eat when he's drinkin'.

    • (Colonel Taylor springs Bret from jail)
      Col. Taylor: A stopwatch!? You sure came prepared. Not many of these around. You don't really need it, though, like I told you - my horses always win.
      Bret: 'Bout the only time I'm real careful, Colonel, is when I'm bettin' on a sure thing.
      Bret (to the Sheriff): Oh, uh, that money that was taken from me …
      Sheriff: I'll, uh, look into it personally.
      Bret: Man couldn't ask for any more than that, Sheriff. I'd be willin' to bet I got every penny of it back.

    • Bret: Miss Taylor?
      Nora: Don't you like my first name? I do.
      Bret: Nora. There's a reason why I never ask a pretty girl a personal question. It gives you a chance to say "It's none of your business," and I have such tender feelings.

    • Ted: Then you met Nora?
      Bret: Yup.
      Ted: Well, if that's all you can say, you must be older than I thought.
      Bret: Well, I did ask her to marry me.

    • Bret: Oh, she's a fast horse.
      Ted: Only that, uh, stopwatch says the Colonel's horse is faster - that it?
      Bret: That's it.
      Ted: Well, it doesn't surprise me none. I never thought Molly was the fastest pony alive.
      Bret: You're backin' her like she was, right up to your chances of gettin' married. You claim you're not a gambler.
      Ted: Well, when you gotta do something, you don't call it gambling.

    • Bret: I had the way now - how to even the score with my friend, Sheriff Carson. The whole town knew what the Sheriff wanted : the Colonel's daughter and the Colonel's money. Fighting somebody's a lot easier when you can feel noble about it - and keeping Carson out of the Taylor family was just about as noble as you could get and not grow wings. My plan could mean taking advantage of the Colonel's trust. In fact, if you looked real close, it might even seem dishonest. But I could always tell myself I was doing it for three other people. I might even end up believing it.

    • (after Bret has "arranged" the results)
      Col. Taylor: You think Blake has any idea just how good this horse is?
      Bret: He knows she's fast, but I don't think he knows she's that fast.
      Col. Taylor: Hey, you passed up a good thing, Bret. I'd a backed Silver King for every cent you'd wanna bet - and given you odds.
      Bret: I'm fond of money, but not enough to steal it from my friends - unless I'm real hungry.

    • (the Sheriff punches Ted for talking about marrying Nora)
      Connors: Wearin' that star kinda high, ain't you, Jessie? Don't give you no license to jump someone that's mindin' his own business.

    • (Bret holds the Sheriff at gunpoint after they fight)
      Bret: You know, I got myself a real problem. Now how do you turn a crook over to the Sheriff, when … when the Sheriff's a crook?

    • Col. Taylor: You outta your mind, Bret?
      Bret: No more than usual, Colonel, why do you ask?
      Col. Taylor: You go to all this trouble to convince me Silver King can't win, now you're betting on him.
      Bret: The minute you refused to back Silver King, they started offering odds of 2 to 1 against him. I'd just naturally hate myself for passin' up those kinda odds.

    • Col. Taylor: Lately, what with one thing and another, I've been neglecting my quarter-horses. Like to come back and work for me?
      Ted: That's mighty handsome of you, Colonel, and I hate turnin' you down - but I still can't see Nora marrying a $30-a-month cowhand.
      Col. Taylor: You got somethin' better in mind?
      Ted: No … but I'm sure gonna try.
      Col. Taylor: And what about the $5,000 Nora gets when she marries? Are you so independent you'll turn that down too?
      Ted: Well, like you say, Colonel, I may be independent - but I sure ain't foolish.

    • Col. Taylor: Bret, day you brought that mare out to my place she dang near set a record. Today she was just another good horse. Now how do you figure a thing like that?
      Bret: That's quite a question.
      Col. Taylor: I got a feeling you know the answer. Wanna tell me I'm wrong?
      Bret: Well, Colonel, it-it's like this, uh … I got out to your place a little early that day and … the fact is, about daybreak. Well, I sort of … moved your starting post forward about 20 yards. Uh, now, don't ask me why I did it, I had a very good reason at the time. Just … didn't work out.
      Col. Taylor: I would ask ya why, but I might not like the answer. So I'll ask a favor instead.
      Bret: Anything at all, Colonel.
      Col. Taylor: Next time you visit Hollow Rock, don't make it on the 4th of July.

  • Notes

    • George O'Hanlon, making his last of three Maverick appearances, was the voice of George Jetson in 1990's Jetsons: The Movie. O'Hanlon also voiced Jetson in the original sixties television series, The Jetsons, and later in two late-eighties Jetsons TV movies.

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