Season 2 Episode 13

Holiday at Hollow Rock

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Dec 14, 1958 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Ted: Now hold on a minute, Jesse here owns a share of this place. Any time he tries to keep a man with money outta the game I'd sure like to know why.
      Sheriff: Well, I might tell you … if it was anyone but you, Blake.
      Ted: Well, that's too bad, cause I'd sure like to know why he isn't welcome. Never thought to ask before, but, uh, this is an honest game, isn't it?
      Sheriff: Well, all I know is that … this man gave the impression earlier that he thought Clyde was cheating. Anyone who thinks that, we don't want playing. Long as you're satisfied it's a square game, you're welcome to sit in.
      Bret: Thanks, Sheriff, I'll admit I was suspicious but … you made me see how wrong I was.
      Sheriff: Glad to hear it.