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Season 2 Episode 11

Island in the Swamp

Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Nov 30, 1958 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Set adrift in a rowboat on the Mississippi River, Bret winds up on an island inhabited by fugitive smugglers and gets involved in their lives.

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  • Maverick: Island In The Swamp

    "Island In The Swamp" is one of my favorites. Bret ends up in bayou country, tied up and set adrift in a boat. Arlene Howell is Ladybird. Sister Victoria is the shy one. The local boys do not care for Bret. They have a secret. They are trading salvaged goods from a wrecked ship. Ladybird learns to read, and Victoria runs off with a Cajun.

Arlene Howell

Arlene Howell

Ladybird Forge

Guest Star

Lance Fuller

Lance Fuller

Oliver Offord

Guest Star

Doye O'Dell

Doye O'Dell

Herbert Forge

Guest Star

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    • Bret: What'd you make this gravy out of - molten brimstone?
      Ladybird: Reckon it is a little warmish till you get used to it. Can't you breathe, mister?
      Bret: 'Fraid to, might set the house on fire.

    • (Bret climbs up to shore after escaping from Sampson)
      Herbert: Where you been?
      Bret: Takin' a bath.

    • Ladybird: You can read and write, can't you?
      Bret: Well, if the words aren't too big.

    • Ladybird: Can you learn me to read it?
      Bret: You really want to learn how to read, don't ya?
      Ladybird: And write. It's even more important to me than fishin'.
      Bret: I wish I could help you, but I can't. Teachin' is an art you have to train for.

    • Daddy Forge: Got some bad news for you, stranger.
      Bret: You mean things can get worse?
      Daddy Forge: Gonna have to lock you up for a spell.
      Bret: Why?
      Daddy Forge: Oh, reasons.

    • Bret (referring to the very shy Victoria): How did you ever talk to her in the first place?
      Phillipe (laughs): Monsieur, I am a pure French blood.
      Victoria: I think we better go now.
      Bret: I hate to be a third party on a honeymoon, but we better get underway.

    • Bret: You two run along, I'll try to throw 'em off your trail.
      Phillipe: Why does monsieur sacrifice himself for us?
      Bret: Because I am of pure Maverick blood. Now you two go ahead or I won't be able to sacrifice myself.

    • Daddy Forge: There goes that old tickle heart again.
      Bret: Man I knew with the same thing lived to see 70.
      Daddy Forge: I wish you'd stop sayin' that. I am 70.

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