Season 4 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 6:30 PM Dec 04, 1960 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Beau: The first thing I heard was that you had served a diner for 75 people in saddlebags. Then you engage two men to box in white tie and tails. You, uh, smoke in public like a man. You dash off to a fire in a … in a helmet, and come back raving about flaming firebirds and now a iron pot that isn't there. What am I supposed to think?
      Kiz: Oh, that I'm outta my mind, of course.
      Beau: Well, are you or aren't you?
      Kiz (sighs): You look like a man who'd understand, a man who crashed that silly prizefight under a childish pretext, knocked somebody down just to be able to blow his last $5,000 and a whole month of his life on a … on a lunatic bet.
      Beau: You're telling me we're two of a kind.
      Kiz: Well, if we aren't, I won't hold you to our bet. If you want to quit, well, it's been nice knowin' ya.
      Beau: Well, I still owe you a thousand dollars.
      Kiz: You can buy me a wreath.